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"Come on Gracie eat your veggies" Lucas told his daughter firmly as the two sat down at Keith's kitchen table eating their dinner.

"But I don't want to" Grace pouted as she shuffled the greens around her plate "They don't taste that good"

"I know" Lucas agreed "But they are good for you and you need to eat them, besides, Santa loves kids who eat their vegetables" he pointed out in a matter of fact tone. It was the day before Christmas Eve and Lucas could admit that he was excited to spend his first Christmas with daughter. It had also been a couple of weeks since he warned Jake away from his family and the guy was obviously smart enough to listen to his warning as he had not seen nor heard from Jake Jagelski since that night in the woods and he was hoping it would stay that way.

"Does he really?" Grace asked suspiciuously "Because Aunt Rachel told me once that sometimes adults say things to make us do things, but they aren't actually true" she told her father with a hint suspicion in her voice.

Lucas rolled his eyes thinking about Rachel's comments before answering "You shouldn't listen to Rachel, she doesn't know anything" he said with a small smile "However Santa does love his veggies, so I would eat up if I were you Princess" he warned.

"Aw" Grace moaned with a pout before reluctantly placing a spoon full of peas in her mouth. "Are we going to Grandpa Dan's for Christmas again this year?" she asked curiously and Lucas almost choked on his food by the question. Brooke spends Christmas with Dan Scott?!

"So...what time do you want me to come and pick you up on Christmas morning?" Nathan asked curiously as he leaned against the counter in Brooke's store.

"Ah" Brooke mumbled with a cringe and let out a small nervous smile "You see...the thing is...well..."

"You're going to spend Christmas with Lucas" Nathan muttered finishing off the sentence for her and let out a sigh of annoyance when he saw Brooke nod her head in agreement. "Brooke" he started "We have spent every Christmas together since Grace was born, why do you need to stop now just because that jackass decided to show up?"

Brooke rolled her eyes at his description of her boyfriend before answering "It's his first Christmas with Grace, and I want to spend it with him too"

"So what? Just forget about me then!" Nathan hissed coldly.

"It's not like you're going to be alone, you will have your whole family" she stated. It was true, every Christmas Brooke and Grace would accompany Nathan to the Scott family home where they would have their meal with pretty much his entire family, Dan, Deb, Keith, Royal, May, Cooper and all his other aunties and uncles and cousins that were related to Dan or Deb. Even Larry and Peyton Sawyer joined them a couple of times, Larry being a family friend of the Scott's.

"You know it wont be the same" Nathan huffed "I can't believe you are just ditching me for Lucas, you know how much I love spending Christmas with you and Grace"

"I know and I'm sorry" she told him sincerely "You don't know how hard it was for me to decide, but it wouldn't be fair to Lucas to not to spend the day with him"

"Like hell" Nathan spat coldly "He doesn't deserve to spend it with you"

"Oh and let him spend the day alone? Keith will be at Dan's house so it's not like he can spend it with him either. I'm sorry Nathan but I'm not going to let him be alone on Christmas day"

"And what about Grace? Where does she fit into all of this?" Nathan asked.

"What about her?" Brooke asked confused "She loves Lucas, she wants to open her presents with him"

"But she also loves spending time with her family, spending time with my younger cousins, you know that!"

"Well she gets to spend the day with her Dad instead" Brooke argued "I'm not going to change my mind Nathan, no matter what you tell me"

"Okay..." Nathan started with a sigh and rubbed the back of his head nervously "Okay" he spoke again "What if...what if Lucas comes too" he finally let out with a frown.

Brooke looked at him surprised "What?"

"Lucas can come too" Nathan repeated "If he wants to spend the day with you and Grace so badly then why doesn't he come with us to my parent's house" he shrugged "Besides, Keith will be there too"

"Yeah" Brooke agreed with a frown "And Dan, and Royal and May and everyone else who abandoned him as a child and haven't bothered to even speak to him for the last 22 years of his life. I'm sure he would love it!" she spat with sarcasm.

"Well then maybe now is the time to get to know them?" Nathan shrugged like it was no big deal.

"Are you being serious Nathan?" Brooke asked him in disbelief "You can't expect Lucas to do that. He wont want to do that!"

"If he wants to spend Christmas day with you and Grace as much as he says he does then he will" Nathan fired back causing Brooke to again roll her eyes.

"You are unbelievable" Brooke muttered "This isn't a test Nathan! I am not spending Christmas day with you and your family and that's final" she told him sternly.

"Fine" Nathan muttered as he leaned back away from the counter and Brooke could see that he was ready to leave "If you and Lucas want to be selfish and do something different to what Grace has done and loved for all her life then fine, you two do that. But the offer is still there if you change your mind" he told her with a frown before turning around and leaving the store before Brooke could get another word in.

Brooke watched him go in disbelief, she cannot believe that Nathan even had the nerve to suggest Lucas coming to Dan's house, after everything that man has done to him, after everything that Nathan himself has done! Unbelievable, she thought, it was typical Nathan and for once she just wished that he would even try to consider thinking about things from Lucas' point of view.

"Ah you must be freezing!" Brooke smiled as Grace and Lucas walked into her house later that night. "Why don't we get you dressed for bed huh?" she asked Grace with a smile as she unzipped her big pink puffy coat and pulled her gloves from her hands.

"It's not that cold Mommy" Grace told her seriously as she took off her own shoes "It would be colder if it snowed" she pointed out "Is it going to snow on Christmas day Mommy?" she asked excitedly.

"Uh I don't think so baby girl" Brooke told her sadly with a small smile "Go on, go to your room and get changed into your PJ's and then we can watch a movie or something" she told her with a smile and Grace nodded her head with a smile before running up the stairs. "Hmm...hello boyfriend" Brooke smirked as she wrapped her arms around her boyfriend's neck, who had been standing by the door unusually quiet for some reason. She lightly pecked his lips before pulling away confused when she noticed he barely kissed her back "Okay, what's wrong?" she asked confused and also suspicious.

Lucas shrugged as he pulled off his hat from his head and shook his head "Nothing is wrong" he answered simply as he walked towards the kitchen.

"Well something obviously is" Brooke pointed out with a frown as she followed him into the other room. "Lucas?" she asked again noticing the blonde had yet to answer.

"Okay fine" Lucas muttered with a sigh before turning around to face his girlfriend "I didn't know you spend Christmas day with Dan" he said in a plain tone.

Brooke let out a loud sigh and ran her fingers nervously through her hair "It's actually not like that" she said getting ready to defend herself "I spend it with Nathan"

"With Nathan" Lucas mused with a nod "And Dan...and Deb and the rest of the happy Scott family" he muttered sarcastically.

"Don't do that" Brooke muttered coldly "Don't try and turn this against me. You weren't here, Luke, remember, what did you expect me to do? Spend my Christmas day alone with a baby every year?"

Lucas' eyes immediately softened and he let out a defeated groan "Okay" he gave in slightly "But...I...what are your plans this year? Because Grace seems to think she is going back to Grandpa Dan's house" he muttered.

"I told you" Brooke said sternly "We are going to spend the day with you, as a family" she said softly as she slowly walked towards him and ran her hands up and down his arms soothingly "Forget about Dan, forget about them all, this is just about you me and Grace"

"But Grace wants to go there" Lucas sighed "She told me herself, she told me about all these cousins she has that I have never even heard of" he muttered bitterly. "I just..." he trailed before deciding not to continue.

"It's time for a change" Brooke told him firmly "Okay? And you are going to stay here with me tonight, and then again tomorrow and we are going to wake up way too early on Christmas morning and watch our daughter open up all her presents, and then you are going to watch me attempt to cook some really lame attempt at Christmas dinner before we end up trying to find some takeout that is open on Christmas Day" she smiled.

Lucas let out a small chuckle at the thought of Brooke trying to cook them a full meal but that didn't stop the nagging feeling he felt in the back of his mind about how he was disturbing Grace's traditions. "Are you sure? Because I don't want to ruin her Christmas"

"You wont" Brooke sighed "You are one of the best things that has ever happened to her" she smiled as she let her arms move upwards and wrap around his neck, her fingers lightly trailing the edge of his hair. "I love you" she spoke softly.

Lucas nodded his head and leaned in to kiss her softly "I love you too" he mumbled against her lips before reattaching his lips back against hers.

"What do you mean Lucas is coming?" Nathan asked annoyed as he stood at the bar in Peyton's kitchen. Every Christmas Eve Peyton would always invite over some friends for a Christmas party to get them all in the festive mood.

"I mean I invited Brooke who then in turn invited Lucas" Peyton told him while rolling her eyes as she poured a bag of chips into a bowl just as she heard the doorbell ring "Now behave tonight okay Nate, I mean it" she warned before leaving the kitchen and walking to answer the door to greet some more guests.

"Great" Nathan muttered as he took a large gulp out of his beer just as Haley entered the room.

"Oh...hey" Haley mumbled as she walked across the kitchen to pour herself a drink "I didn't know you were in here"

"Well you cant see people when your avoiding them, can you?" Nathan pointed out with a frown.

"I'm not avoiding you" Haley defended quickly "I've just been...busy"

"Right" Nathan nodded not really believing her "Busy doing what?" he challenged.

"Stuff" Haley answered reluctantly "What's it got to do with you?"

"Nothing" Nathan shrugged "It's got nothing to do with me, at all, I was just...saying"

"Right" Haley repeated his earlier word "Well, next time try not to say anything at all" she sighed before grabbing her drink and leaving the room.

"Great" Nathan muttered to himself "So it's like that..." he sighed before taking another large gulp out of his beer. He needed to get drunk tonight.

"I don't even like Peyton" Lucas muttered as he and Brooke walked up towards Peyton's apartment. "And I know for a fact that she doesn't like me" he pointed out.

Brooke smiled as she turned around outside Peyton's door and wrapped her arms around Lucas' neck "Please, can you just be nice tonight? For me?" she pouted.

"I'm always nice" Lucas replied with a smirk causing Brooke to roll her eyes.

"Right and Nathan is your best friend" she told him with a smirk to match his.

"That's funny" he said sarcastically before leaning forward and pecking her lips lightly "Promise me you wont leave me alone for too long tonight?" he asked with a smile.

"I promise" Brooke agreed before leaning closer and pressing her lips against his for a slow soft kiss.


The pair turned around to see Peyton standing at her door unimpressed. Brooke rolled her eyes and pulled away from Lucas, but still leaving her hand linked in his "Peyton" she smiled "Hi"

"Hi" Peyton replied with an unamused smile "You guys planning to come in and join the party or what?" she asked plainly before turning around and walking back into her home.

"Party it is" Brooke smiled as she led Lucas inside. "I'm pretty sure Haley will be here" she said loudly into his ear over the loud Christmas songs. "And Skills"

"I hope so" Lucas muttered "But I need a drink for this" he confessed and Brooke nodded her head agreeing as the two walked into the kitchen. "Great" he sighed as they came face to face to Nathan who was standing talking to some guys that Lucas recognised from High School.

"Nathan" Brooke greeted and gave him a warning smile telling him not to cause any trouble.

"Brooke" he replied falsely and sent Lucas a short glare. Brooke rolled her eyes as she and Lucas walked to the other side of the kitchen to make their drinks.

"The guy has a major stick up his ass" Lucas muttered quietly.

"Ignore him" Brooke warned "He just wants a reaction out of you, but he's not going to get one, right?"

"Right" Lucas agreed with a sigh and Brooke could see that he wasn't a hundred percent happy with that. She knew that if it was up to both Lucas and Nathan, they would be beating the crap out of each other this very second.

"I agree" Lucas smiled widely as he stood in the living room chatting to Haley. Brooke had disappeared for a bit to catch up with some old friends and he was left alone until he spotted Haley who looked as though she was enjoying this party just as much as he was. "Grace is definitely the most cutest kid alive"

"You should be proud" Haley told him honestly "She loves you a lot too"

"I know" Lucas grinned "Her and Brooke are the best thing that I could ever have hoped for"

Haley nodded her head "And you should never let that go"

"Trust me I wont" Lucas smiled as he looked around the crowded apartment "So what about you? Got any boyfriends..." he trailed with a smile.

"Ha" Haley let out a small chuckle "Can't say that I do" she admitted.

"Not back with Nathan then?" he asked curiously causing Haley to shake her head with a smile "Ah can't say I blame you" he smirked "The guy is an asshole"

Haley laughed and nodded her head "I actually have to agree with you on that one" she smiled just as Nathan himself suddenly appeared out of nowhere.

"What's this huh?" Nathan asked coldly as he eyed Lucas up and down with a fierce glare.

"What's what?" Haley asked confused however Lucas cut in before anyone could say anything else.

"You got a problem, Nathan?" he asked with an icy tone as he took a step towards his half brother. "Well?" he asked after Nathan failed to answer "Do you?"

"You know what, Lucas" Nathan said while frowning at him "I actually do have a problem, it's with you"

"Nathan" Haley cut in "Leave it yeah?" she warned him.

"No" Nathan shook his head and looked at Lucas firmly "You weren't invited here tonight so I want to know why the hell your ass showed up" he spat coldly.

Lucas let out a small chuckle and shook his head in disbelief "Out of all the reasons you could have to hit me tonight you chose that one?" he asked amused causing Nathan's glare to deepen. "And to answer your question, I'm here as Brooke's date and another thing, I don't remember this apartment belonging to you" he told him "So come on Nathan, hit me, I know that's all you have wanted to do since the moment I came back to this town"

Nathan nodded his head agreeing "You know what, you're right, that's all I've wanted since you got back but luckily for you I haven't, because I care for Brooke and Grace more than you ever will"

"Oh yeah?" Lucas hissed back threateningly as he went to take a step towards his brother.

"Guys come on!" Haley interrupted quickly knowing that this was about to turn messy, especially since they were starting to gain attention to themselves from the guests around them.

"Yeah because I would never abandon them, because I'm not a coward" Nathan spat at him coldly "Because that's all you are Lucas, a coward, and if you hadn't of met Brooke you would be nothing right now, you would have nothing! In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if you would be buried 10 feet under right now like your slut of a mother!" he spat angrily.

Lucas' eyes shot open with anger at the insult and it didn't take him long to raise his fist and send it crashing in Nathan's face just as Brooke appeared by Haley's side "Lucas!" she gasped in shock however the blonde couldn't hear anything else apart from Nathan's last words as he dived into Nathan causing them both to go flying backwards and crash onto the glass table behind them causing it to smash to pieces underneath their body weight.

"Great!" Peyton shouted angrily "Great!" she repeated when she saw Lucas again raise his fist and hit Nathan in the face. "Brooke! Can you stop them?" she shouted at her as a horrified Brooke watched on as Nathan kneed Lucas in the stomach before flipping them over so he was hovering over his older brother before he himself raised his own fist and punched it into Lucas a few times.

"Nathan!" Brooke screamed angrily as she ran to the duo and attempted to pull the brunette off her boyfriend "Nathan stop it! Get off of him!"

Lucas managed to gain control and push Nathan off him as both brothers quickly jumped to their feet, Lucas went to charge back into Nathan however Brooke quickly stepped in his way and pushed him backwards.

"Stop it!" she shouted at them fiercely and flicked her head angrily between the two of them as the rest of the party watched on "What the hell is wrong with you both? You are acting like idiotic teenagers!"

"He started it!" Nathan argued causing Brooke to roll her eyes at his words and swing her arms in the air in disbelief.

"Oh how mature" Lucas hissed at him coldly and shook his head.

"You want to shut your mouth, Lucas!" Nathan warned threateningly before wiping some of the blood from his lip.

"No you want to watch yours!" Lucas argued back as he took a step towards him again but Brooke firmly grabbed his arm "No baby it's okay" he spoke softly to her "I'm not going to start anything again" he told her honestly before turning his attention back to Nathan as the glare came back to his face "Don't you ever speak about my mother again, okay?" he warned angrily and Brooke's head snapped towards Nathan confused. "I mean it, don't you ever mention her again" he continued when Nathan didn't answer.

Nathan shrugged and smirked at the blonde "What's wrong Lucas, can't face facts?" he taunted.

"Guys that's enough!" Haley cut in surprising them both "You both need to grow up! For gods sake you guys are brothers! Nathan, that comment you made about Lucas' Mom was totally uncalled for" she told him sternly "And Lucas, if you want to be a good role model to your daughter, you are going to have to learn to stop punching people" she said towards him. "Now, this is supposed to be a party and quite frankly, I am passed the age of where I enjoy watching two idiots fight. Now, either one of you leaves, or you both stay the hell away from each other for the rest of the night, okay?" she warned coldly as everyone looked at Haley shocked "Peyton!" she shouted over to her blonde friend who was in the middle of cleaning up the glass that smashed out of the table "Put the music back on!" she called over.

"Yes Ma'am" Peyton smirked as she reached for the remote of the stereo player and pressed play before loud music began to blast out of the speakers and soon the attention was turned away from the Scott brothers as the guests began to carry on with the party.

"Brooke" Lucas sighed as he went to reach out to bring Brooke towards him but she immediately took a step back while shaking her head and Lucas could see that she was disappointed in him.

"Let's just go home, okay?" she told him with a sigh "I'm going to get my stuff, wait for me outside or something" she muttered before walking away from them.

Lucas sighed and ran his hand over his head and turned to look at Haley "I am sorry" he told her genuinely "I didn't want this to happen"

"I know" Haley nodded her head agreeing "But Brooke is right, I think it would be best if you left" she suggested with a small smile "Have a nice Christmas"

"Thanks" he mumbled "You too" he finished before sending one last glare in Nathan's direction before leaving the room and heading towards the front door.

"What the hell was that all about?" Nathan asked with an icy tone, wanting to know how Haley and Lucas seemed to be friends out of nowhere.

"Don't!" Haley warned him and held her hand up to stop him from speaking "Don't talk to me Nathan, what you did just now was unbelievable and I hate that side of you, so just don't talk to me" she finished sternly before walking away from him before Nathan could speak another word.

"I'm sorry Brooke" Lucas sighed as he walked out of Grace's bedroom that night after kissing her goodnight to see Brooke standing outside in the hall waiting for him. "I didn't plan for that to happen"

"I know" Brooke nodded her head as she let Lucas take a hold of her hand as they both slowly walked into Brooke's bedroom "Nathan should not have said what he did, and I'm sorry that he acted like an ass but there was no need to start a fight, I told you that's all he wanted and you gave it to him" she told him while getting dressed for bed.

"Yeah and I'm sorry" Lucas admitted as he took off his jeans before removing his shirt "But he took it to far the moment he mentioned my mother and I just stopped thinking rationally and lashed out, I know now that I should have just ignored him and walked away but it's hard for me, Brooke, I'm not going to lie about that, and if that makes me a bad person then I'm sorry"

"Don't" Brooke immediately shook her head as they both climbed into bed "Don't apologise for being who you are, but I still think you should have walked away"

"And if there's a next time, I will honestly try to do that" Lucas told her sincerely.

"Good" Brooke answered as a small smile appeared on her lips "Now can we stop talking about you know who and entertain me boyfriend"

"Entertain you?" Lucas asked with a smirk as he rolled over so he was hovering on top of her and slowly pressed his mouth against hers in a soft slow kiss "This sort of entertainment good enough for you?"

"Yes" Brooke smirked as she leaned her head up and kissed him again before slowly pulling away "Very good"

"Good" Lucas grinned "Because you're not getting any sleep tonight Brooke Davis" he smirked before crashing his lips back against hers.

"Mommy! Daddy! Wake up!" Grace squealed excitedly as she ran into Brooke's bedroom and jumped onto the bed crushing her parents legs as she did so "It's Christmas Mommy!"

"Graciee" Brooke groaned as pulled the covers over her head tiredly. It wasn't even daylight yet and her daughter was up and raring to go. "Go back to bed baby" she muttered.

"Noo!" Grace moaned "Mommy it's morning!"

"Barely" Brooke muttered as a small smile crept onto her lips "Go wake up your Dad instead"

"Okay" Grace grinned as she jumped from her Mother's legs and onto Lucas "Daddy! Daddy wake up!"

"What?" Lucas' tired voice broke out as he kept his eyes shut "What time is it?"

"Too early" Brooke mumbled sleepily as she rolled over onto her side away from the two.

"No Daddy it's Christmas!" Grace squealed loudly and Lucas slowly opened his eyes as he struggled to sit up. "Merry Christmas" she grinned.

"Merry Christmas to you too baby girl" Lucas smiled widely as he kissed Grace's forehead softly "But you have gotten up way too early" he said looking over at the clock to see it wasn't even 6am yet, he and Brooke had only gotten to sleep a couple of hours ago.

"It's not" Grace pouted "It's morning" she told him seriously "So can we go downstairs and see if Santa has been?" she asked eagerly.

Lucas turned his head to the side to see that Brooke was still lying in bed not even attempting to get up "Brooke" he started only to receive a small 'hm" sound coming from his girlfriend "Are we getting up?" he asked with a yawn.

"Please Mommy!" Grace begged excitedly.

"Urgh" Brooke groaned as she slowly sat up and looked at her daughter tiredly "But next year we aren't waking up until after 8am, okay?" she warned although she knew in reality that it wouldn't happen. She didn't mind though, she loved how excited Grace got on Christmas day.

"Okay!" Grace grinned as she excitedly jumped out the bed and hurriedly ran towards the bedroom door "Hurry up!" she moaned when she noticed that her parents were taking ages to follow her downstairs.

"Patience" Brooke told her as she pulled on Lucas' sweatshirt over her head to protect her from the cold "Merry Christmas boyfriend" she smirked before leaning on her toes and pressing her lips softly against his.

"You too" Lucas mumbled against her mouth before pulling away "Come on Gracie, let's go open those presents from Santa, huh?" he grinned before picking up his daughter from behind as the three of them left the room.

"Wow can we even see the floors in here?" Lucas asked with a laugh as he walked into the sitting room later that night to see Grace's presents and wrapping paper scattered all over the door. "I think Santa has threw up in here!"

"It's all my presents Daddy!" Grace squealed excitedly while running a brush through the hair of one of her new dolls "Don't you think she looks pretty?" she asks lifting the doll up over her head.

"Beutiful" Lucas agrees as he sits down on the couch contently. Today was one of the best days of his life so far, he didn't think he could feel so happy just to watch his little girl open her presents on Christmas morning, but he did and he loved it. "Where's your Mommy gone?" he asked, only leaving the room to go to the bathroom.

"Oh Uncle Nate phone her and she went outside to talk to him" Grace explained "He told me he has lots and lots of presents for me!" she told Lucas excitedly.

"Really" Lucas nodded his head while forcing a smile, wondering what Nathan had to say to Brooke, especially after their bust up the night before. Just as he was about to stand up to go and find his girlfriend she beat him too it by walking back into the living room. "What did Nathan want?" he asked straight away and Brooke rolled her eyes at his eagerness.

"Nothing" Brooke shrugged as she took a seat next to him on couch "Just Christmas stuff"

"Christmas stuff?" Lucas raised an eyebrow at her and Brooke let out a groan at his reluctance to drop the subject.

"Luke" She moaned "It's Christmas Day, I just want to forget about the rest of the world and concentrate on you and Grace. Can we just forget about Nathan for today?" she asked him honestly.

"Yeah of course" Lucas quickly agreed and wrapped his arm around Brooke and brought her closer to him "I'm sorry for acting like an ass"

"It's okay" Brooke told him softly and slowly leaned up and kissed him "How about we go pick one of Gracie's new DVDs and settle down for the night, huh?"

"Sounds good to me" Lucas grinned before sitting up from the couch and picking up his giggling daughter from behind before leaving the room for them both to go and pick a movie to watch.

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