Lose Yourself

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Pretty much all the characters in this story are not like they are in the show!

Lucas is the only character with a different background from the show...Oh and Jake doesn't have Jenny either.

AU – Lucas Scott never had an easy life. His mother committed suicide when he was just 15, his father didn't want anything to do with him and now he is 17 years old living in a beat-up apartment selling drugs for a living. Is there something in his life to make it all better?

How would one Tree Hill High Student describe Lucas Scott? An outsider, badboy, junkie, alcoholic, loner, Nathan Scott's half brother, Dan Scott's illegitimate son, thug and had a really bad temper. Now, those were just a few and most of them were the truth.

Lucas sat in his small apartment waiting for his best friend Jake Jagelski. Jake was in the middle of sealing a big deal. He and Jake met this guy at a party a few weeks ago, his name was Kevin. He was a college drop-out and basically a fuck-up. But that was Lucas's kind, because he too was a fuck-up. Kevin was addicted, any drug he had Kevin would want. So, Jake was meeting him that morning to make sure that Kevin and his friends would only buy their drugs from himself; after all…Lucas hated competition.

"Hey man" Jake said walking straight into Lucas's apartment. Jake was an okay guy, he wasn't a hothead like Lucas which is why it was much easier for him to compromise with their buyers. Together they made a good team, Jake's charming and calm approach added to Lucas's straight to the point attitude.

"Well?" Lucas asked standing up running a hand over his short buzzed hair. "Did Kevin agree?"

"Yep" Jake smirked "Sign sealed and delivered! The money that is going to be rolling in with this is going to be crazy!" he laughed.

Lucas couldn't help but join in. They were trying to get Kevin and his followers to deal permanently with them for weeks, and now that Kevin gave his word that he would get his coke from him, if he ever dealt with someone else Lucas finally had an excuse to beat the crap out of him and wipe the smug smile from his face.

"Sorry to cut this shit short but we gotta head to school" Jake said with a sigh as he ran his hand over his stubble chin

Lucas groaned but nodded "Yeah whatever man…I'm too happy to care" he chuckled before the two left the apartment.

How would one Tree Hill High Student describe Brooke Davis? Popular, a bitch, spoilt, rich, slut, cheerleader, best friend of Peyton Sawyer and Nathan Scott, and a party girl. Truth is, only half of that was true.

Brooke stood by her best friend's locker waiting for her to come and meet her before first period. But of course, she was late. Now, there were two reasons that could explain this; the first, she was making out somewhere with Nathan. The second, she was somewhere arguing with Nathan. Brooke just wished that her two best friends would either date each other steadily or just break up for good. She couldn't keep up with whether or not the two were broken up or back together or broken up or back together again. She felt sympathy for Peyton, Nathan is a jerk when it comes to girls…but Peyton really isn't that better towards boys. Luckily for her however, Nathan and herself were more like brother and sister so she had never really experienced the player side of Nathan Scott.

"Finally" Brooke moaned as Peyton made her way towards her brunette friend.

"Sorry" Peyton apologized half heartedly as she opened her locker "Nathan was being an ass"

"I see nothing has changed there then" Brooke muttered before Peyton shut her locker and the two began walking through the halls.

"I just don't understand what his problem is!" Peyton ranted frustratingly "He says he wants to be with me exclusively then he is off flirting with some cheerleader bimbo that he is probably planning to sleep with on friday night"

Brooke rolled her eyes 'typical Nathan' she thought.

"Well?" Peyton asked.

Brooke frowned slightly "Well what?" she asked confused.

"Aren't you going to give me some advice? You know, that is what best friends are for" Peyton said in a matter of fact tone.

"Trust me, when it comes to the high school romance of Nathan and Peyton…I am out of comments" Brooke told her honestly.

"And what's that supposed to mean?" Peyton asked confused

"Nothing" Brooke told her shaking her head "Forget I even said anything" she smiled as she linked arms with the blonde. "So…did I tell you about what Bevin did over the weekend…?"

"Stop looking at her" Jake said sternly as he and Lucas walked through the quad at school. Students deliberately moving out of their way, knowing better than to mess with Lucas Scott.

"Who?" Lucas asked innocently.

"Brooke Davis" Jake said in a duh tone and motioned towards the brunette who was sitting with Peyton and laughing with some other cheerleaders.

"I'm not" Lucas denied shaking his head.

Jake rolled his eyes "Lucas, you have been obsessed with that girl since freshman year…when are you going to get over the fact that she isn't interested in guys like us?" Jake asked seriously "I mean…she is Brooke Davis! Popular, a cheerleader, rich…everything we're not. Not to mention that she is Nathan's best friend"

Lucas's head snapped towards Jake and you could see the anger in his eyes "I don't give two shits about Nathan" he hissed coldly.

"I know man" Jake said holding his hands up in defense. He knew how much talking about Nathan or Dan or anyone part of his family, angered Lucas.

"Good" Lucas said coldly before his mood quickly changed "So, did you see that basketball game last night?" he asked as if he hadn't just bitten Jake's head off.

Jake nodded his head; he knew Lucas had more mood swings then pregnant women with triplets. It was just who he was. Lucas was a pretty angry guy; nothing would change that…not even Brooke Davis. Not that he believed she would ever be in Lucas's life anyway.

Brooke sat bored in her Algebra class. The teacher was going over something on the board that she just didn't have a clue about, and that was pretty bad considering they were only in their third week of junior year.

Lucas sat a couple of rows behind Brooke. He sat staring at the back of her head and was wondering what was going through her mind right now. Cheerleading? Nathan? Just the thought of her thinking of his brother made him cringe. Lucas's relationship with Nathan was pretty non-existent, but the two hated each other anyway, not that they ever even acknowledged each other's existence but on the rare occasion that they did, it was never good.

Brooke's attention returned to the classroom when she heard the door open and a casual looking Nathan strolled through the door without a care in the world. The teacher (a huge basketball fan) didn't even give him a second glance as Nathan slumped into his seat next to Brooke.

"Hey" Brooke whispered as she leant over "Where have you been?"

Nathan shrugged "Not here" he answered simply as he took out his phone and began to play some basketball game on it, not even caring if he got caught or not. Truth is, the teacher probably wouldn't say anything even if he did.

Brooke rolled her eyes. So he is in one of those moods she thought. "Whatever, but Peyton is pissed off at you"

This time it was Nathan who rolled his eyes "Peyton is always pissed off with me"

"You know…you could be a little nice to her, I mean, she is your girlfriend!"

"Ex-girlfriend" Nathan corrected.

Brooke let out a dry laugh "I'll give it two hours" she told him before leaning back over to her desk.

This time it was Nathan who leant over "You know…you should really stop giving me relationship advice, I mean…since yours is pretty much down the pan at the moment"

Brooke glared at him "And whose fault is that? Whenever a guy gets close to asking me out properly you scare them away!" she hissed.

Nathan chuckled "Yeah that's because they weren't good enough for you"

"No…it was because they weren't good enough for you" She told him loudly causing the attention of the class to turn towards her. She blushed slightly "Sorry" she apologized looking at the teacher sheepishly who rolled his eyes in return before turning back to whatever he was writing on the board.

Nathan smirked at her before turning his attention back to his cell.

Brooke grunted with frustration. Today was going to be one of those days.

How would one Tree Hill High Student describe Nathan Scott? Jock, Basketball star, popular, jerk, player, hot, powerful, on-off boyfriend of Peyton Sawyer, best friend of Brooke Davis and Tim Smith and the son of Dan Scott. The truth is…they were all true.

Nathan walked through the halls casually. He winked to the right girls. Nodded to the right guys. And glared at the wrong ones.

Tim Smith tried to keep up by Nathan's side. Brooke once joked that Tim was gay and had an obsession with Nathan; although she was joking…she got a little worried when Tim denied it just a little too quickly. However Tim chased enough girls around to prove that he wasn't gay…maybe it was just the obsession he was trying to hide.

"Hey boys" Rachel Gatina smirked as she sat down at the table Lucas and Jake were seated at, at lunch.

"Rachel" Jake acknowledged as the redhead sat down next to him.

Rachel Gatina was a bit of a drifter. She was in with the popular crowd but she also liked to do her own thing. Carefree and independent was what Rachel described herself as. Rachel had first met Jake and Lucas at a party about 6 months ago…she soon scored some weed from them and had been keeping in contact with them ever since, she was also surprised to learn that they went to Tree Hill High never mind the fact that they were both in her History class. The three soon became friends much to Rachel's popular friend's dismay. Lucas was known as the other Scott. Nobody from the inner social circle ever socialized with him in fear of getting on the wrong side of Nathan, and being on the wrong side of Nathan Scott in Tree Hill High meant trouble, because…he is Nathan Scott.

However, none of these so called jocks would dare mess with Lucas. They may be a little slow when it comes to schoolwork, but they weren't stupid, they all knew that Lucas had a temper and that he could probably beat them all to a pulp. In fact, the only guys in the school that didn't seem to be scared of Lucas were Jake (for obvious reasons) and Nathan.

Nathan sat with some of the guys and Brooke at lunch when he looked over to see Rachel sitting with his bastard of a brother.

"What is Rachel sitting with those junkies for?" Nathan asked coldly nodding towards the small group.

Nobody answered him straight away, in fear that they would say the wrong thing where Lucas was concerned…however, Brooke was Nathan's best friend, and she knew him. She knew how to handle him.

"She is probably just experimenting" Brooke said with a careless shrug like it was no big deal. However, she knew that to Nathan that it was a big deal.

"Experimenting?" Nathan asked with a frown "On what?"

Brooke again shrugged "You know what Rachel is like…she doesn't like to be tied down. She does what she wants when she wants…you can't judge her for that can you Nate? She can sit with those guys if she wants too" she told him sweetly.

The table was silent. Did Brooke just defend Lucas? Well, not exactly defending Lucas…but they knew that Nathan could see it like that.

Nathan looked back at Rachel who was laughing, he then looked back at Brooke who was looking at him expectantly "No…I guess not" he answered unsurely.

Brooke smiled with satisfaction "Good…I am glad you came to an understanding about that" Brooke liked Rachel…the two had that sort of love/hate relationship going on. But at the end of the day, the two understood each other…they came from the same background, they both had none-existent parents and they both shared a similar personality. She knew that if Nathan wanted to, he could make Rachel pretty much disappear from what was known as the 'popular crowd'. Unfortunately, that was a part of her best friend that she did not like. Nathan had power…and he knows exactly how to use it; and she blamed his ass of a father for that.

Brooke was interrupted from her thoughts by the beeping sound from her phone. She looked down and smiled as she saw she received a text.

Nathan grunted slightly "Are you ever going to tell me who has been texting you almost nonstop for the last three months?"

"I told you…it's nobody" Brooke smirked.

Nathan rolled his eyes "If it's a guy…I will kick his ass" he said seriously.

Brooke sent him a short icy stare before turning back to normal "Like you said before Nate…my love life is non-existent at the moment"

"Yeah, make sure it stays that way!" Nathan warned.

Brooke shrugged at him not even bothering to reply to Nathan's protectiveness. It had always been like that. She could remember at the end of sophomore year when she started to date this guy called Felix. It only lasted two weeks before Nathan finally beat the guy up and scared him off for good. Brooke didn't speak to Nathan for almost three weeks, which was a record for her. Yes, Felix was an ass…and their relationship was mainly meaningless sex…but Nathan had no right interfering in her life like that just like he always does. And somehow, she couldn't really see that changing anytime soon.

Infact, in the middle of sophomore year, Nathan drew her up a list with all the guys she couldn't date. The list took up about three sheets of paper and it consisted of all of the basketball team, all of the football team, and basically every other sport team in the school. The names Chris Keller and Felix Taggaro were also added on. Actually, the list kept on expanding everyday until Brooke finally had enough and ripped it into shreads before throwing it back in Nathan's face.

Jake and Lucas walked into Lucas's apartment after school.

"So, you got any parties lined up for tonight?" Jake asked as he took a beer from the fridge.

Lucas shook his head "Nope…I have some gear that needs to be sold but I can get rid of that on Friday" he told him "I think I am just going to chill here tonight"

Jake nodded "I might join ya…my parents keep on looking at me with disappointment ever since they found out I smoke and drink" he said with a laugh "Imagine what they would be like when they find out about the other shit we get up to"

Lucas chuckled "They must think I am a bad influence on you"

"Well you are" Jake smirked "I actually like living like this…we are young and carefree…living on the dangerous side" he laughed "God I sound so cheesy right now"

"Yeah man" Lucas laughed "Just shut up before I stick that beer down your throat"

"Why do I get the feeling your being serious about that" Jake joked before passing Lucas his own beer and turning on the TV. "To getting an asshole like Kevin Potter to deal with us permanently" Jake said lifting his beer up to toast.

"To assholes like Kevin" Lucas smirked before tapping his bottle against Jake's before taking a big swig from it.

Lucas looked down at his watch about an hour later before standing up "Actually…I am going to head out"

Jake tore his eyes away from the football game on TV and looked up at Lucas confused "Why? Where are you going?"

"What are you? My mother?" Lucas asked protectively at Jake's questions.

Jake held his hands up "I'm just curious man…you said you were staying in tonight"

"Yeah well I was planning to" Lucas defended "There's just something I have to do" he said putting on a shirt over his wife-beater.

"Alright" Jake nodded knowing better than to push Lucas.

"Just lock up if you leave before I get back" Lucas finished before grabbing his car keys and heading out of the door.

Lucas sat alone at the bar at some seedy bar right outside of town. He took a swig from his beer and looked down patiently at his watch. They were late. Always were.

"Can I get you another one?" the greasy bartender asked as he noticed Lucas's almost empty bottle.

Lucas looked at him then back at his bottle before shaking his head "Not yet" he answered simply as he looked around the almost empty bar.

There were the odd truck driver scattered around drinking beer and eating fatty foods. There was a young couple dancing pretty closely on the dance floor and just the odd group of guys sitting in the corner playing a game of poker.

Lucas turned back around and sat staring at his empty bottle. He often wondered what it would be like if he was just a normal 17 year old teenager. A guy who spent his days complaining about how unfair it was that his parents grounded him or that he had a curfew. He knew that there was no point dwelling on the past though and all the what ifs. The fact is, his mom his dead, his father doesn't give a shit about him and his half brother probably wishes he was dead. His family sucked. And he knew that he is better off alone. Well, almost alone.

"Hey baby" a voice came from behind as he felt two soft pairs of hands wrap around his waist.

Lucas smirked before turning around and capturing the girl's lips in his and kissing her passionately. He ran his hand under her tank top and caressed her back. He finally pulled away from the kiss and stared at the girl in front of him "Hey pretty girl" he grinned.

Brooke grinned before reattaching her lips against his and kissed him hungrily. Her tongue roaming through every part of his mouth. "Mm…I missed you" she said softly as she pulled away from the kiss and left both of her hands on Lucas's stubbled cheeks before tracing his jawline with her finger.

"I missed you more" Lucas smirked as his hands roamed freely under her tank-top.

"Not possible baby…not possible" Brooke smiled before kissing him again. This time much slower and softer.

"Hm…I love you Brooke Davis"

"I love you more" Brooke smiled using words similar to what he used just minutes before.

"Not possible baby…not possible" Lucas grinned and Brooke giggled slightly at him for mimicking her.

Lucas had never been in love before…but there was something about Brooke Davis that drawn him to her, almost made him obsessed with her and he knew that Brooke felt the same way.

They both knew that if people found out about them they would immediately disapprove. They would tell Brooke that Lucas wasn't good enough for her or that Brooke wasn't Lucas's type. But they were each other's type and they were good enough for each other.

Sadly though, they knew that people wouldn't understand their relationship, especially people like Nathan and even Jake on some level. So that is why they have kept their relationship a secret for the last 3 months. They knew that they were good together. On so many levels. Brooke was good for Lucas…she calmed him down, taught him how to have fun. Lucas was good for Brooke…he showed her that there was more to life than money and popularity.

They both accepted each other for who they were…not about their pasts or their mistakes. They had both made a lot of them. Brooke knew that Lucas dealt drugs and that he even smoked the odd case of marijuana but she wouldn't judge him for that, because that was his life. Just like Lucas wouldn't judge her for living a lie through the popular crowd. He also knew that Brooke was close to Nathan, he didn't like it…but he could live with it, as long as he had Brooke. Although, what made him hate Nathan even more was the fact that he was the biggest reason as to why they were keeping their relationship a secret. He didn't understand the control that Nathan had over the people of Tree Hill High, but he knew that with Brooke it was different, he may hate the guy but he wasn't blind…he could see that Nathan cares for Brooke, he just wasn't sure if he should be happy or not about that.

It didn't matter to Brooke though. She loved Lucas and nothing would change that, not even Nathan…she was just scared to lose his friendship since he has been one of the only constants in her life, and that is why she can't tell him about Lucas. Because she knows how much Nathan hates him…

So, that's how they lived…they saw each other as much as they could. Whether it is at this bar where they first met during the summer or at each other's houses. Although, it would mostly be at the bar…Lucas couldn't risk Jake walking in on them and Brooke certainly couldn't risk Nathan or Peyton catching them together.

Maybe someday before graduation they would tell the world about them. But not now, for now…they would stay a secret. But as Broody and Cheery, Pretty Girl and Boyfriend and just as Brooke and Lucas.

Brooke looked at her boyfriend and smiled as she kissed his forehead "You know...you were never on the list..."

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