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Prince of My Heart

by Twilight Soldier

Life on the islands was a little dull but to a child it was full of promise and adventure. The islands were of course surrounded by an ocean. It's rippling waves and gentle breezes softly touched the shore leaving smooth and untouched sand. There were five islands in all. The mainland housed most houses and contained things such as markets, stores, parks, and little small town businesses. The other four islands surrounded the bigger one, each set at a corner of the mainland, seemingly on purpose. The little islands were occupied by the fisherman, all but one. This island was a playground of sorts for the children of the Islands. Here was where they spent their summers and most of their weekends.

There were however seven special children that deemed the island theirs and in reality it probably was.

Every morning they'd get up, eat breakfast and head off to their special island and meet up with the rest of the children. There they would play the whole day or just relax until it was time to go back home. Day after day they did this and their bond of friendship seemed to strengthen with each passing day.

This bond however was strongest with three of the children. That was because they were brothers. The oldest always made sure the younger ones were save and he appointed himself their personal protector of sorts. The second older brother also took care of the youngest. Both older brothers were always very careful to make sure the baby brother was always fine and no harm came his way. This tended to be a little hard considering the boy was five and the energy in him seemed to rival the sun.

Their baby brother was the sunshine in their lives. The oldest being eight and the second oldest being seven they treasured the baby very much. The youngest didn't care nor did he probably know what his brothers did for him. He enjoyed almost everyone's company. He especially enjoyed his silver haired friends company. The boy was two years his senior but they got along like equals.

Life on the islands couldn't have been any better. And years later the oldest and second oldest would wish that it would have always stayed that way. For even the calmest ocean can unleash the most violent storm. And things do tend to get lost in storms…

Life at Destiny Islands was about to change drastically especially among the small group of friends.

Far away from the islands, worlds away is more accurate, lay a castle. This castle was no ordinary castle either, for in lived a wise, noble and valiant king. Along with a king came a queen and what made them rather peculiar was the fact they were both mice.

In the castle lived other like them as well. A duck, as the royal mage and his sweetheart as the queen's lady in waiting, were among the royal couple's most beloved friends. Another was a knight, who happened to be a dog. Together, with the king's pet dog, they made a strong group of friends.

They were happy but as they soon learned this happiness would not be long lived.

The friends watched as their king and dearest friend paced in front of them. His face set in a frown and kept muttering things that only he could understand. At last he turned to them with a grave look set upon his rather young face.

"I take it you all know about the legend involving a powerful key?" the duck gave a squawk of surprise. He quickly rose from his seat and began his own lopsided pace as well. "Your majesty! You can't be possibly talking about the Keyblade can you? The last Keyblade Wielder died ten years ago! The Keyblade Master brings destruction to all!"

The king, though the serious situation; had to smile at his friend. "Or he can restore world order. And that is my plan." At the inquisitive looks he received the king gave a long sigh before rubbing the back of his head in weariness. "Master Yen Cid came to me a week ago. He showed me the Keyblade Master's face. The boy is so young and…vulnerable. We have reason to believe dark forces know of his existence…we cannot let them corrupt the boy for in his fall, we fall too." Comprehension dawned on the queen's face and she gave a small gasp.

"Love…we cannot just take the boy! He must have family! They would worry and-" she stopped as the king gave her a very sad look.

"If the family knows they might become targets as well. This has to be done discreetly and quietly. He will live here and train. He'll be our little secret okay? No one must know of his existence here. No one." The king sighed and already regretted his actions. "Darling…he'll live like a prince and we can love him like a family would. In the end it will all work out…it has too." the King's words weighed heavily on the group and they could do nothing else but agree.

Tonight they would take the boy and by tomorrow he would have a new home here, at Disney Castle.

The day was over and the group of friends separated and went their own way.

"Bye Kaiwi! Bye Wiku! By Wakka and Tiny!" 'Tiny' gave a small scowl but waved and laughed anyway as the group gave small giggles at the youngest' naivety.

The brothers walked to their homes, the youngest on his oldest brother's back quietly humming and smiling to himself. Suddenly his attention diverted to a shadow his small eye caught. As quickly as it came though, it disappeared leaving the boy quite puzzled.

After they had rowed back on the boats to the mainland, all they had to do was walk. Their house was quite large only because their parents were quite wealthy in their own rite. All boys had their own rooms but most of the time they'd bunk with one another and tonight would be no different.

After hugging and kissing their mother they all raced up to bed and giggled their way to a comfortable position. The oldest were on the sides and the baby in the middle.

The smallest smiled and looked to his two brothers. The oldest's hair was like his own. Gravity defying spikes, which were blonde compared to his own chocolate brown ones. He turned to his other brother and noted his slightly different hair. It was blonde too, just not as spiky as his or the eldest brother. The one thing all the brothers inherited was clear, bright blue eyes. Quickly thinking of something that had been bothering him; he confessed to his brothers.

"I wanna have silver hair like Wiku. His is nice and wavy!" the two eldest looked to one another before laughing a bit. It was true. "Wiku" did have nice silver wavy hair and the strange color did, as strange as it was, look good on the other boy. His green eyes and pale skin complimented his oddly colored hair very well. When older he'd probably grow up very handsome indeed but it's not like they would ever admit this. They'd rather take a giant blitzball to the face then help inflate "Wiku's" already too huge ego.

"We're going to be friends forever wite?" The smallest's voice said, drenched in sleepiness.

"No." answered the oldest. This earned him a hurt and baffled look from their baby. "We'll be brothers forever and that's stronger. Mom and dad said so. We'll always take care of you. No matter what. We promise." The second oldest nodded and the youngest, quite pleased with the answer, slowly drifted to sleep, his child mind on his two brothers and the love they shared.

Soon all three were asleep and that's when the shadow, who was watching them moved.

It stepped up to the children's window and a shape covered in a black cloak could clearly be seen. With skills defined by years, the figure quickly maneuvered the boys so that the smallest was easier to pick up. With one last sigh the figure lifted the small boy and watched as the other two grasped at nothing for a moment before succumbing to sleep again.

He wrapped the small one in a cloak and turned to leave. A faint whisper stopped him though and he looked back to the bed. Blue eyes met his and the figure took a step back.

"Sora? Who are you!? What are you doing-" with a wave of his hand and a firm but gentle command of "Sleep" the boy fell over, tired and dead to the world.

The figure stayed for a second, in order to make sure the other wouldn't wake up. He looked down and softly ran his fingers through silky chocolate brown tresses. "Prince Sora…nice ring to it. Time to go to your new home Prince Sora."

Into the night they left and the promise of tomorrow went with them for when the two remaining brothers woke up, their sunshine wasn't there anymore.

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