"Jake," I said, and he turned to look at me. I was staring past him, at the ocean. "Jake" I repeated, and he snickered. "Yeeees?" He asked, dramatically.

I looked at him and smiled with all of the warmth inside me. "What if I love you Jake?"

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So quickly I almost missed it, Jake's jaw dropped, but before I knew it he was calm and collected, the Jacob that wasn't mine.

"Yeah, Bella, I love you too you know" he reached over to give me a noogie. "It's not like I want you to die," he added, just to clarify.

I was taken aback at his nonchalance, but I realized that he had no reason to believe me. His eyes were carefully measuring my expression, while I still had no idea what expression it was that he was measuring. I was sure it was an expression of shock.

"No, Jake, I'm serious."

"Yeah me too Bells" he laughed "I really don't want you to die."

I tried my hardest to smile, but the warmth had escaped me. Jake turned to continue his graceful saunter down the beach and I followed him, wanting nothing more than to bury myself in the sand and wish that I had never opened my mouth.


I arrived back in Forks around Sunset, just in time to start Charlie's dinner. I whipped him up some spaghetti and tried my hardest to eat with him. Charlie was eating quickly and I giggled a little bit. He looked up at me with a noodle still dangling from his mouth.

He swallowed and asked "What are you giggling about?"

"You're making a mess dad." I smiled a weak smile.

"This spaghetti is really good Bells, you haven't made it like this in a while. It tastes like you added a little extra garlic or something."

I giggled some more. "No dad, I tried out a new recipe. I made it with chicken this time."

Charlie suddenly gazed down at his plate in surprise. "Well. I'll be. It's great."

I smiled halfheartedly and looked down at my plate.

"How's Jacob, you were in LaPush today weren't you? Billy said he's been acting strange."

I started at the sound of Jake's name but tried to hide it by scratching my neck. "Uhh…" I stalled, "He's great. We just walked around down by the beach today."

"Hmmm." Charlie said. "You seem on the edge today kid, but you have a little more color in your cheeks again. I like that."

My stomach turned at the mention of the pain I'd been enduring these last few months.

"Dad. Please."

"It's just that the more you hang out with Jake the better you're looking." He paused for a minute and smiled. "Billy thinks he has a thing for you."

"DAD!" I nearly fell out of my chair.

"Well I would approve, you know. Just in case you were wondering. He's a great kid-almost like family."

My face was bright red and I stuttered to think of something. Jake and me. Me and Jacob. The prospect was something unheard of… something… something not altogether bad or scary. My head was spinning, and all I could think of was his shaggy hair, his genuine smile, his russet skin. I could only think of the way his presence intoxicated me and filled me with hope and happiness.

Suddenly I looked at Charlie and smiled a little. "Do you know that he likes me? I mean, for sure?"

Charlie laughed. "Bella, me and Billy aren't teenage girls, you're going to have to go to school for this kind of gossip." He stopped and smiled warmly at me, and then continued. "I'm sure he does though, he spends all that time with you, Billy even said his friends in LaPush are complaining to him when they come to the house and he's out with you."

I slowly got up from my seat and gathered my plate in my arms. "Seconds?" I asked Charlie.

"No thanks, I had some chips before I left the station." He grinned a little guiltily "Not good for the cholesterol I hear but I didn't know if you'd be home to make dinner. I thought you might of stayed out longer with Jacob."

I grabbed his plate too and carried both to the sink before dipping them in the soapy water and beginning to wash.

I heard Charlie get up from his chair behind me. "Well I'll be in the living room, if you go back down to LaPush when you're done tell Billy I said hi." I could hear the grin in his voice.


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