"Edward! No!" I yelled as I walked into what used to be our front living room. Now, the entire house was leveled.

In the corner of the leveled room, seven werewolves stood, their black eyes glinting in the moonlight.

After, my initial shock, I began to see lifeless bodies of my family scattered along the rubble.

By my beloved's piano, I could see Alice's pixie like body next to Jasper's- both missing heads. In a farther corner of the room, were Emmet and Rose's headless bodies. Esme's body was draped across her favorite table, while Carlisle was laying on the crouch, both headless.

I fell to my knees as I found Edward's lifeless body. He still had his beautiful head on, but it was turned at an odd angle. I started to dry sob, my entire frame shaking with my pain. My entire family… killed…forever…never to come back…

Anger flared throughout my body now. "How could you Jake!?" I shrieked, glaring at the russet colored wolf in front of everybody else. "Why Jake?" I said quieter now, falling completely onto the ground now. I curled into a small ball, rocking back and forth.

How long I stayed like that, I didn't know, but I knew it was a long time. Occasionally, I would hear faint footsteps, but I ignored them. Nothing mattered to me anymore. Why should it? The love of my once meaningful life was dead, my best friend was the killer, and my family was dead too… nothing mattered anymore…

"Bella… are you ok…?" a voice called from behind me.

I hissed, for I knew whose voice it was. "Does it look like I'm ok…? You killed my husband… my only reason for living… you didn't even leave my family! Jake… I want you to either kill me now, or be killed. I don't want to live any longer if I can't have them…" I said coldly from the floor.

"I can't kill you Bella!" Jacob said from what I assumed was the doorway.

"Then be killed mutt!" I screeched as I lunged for my once best friends' neck.

Something hard and warm tackled me into a wall before I reached his neck. From the pelt color, it looked like Sam. Sam wolf growled at me, and then tried to claw at my face. I kicked him off and went for Jake again.

"It's time to feel the pain that you've put me through Jacob! You killed my love, so it's only fair that I kill you!" I yelled as I grabbed him by the throat.

"Bella… you…know…you…don't…want…to…kill…me…" he choked out.

"Try me Jake! I want to kill you and the rest of your mutts! You killed my entire family, and for what exactly?" I laughed coldly. "Because you thought we broke the treaty… well your wrong! The Voltorri came and bit me! Not any of the Cullen's!" I yelled into his face. From the corner of my eye, I could see the Sam wolf thing trying to get closer to me. "Come any closer and I'll snap his neck Sam." I hissed directly at him.

"I'm…sorry…Bella…we…didn't…know…" he choked out again.

"Sorry doesn't bring back the dead Jacob." I hissed, snapping his neck. I let his body fall to the floor at the same moment the Sam wolf attacked me. The last thing I remembered before I blacked out for the last thing and joined my family and love was a howl, and Jake trying to move away from us.

This is just a one-shot… I know it was somewhat mean to kill off Edward and Jake… but whatever… I was just a tad bit mad when I wrote this… ehehe… sorry if I have offended anybody by killing off Bells, Jake, and Edward… but yeah… I was mad… review if you want…