Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or the characters affiliated with the show

Disclaimer: I do not own Kim Possible or the characters affiliated with the show.


Chapter 1: For Better… or Way Worse.


This can't possibly be real, she thought, letting the entire scene soak into her emerald eyes. Before her lay a stretch of battle-scarred earth as far as she could see, with the broken forms of robotic centuries collapsed on the ground, crushed under twisting vines formed by… mutant flowers?

That was the part she was still trying to understand completely. It wasn't that she didn't get how they had won, but the fact that her boss, a man who could rarely open a jar of mayo without twisting the cap the wrong way, had just used his own past failure to save the world… well, it simply baffled her. And what confused her even more was the fact that she suddenly felt guilty for thinking so badly of him beforehand.

In the distance, she could spot the pair of love-struck teens, Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable, as they walked off the battle ground hand in hand, eyeing each other in a way that spoke their true feelings within.

Ugh. The scene was enough to make her want to up-chuck, but her continuous wonderings seemed to keep her unsettled stomach at bay.

She couldn't call them enemies anymore, could she? Not after this, not after she had helped them take down the alien-scum, not after how content Drakken had seemed with defeating the Lorwardians, like he… wanted to be good now.

But she didn't. She couldn't go back down that road again, never again. Being a hero, or even a common citizen, was not the way she rolled, and she knew that for fact; she wasn't cut out to be a goodie-goodie. Too many scars made from the old days, too many people depending on you… she couldn't do it.

"Hey, Shego…"

The voice belonged to her boss, she could tell right then and there. But something within almost kept her from looking his way, like she worried that he saw her doubts about what they had just done, that he'd be disappointed in her… why did she even care about what he thought? She never cared what anyone thought! So why him?

"Ugh! What is wrong with me?" Shego thought aloud, the words just barely registering as a whisper. She crossed her arms over her chest and sighed, eyes drifting to the dirt ground.

Drakken, who had been working to clean up the last of the destruction left from the battle with Warhok and Warmonga (he was most thankful for deciding to keep the gravitomic ray on the hover car, otherwise the job of cleaning up would've been a whole lot harder), finally climbed out of flying device. Kim and her sidekick (whose name had just slipped his mind) had stayed behind to help out, only just recently leaving when they saw that their former enemy had everything under control.

Shego's behavior though, seemed rather… off today, more jaded than usual. She had helped the group in straightening up a little, but when Drakken had gotten out the hover car, the woman pulled out and watched half-heartedly from the sidelines. They saw that she was contemplating something and didn't want to be bothered… no one dared ask otherwise of the young villainess.

And even an hour after all that, he still saw something very heavy in Shego's expression. He hated seeing her like this too, so unlike her usual fiery self, so cold and uncomfortable. This wasn't the person he had come to know and… well…

Dr. Drakken bit his tongue, even if he hadn't spoken what words had just appeared in his mind.

Don't even go there, Drew, he thought, it's nothing but bad road. Remember what happened the last time you dated Shego?

Swallowing a boatload of painful memories that had come with Moodulator incident, he pulled the flower petals off the sides of his head for the fifth time that morning, and walked over to his long-time sidekick. Drakken approached the woman with caution; knowing how unpredictable she could become when she got this way.

But she didn't react to his appearance, seemingly too wrapped up in her own thoughts to notice. Something really was bothering her.

"Shego, is everything alright?" Drakken asked in a sympathetic tone. This surprised her and she looked up from the ground, meeting his eyes as she masked her thoughts.

"Oh, yeah, fine," she wasn't so good at faking her voice this time. Drakken raised an eyebrow and looked at her in a way that surprisingly convinced her to tell the truth. Again, Shego wasn't sure why.

"Dr. D…" she began, "… do you think we did the right thing?"

The blue-skinned man smiled at her. "What, with saving the world? Well, of course, Shego! I mean with the world enslaved by aliens, how can we-"

"No," she interrupted, keeping a serious expression. "I mean… the right thing for us as villains? We just teamed up with the world's most famous heroes and helped do the exact opposite of what we've spent the last five years trying to accomplish."

Her words seemed to strike Drakken somewhere deep in his heart. She saw it in his now fearful expression… he was only just realizing what his actions from this morning would mean for his life.

Kimmie would most likely tell the world who had assisted her against the invasion, and then, since everyone would expect the best out of Drakken and Shego, they would be given some sort of pardon for their crimes. Then their lairs, funding, and weaponry would be repossessed by Global Justice, and all the henchmen would quit, having lost their reason (money) to work for the mad scientist, and finally, with every evil asset taken from him, he would lose what little credit he had as Kim Possible's greatest foe.

And unless he found some way to destroy her, something he had failed to do for half a decade now; he would never be taken as a serious threat ever again!

Shego watched his thoughts reel inside his eyes with every point he reached, and felt her sympathy boil over for the first time in many years. She unfolded her arms and cupped her hands on her hips.

"Call it a bad vibe, Dr. D, but I don't know if we can be villains anymore."

Drakken was on the very verge of forming words, (or something that resembled them, given his shock) when something loud and active with static, almost like a voice, began filling the air around them. The villains clamped their ears with their hands as the sound wrenched through their forms like nails on a chalkboard.

"…-ello… can any-…. –ar me?" The static was chopping up whatever the mysterious voice was trying to say.

Drakken took a moment to return to his hearing, long enough to realize were the sound was coming from; he pointed to his hovercraft as Shego lifted her hands away as well.

"It on the intercom," he shouted with a hint of annoyance, gritting his teeth as the horrid sound continued. "Probably another cop who hasn't realized this stupid war is over." He emanated a sigh; this would count as the third one since their defeat of Warhak.

He looked over to his partner, rubbing his temple. "Shego… could you go explain to the nice man that he needs to kindly shut up, or at least shut off the intercom completely?"

The woman gave Drakken a look of surprise. "What are you telling me for? You can flip a switch!"

"Yes," continued the blue-skinned man as he continued massaging his head, "but I have a splitting headache and, unlike you, I'm exhausted from last night's little whoop-lay."

Shego shot him a dirty look, but quickly converted it to a smile as she began walking toward the hover-car. "Whatever you say, grandpa; I understand how tired you get at your age." Her tone was condescending and almost babying as she climbed over the side of the craft, landing in the front seat with a smirk.

A second later, Drakken was landing next to her, scowling at his partner as he flipped on the two-way intercom system and enabling him to speak with whoever was causing the annoying call.

He promptly cleared his throat, prepared to prove Shego's 'old' comments wrong.

"Uh… a-yola, my fellow gangsta. What's the deal… uh, yo?" This was intended for the man on the other side of the intercom, but it sounded less like English than the garbled words they'd been hearing through the static.

Shego had buried her face in her hands by now, too embarrassed by her boss to even speak. Though, she had to admit, that was funnier to watch than first expected.

The voice suddenly became a little clearer as the static began to reduce, and clearly, whoever was speaking was rather confused.

"What? No, and who is this?"

"It sounds a lot like that Drakken guy…" chimed a younger voice from the background.

Shego suddenly peeked between her fingers. She knew those voices…

"…Yeah, the one that Shego always hangs out with!" continued a different, but eerily similar voice.

She lifted her hands away from her face, looking at the radio with wide eyes.

"Right!" answered the first, but still similar voice. "I'll bet they're totally dating by now!"

Both villains blushed; a rare sight on either of them. Neither bothered facing the other.

The first voice suddenly shushed the two others. "Quiet! Shego might be there!"

"Darn right I am!" the raven-haired villainess finally shouted back, far too annoyed with her brothers to think of anything better to say. She wasn't crazy about sappy reunions anyway.

The first voice, which she knew belonged to Mego, seemed rather flabbergasted. "Oh! Uh… hey, Shego! I didn't realize-"

"Save it, purple boy," she interrupted, in no mood for apologies either. "What do you want?"

And then came the words that Shego hoped she'd never have to hear from her brothers ever again.

"We need your help. It's Hego, he's been-!"

But the line grew fuzzy again, cutting off her brothers before they could continue.

The raven-haired woman punched the radio violently, resisting the urge to blast it through and through. She was rather annoyed with herself for becoming so angry and desperate.

"Come on, you piece of-"

"Well, well, well…"

There were a varied many cold and nasty things on the villainess's lips, but she hadn't spoken. In fact, the female voice heard came from… behind the hover car.

Both villains quickly turned around in their seats, suddenly catching sight of the three small red jets that had quietly landed behind them, the uniformed men who pointed strange-looking blasters at the pair, and most of all; the slender, redheaded woman who stood amongst the group, looking proud and to say the least, surprised.

"I expected a lot of things when we picked up the radio signals from Team Go," Dr Director stated, walking closer to the hover car and eyeing both villains with slight distaste, "but this wasn't one of them."

Drakken raised his hand sheepishly. "That would make two of us, ma'am."

Shego proceeded to smack him in the shoulder, in no mood for his stupidity. She could sense it; her day was just about to get a whole lot worse.



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