All the things
29th April 2008
Series: The Taming of the April Fool
Summary: Shizuka reflects on the good things loving Watanuki brings.
Warnings: Ficlet... which some people call drabbles. A fast-forward to how things will be later in the Taming arc. This

Shizuka liked to hold hands.

Naturally, Kimihiro refused, "How often do you see young men walking around this city holding hands?!" the Seer demanded. "People will stare! Do you have any idea how scandalous it is?!"

Shizuka would shrug and grunt in acknowledgement, "Hn." Not holding hands wasn't really too big of a deal.

Shizuka liked to touch.

Of course, Kimihiro disagreed. "My sleeve, my arm, my elbow, my shoulder!" the high-strung teen would complain. "Next you'll work your way down my legs, too!"

"I did already work my way up…" Shizuka murmured thoughtfully, eyes appraising said appendages.

Instantly Kimihiro blushed furiously. He growled intelligibly, waved his arms a little and stomped his foot before giving a frustrated huff and turning away to dash off to class. They were at school and there was ten more minutes until the morning final bell. But not having any reason to stand by himself, the monk followed, walking slowly, enjoying mental playbacks of his boyfriend's reaction.

Shizuka liked to kiss.

And Kimihiro declared, with fire in his eyes and both fists and jaws clenched, in his most under-no-circumstances tone of voice that there would be no kissing where people could see.

So the monk kissed him the back row of the dark theatre. He dragged Kimihiro down the hall from their classroom and up a flight of stairs to the stationery supplies room where no one went during recess or lunchtime and kissed Kimihiro there. He lured Kimihiro up to the roof, walked his boyfriend around toward the rear wall of the roof stairwell then pinned Kimihiro against the cool concrete, using every trick he'd learned and hitting all Kimihiro's weaknesses and made out with the Seer there too.

When Kimihiro protested he logically stated, "Even if we're out in public, as long as no one sees then it's alright. No witness to our scandalous behaviour." Then he bent his head and picked up right where he'd left off… and his boyfriend had forgotten about the protest by the time he lifted his head.

Doumeki liked to taste, too.

Not just Kimihiro's cooking either, as he'd had to explain when the naïve little fool replied by complaining about again expecting to have to cook more out-of-season lunch requests. There was this blessed, brief, blank look in Kimihiro's eyes as he sat quite still with one hand holding his chopsticks and the other his own lunch. Then in the next moment, understanding dawned and Kimihiro blushed right to the tips of his unruly ebony hair.

"You say the most outrageous things!" came the hissed announcement, accompanied by waving chopsticks. "You probably think up these things for the sole purpose of stressing me out and making me blush!"

"When you're stressed, your eyes positively spark," Shizuka commented idly. It was true; his boyfriend was always a sight to behold when riled.

Kimihiro glared, "I knew it!" He put down his lunch and chopsticks to flail a little before he plunked one hand down on the ground between them and leaned over to wave a finger under the monk's nose, "Do you know you could be giving me high blood pressure?! Have you any idea how bad for the body that is? How unhealthy it is to be angry all the time?!"

"You're not angry all the time," Shizuka said calmly, watching the fireworks. He knew Kimihiro behaved like he was but they both knew…

"Yes I am!" the Seer argued. "All I have to do is look at you and I swear you piss me off!"

Shizuka shrugged, put his bento box aside as well and leaned over, "I suppose I'll have to distract you." One corner of his lips hitched upward in amusement, "For health reasons of course."

"There is nothing on the face of this planet that you can do to— What do you think you're doing?!" Shizuka had pushed Kimihiro over backward, hand catching at the back of the Seer's head to cushion his fall. Despite the flailing Shizuka caught his hands and pinned them to the floor to either side of Kimihiro's head then leaned down. "You and your logic! I swear this is another of your ways to drive me--"

Shizuka liked making Kimihiro shut up, too. And this was his favourite way.

It involved hand-holding, touching, kissing and tasting.