Warning: This work is plain fiction though with a touch of history. Hence, no historical basis has been made. The whole atmosphere of the fiction is just a mere illustration of the writer's imagination. Japan's history has nothing to do with it.

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Living in an era that is dictated by wealth and power sure is hard, especially to those who are not of nobility. This is the time where Japan finally opens its doors to conduct transactions to the foreign country. And it is best to say that this is the grandeur of this country's economy, or so they say. One thing is for sure, the rich is getting richer while the poor is getting poorer.

In a rural area in the capital lived a beautiful yet poor girl. The beauty that she possesses can be compared to of a goddess. She is like a flower – no wonder she's named after one. Sakura.

Unfortunately, the father of this lovely lady is a well-known con artist. Though he's already at his early 30s, his beauty is still evident that is why women still flock onto him. His job maybe pathetic but he's indeed a good father and a very kind person. He has a soft spot for abandoned children and babies; he never fails to give them food even if he has to rob.

"I'm home"

"Welcome back, father", said Sakura in a cheerful tone.

But before the two moved a step, their landlady came and she's fuming mad.

"Hey you two! Better pack your things now. I have a new tenant moving in here today. So better leave or else I'll use force!"

"C'mon madame. We do not have any place to stay. Is it possible that we still stay here?"

Sakura's father has an unfaltering pheromones and no old lady can resist him doing all this sweet talk. He's indeed a lady killer.

"Ok fine! Drop the sweet talk and better start working your ass off! You owe me 6 months of rent, you know!"

The landlady went off pretending that she's still fuming mad with what happened. Maybe she really is because she's not able to resist the ever-famous "sweet talk" that ladies are talking about.

Next day…

"Sakura we have to get out from here!"

"Huh… what do you mean?"

"The husband of my client found out that I owe his wife 2,000 yen! And he's fuming mad about it. He ran after me… luckily, I ran way too fast! But minutes from now, he'll come here looking for me."

Sakura still cannot understand a thing her father is trying to explain. Moreover, her father is done packing.

"Sakura… daddy loves you! That's why he does things like that. And daddy is sorry that he has to leave, or else he'll die!"


"Bye Sakura-chan!"

Unfortunately, the man her father owed came and he's looking for her father. Also, the man is well-built and he's really, really, really angry.

"Do you know that your father owed me 2000 yen?"

Sakura, in a frightened state, cannot answer.

"Tell where the hell is he?", the man shouted with all his might.

"I don't know sir", said the frightened Sakura.

"I know he's here! Now where the hell is he hiding? Better tell me now girl or you'll definitely regret it!"

"But I really do not know… sir", said Sakura who's now in tears.

"Since he's your father, you'll be the one to pay the money he owes me!"


The man looking for Sakura's father managed to calm down a bit and is trying to negotiate to the poor daughter of the con artist.

"You need to pay me by tomorrow or else I'll take you as payment."

After the so-called negotiation, the man left the frightened Sakura.

Sakura does not know where she'd get the money. Not only that but also the problem with the rent… now that her father's gone, the landlady might come again tomorrow asking – or more like forcing – her to leave.

'What am I supposed to do? There's a lot to pay… if I can't pay father's debt then I'll definitely be sold. And if I can't pay the rent, I'll definitely be homeless. Father what have you done?'

Sakura went to the market without her noticing it. Moreover, it's already night time when she regained her consciousness. Since she's already there, she decides take to take a stroll.

While she's strolling, a man pulled her arm.

"Hey! What are you doing?"

"You seem lost pretty missy. Care to be my companion for tonight?"

"N-no! Let me go!"

"A fighter are we? This must be my lucky day! I love aggressive women", the man sarcastically said. "You're my type."

'It seems that there is no other way to get the money than to sell myself. Alright! I'll do it. There's nothing to lose now. Breathe Sakura, breathe! Face him and say…'

"Alright! But you have to pay me 2000 yen!"

The man grinned and said, "Sure!"

Unfortunately there's a man who overheard their conversation and he seems not happy about it and he punched the guy straight on the face.

"Hey! What are you doing? This guy is my life saver?"

"Life saver? You've got to be kidding me!"

"Yes he is! He said that he'll pay me 2000 yen!"

"And do you think that he will really do that?"

Sakura blushed. She does not know how to answer.

"Come with me."

And the guy pulled her along and she cannot break free. He's so strong.

"What are you doing? Let go of me!"

The guy tossed a bandle of 1000 Yen to Sakura and said, "I paid you already. Now, come with me."

Sakura, only thinking on how to pay her father's debt, decided to come with the man. After all, he already paid more than what she wished for. She can finally pay the debts of her father and also the 6-month worth of rent that she owes her landlady. Upon knowing those, Sakura can't help but smile.

She's indeed naive, just because of the money she needed she's willing to sell herself. By the way, Sakura does not know the real meaning of "selling herself". Moreover, she does not know the real motive of the man. Now, she's sitting with him in a luxurious carriage and it seems that they're on their way to his house.

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