By: SoNotEmo aka Dezi

Summary: Even Superman has a weakness. DanBlair. Slightly OOC. Bitter DanSerena and NateBlair.

Genre: Romance/Angst

Author's Starting Notes: This is the second chapter of Kryptonite. It is five pages on my computer, and should have been here months ago. I'm sorry for the wait. I lost half of my chapter, and then had this horrible bout of writer's block. It cleared a bit today and I wrote like five chapters (total, not for this) in the time it allowed. Here is the chapter you all have been waiting for, and I'd like to thank everyone who's looking at this and stuck by me for the long wait. Hopefully the next one will be shorter.

Time Stamp: Updated November 30, 2008

Chapter Two:

"I cannot believe I made that mistake… again!" she exclaimed flailing atop her bar stool for a moment.

"Chill, Waldorf. I'm sure it was nowhere near as bad as you make it out to be," he assured her.

"You weren't there, Chuck. It was pretty bad. We almost… well, you know."

"Yes, I do know, and I must say I am appalled! You'll put out for married men, but not me."

"Chuck! Gosh, stop joking around."

"Who said I was joking?"



Blair Waldorf rolled over in the bed exhausted and thoroughly hung-over. She felt like a bus hit her last night. It certainly would explain the pounding all over her body. She moved to sit up and stretched out glancing at her surroundings. She wasn't home. Still, the room looked familiar, a little too familiar. She threw her legs over the side of the bed and went over to the front of the suite flipping on the light switch. As the lights came on, Blair regretted her decision. Bright lights and massive headaches did not mix well together. The lights served their purpose though. She could then see the room and recognize it as the room of her favorite asshole, Charles Bass. He didn't seem to be there. Smart move seeing as she was a bitch when she wanted to know something. And Blair Waldorf wanted to know three somethings. Like, why was her head killing her? Why the hell she was in his room? And, above all, what the fuck happened the night before?

It was a surprise she could come up with such questions with her body in its current state. She felt horrible physically which made her feel the same emotionally. She felt drained, and she hadn't even been awake more than ten minutes. It was official; he had done something to her. She hated to think that way, but it was Chuck Bass. She walked slowly back to the bed and sat down. It was then she noticed a note lying atop the pillow. She lifted it up and felt her blood run cold.

"Glad you finally settled, B, whether you chose to… or not.

P.S. you really should be careful who you trust."

Obviously, the note was from Chuck. Who else would leave an f'ing note in the room for her to wake up to? Suddenly, she felt wrong and dirty as if she'd done something she shouldn't have the night before. She couldn't take the feeling. She needed to… escape. Yeah, that was it. Ignoring her headache, she crossed to the front of the suite - the second time she'd done so by the way - and flung open the door. She rushed out and crashed straight into another person with a very familiar frame.

"Ahh!" Blair squealed as her back hit the wall, "Oh, it's just you."

Dan Humphrey lightly shook his head, giving her a look, "Yeah, just little old me. Is that a problem?"

"I'm not quite sure," she said blinking a few more times than she needed to.

"Are you okay?" he asked.

"No, I-I don't remember."

"Remember what?"

"Last night, all I can remember is hanging out… with you."

"Do you recall what happened when we were hanging out?"

"Oh, you mean when…. Yeah, I remember."

"Then what do you forget?"

"Basically everything after that," she admitted.

"Well, I'm sure it's fine. Wait, where did you just come from?" he asked.

"Chuck's suite," she said.

"Oh, that's good, for a second I thought someone might have taken advantage of you," he said.

"I think someone might have though," she said quietly.


"I found this note," she handed the piece of paper she was holding to him, "There's no sender but I think it was-"

"Chuck. I'm going to kill that no good, low-life, son of a Bass," he said

"Wait, now, it's not for sure. It could have been someone else."

"Then why would you be in his room? In his bed? With a horrible note waiting?"

"It's just, he's not bad enough to do that."

"It's not like he hasn't done it before," Dan hissed.

"Yeah, but not to me. He wouldn't force me into something," Blair said.

"Then who did it, Blair? Nate?"

"I strongly doubt Nate would come after me when I was indisposed."

"And I strongly believe Chuck would."

"But what if it wasn't Chuck?" she insisted once again.

"What if it was, Blair?" he asked.

What if it was? What would she do? She'd probably hate him with every fiber in her being for the next fifty-seven years. Chuck was one of her best friends. If he had done anything to her like that, she could never forgive him. Never.

Dan watched Blair silently knowing it was finally sinking in. He probably shouldn't have jumped to conclusions, but the situation wasn't one for moving slowly. If Blair had been taken advantage of, they'd need to deal with all the issues it could cause quickly and effectively. The only question was whether or not Blair would do so willingly. He knew Blair's past with Chuck. Hell, everyone on the Eastern half of the United States knew that Blair had a past with Chuck. One could see it on their faces whenever they were together. The tiniest tug of the lips upwards when the other walked back from whoever they were talking to previously, the inaudible sigh of relief when they hit the dance floor together instead of apart; the signs were all there. How could Chuck do such a thing?

"Dan," Blair's voice was weak. She obviously was still unsure. "Take me home, please."

"Sure thing, Blair," Dan said. He threw an arm around her shoulders leading her away from room 1812.

It wasn't for another hour that the subject of the night before arose again. The two were just arriving back at Blair's little apartment and they came across Serena who had been waiting impatiently for Blair to return from wherever she had been. Finding the brunette with her husband wasn't exactly what the blonde expected upon hearing the elevator doors open considering what had happened between the two previously.

"Well, well, well, what do we have here?" Serena asked jokingly

"Serena, not now," Blair said shaking her head and pushing past her friend. Serena watched her confused.

"Dan, what's going on?" Serena asked more seriously this time, Dan looked at Blair who shook her head.

"Nothing. I was just escorting Blair home," Dan said

"Why though? Why on Earth would you be escorting Blair home? Especially after the little fit you threw last night," Serena asked

"Fit?" Blair looked up interested

"Oh, yeah, I came home and asked if he'd heard from you and he went on this mad rant about you. He said he'd definitely not know where you were because he couldn't even stand you and all this other crap. Then, I asked if he was okay and he stormed out of the house saying 'since when have you noticed'. It was a full-on eleven on the weirdness scale," Serena said.

Blair looked at Dan knowing it was from the aftermath of their incident. She should have known better than to let him stay there after that happened. Whenever something happened Dan didn't exactly understand, he had a little freak-out and ended up having to get help from either Blair or Serena to fix it. Evidently, he flipped on Serena the night before.

"Can we just ignore that please?" Dan asked avoiding Blair's gaze

"Dan, I don't think we can," Serena said, "Where are you these days? I've been trying to speak to you for a while and whenever I feel like we're connecting again something happens and you disappear. I want to know what's going on. Why were you in such a bad mood yesterday?"

"I wasn't in a bad mood. I was just… gosh, Serena, can we please have this talk elsewhere, with different company?" Dan asked motioning towards Blair lightly with his head

"Whatever you can say to me, you can say in front of Blair. She's my best friend," Serena said

"Yes, the best friend, hm, we can just see all the problems that has brought up over the years," Dan said stepping away from the girls

"Hey! That was uncalled for," Serena said

"And so is this talk, Serena. I'm fine, you're fine; we are all fine! Now, can we focus on more important matters?"

It was supposed to be a question. It didn't sound like one though.

Both women noticed there was a bit more than an edge to Dan's words. Only one knew exactly why. However, she wouldn't say anything. She could not let Serena know about anything that happened the day before. If she did, gosh, she'd never hear the end of it. And, Chuck would probably be dead. Great, she did it again! Why did she keep saying Chuck as if it came so naturally to think he was the attacker? Well, he did-no! She had to stop. He wouldn't do that to her. He couldn't… could he?

"B, you okay?" Serena asked noticing the conflicted expression on her friend's face. Blair's eyes darted between Serena and Dan worriedly,

"Um, yeah," Blair said unconvincingly

"Are you sure? You sound a little shaken," Serena noted

"I'm fine, S. I'm just tired. Didn't get much sleep last night," Blair lied

"Oh, well, come on, I'll help you get ready for a day of relaxation then," Serena said brightly

"Actually, um, do you think I could talk to Dan for a second? While you run me a bath?" Blair asked hopefully, Serena's smile dropped a bit, but she quickly replaced it.

"Sure, Blair, I'll see you upstairs in a few minutes, and I'll see you," Serena looked at Dan angrily, "later tonight where we will have that chat, understood?"

"Yes, dear," Dan said sarcastically rolling his eyes.

Serena left the room leaving Blair and Dan alone as usual. Dan glanced around waiting for Blair to speak, whilst Blair stayed rooted to her spot on the couch quietly. Talking to Dan was something she never usually had a problem with. At that point in time, though, she found many issues with just forming the words she needed to say. She had to tell him that although it made perfect sense, she wouldn't agree to it have being Chuck. She had to tell him that even though she hated the theory, she'd go on with whatever he wanted her to do. And, above all, she had to tell him to stop being such a sarcastic, inclusive ass towards Serena. Now, how did she say all that?

"Blair, you said you wanted to talk," Dan pointed out sounding much more patient than he did moments before, "Can you do so?"

"Dan, I-I get what you were saying, okay? I know it's a serious issue, but I'm not going to say that it was one of my best friends who did it. He may be a Bass, but that doesn't mean he's not good somewhere in that scarf-clad form. I'll do whatever you want me to do. However, Chuck will not be blamed, okay?" Blair asked, Dan wanted to speak against it but knew there'd be no point. He nodded.

"Yeah. Anything else?" he asked

"Yes. Can you maybe be a bit better towards Serena? She may be a bit, well, Serena-ish, but she deserves a bit of kindness," Blair said

"Alright, I won't blame Chuck and I'll be a better husband. If that is all, I'd like to retire to my lamp," Dan joked

"Oh, Genie, I believe I have one last wish," Blair said

"And that would be?"

"I wish… I wish that for one day every month, we put aside who we are, where we're from, who we're with, and just be me and you," Blair said honestly, Dan slowly smiled as he saw the sincerity in her comment.

"Your wish is my command," Dan said before turning and leaving the penthouse. Blair sighed before going upstairs to brave the evil of the inquisitive blonde that awaited her.

The second the bathroom door opened, Blair wanted nothing more than to turn around. She was hoping that maybe Serena would have went into her bedroom. Nope. Serena had drawn the bath, then sat herself on the edge of the tub waiting. When Serena saw Blair, she dropped the smile she was wearing downstairs.

"B, what is going on?" Serena asked seriously

"What do you mean? I need a bath. I did not have too good of a night last night," Blair answered truthfully

"I mean with Dan. He's been acting weird. And, only where you're concerned. Did you do something? Something to Dan to make him act so funny?"

"What could I have done? And why do you suspect it was me? Maybe he's just pissed at you for some reason," Blair suggested

"For what could he be mad at? I'm the perfect wife!" Serena stated

"Maybe that's it. He likes spontaneity. You've been lacking in that department lately, S. He could just be hitting that mid-life crisis," said Blair

"He's not even thirty,"

"And? Harold was forty when he hit his. It just happens when it happens, Serena,"

"I just want to know the truth, Blair. Did anything happen between you and Dan, ever?" Serena questioned. Blair hesitated to answer, trying to figure what to say in response to that.

"There was one thing, but it was forever ago," Blair said

"How long is forever, Blair?" Serena asked doubtfully

"June 2008," Blair responded instinctively

"You mean after our break?"

Serena was awestruck.

"During," Blair admitted.

"You guys didn't…"

Her sentence fell off.

"No, we didn't, S. And, we regretted it ever since," Blair assured.

"Not sleeping together? Or doing whatever you did together?"

Blair couldn't help but want to answer that question truthfully. How much trouble would she get in if she just told Serena that she was practically in love with her husband?

"The last one. I have no idea what we were thinking," Blair lied

"Why didn't you ever tell me?" Serena asked

"Would it really have mattered in any positive way back then? Come on, with all the drama surrounding friends and boyfriends, it was unnecessary," Blair explained, Serena nodded with a sigh

"He's just been acting so weird. He's inclusive and I just don't know what it'll take to get the guy I was in love with back again," Serena said

"Does that mean you're falling out of love with Dan?" Blair asked intrigued. Serena looked away.

"Whatever I say won't leave this room, right?" Serena checked, Blair nodded quickly, "Dan will always be my first love. These days, though, I'm not sure he's my true love. It's like he's changed. He used to be my little writer, my Superman. Now, he's just always wrapped up in whatever it is he does for hours at a time in his study. I had them put in that room as a joke, B. It's the only place he ever is anymore. I can't even remember the last time we spent a whole day together. He's always whisked away for something or another. I'm starting to think he might be having an affair."

Blair froze. Dan Humphrey and affairs just did not go together. And, she was pretty sure a few kisses here and there didn't count as affairs. But, what if it did? What if kissing Dan meant she had broken the best friend code of conduct? It couldn't be too serious, this void between Serena and Dan, that Blair had to change her friendship with him. Then again, if Serena was noticing, then something definitely was wrong.

Blair could feel Serena's gaze on her, and had to force herself to laugh.

"Dan in an affair? Yeah right!" she exclaimed, still laughing, "Like anyone else could be interested in Humphrey."

Serena didn't look reassured.

"B, if you knew what I knew about Dan, you wouldn't be so sure," Serena said. Blair rose an eyebrow.

"Well, what do you know that I don't know?" Blair asked

"First of all, Dan's always been a man of many talents. One of which even the great Chuck Bass could be envious of," Serena explained vaguely.

"What do you-oh..."

Blair looked down. She knew that one already.

Serena continued, "Another is that during our break you weren't the only girl he kissed. He hit on quite a few girls during that break. Jenny told me. And, I once caught him with someone, other than me. It wasn't bad. He was at this little place a little while out of town. The place was dark and he was with this woman, gorgeous, great curves. The way he looked at her…. B, I cried just looking at his face."

"Do you remember the name of the place?" Blair asked shakily. Serena nodded.

"Chemistry Cafe, a little known bar six miles west of town," recited the blonde. Blair looked down again. She was hoping Serena said some other place.

"Why did you cry?" Blair asked

"The look on his face just showed this unadulterated adoration and love. The saddest part was that I haven't seen that look angled towards me in such a long time," Serena shared. Blair sighed, scooting closer to her friend. She took Serena in her arms just as the blonde let out a gentle cry. Blair couldn't help but think of how she was a good friend on the outside, horrible one on the inside. A good friend never would have felt a little jolt when Serena mentioned how little attention she was given. A good friend never would have to control the urge to smile hearing about cheating husbands. But, a good friend would be dying to ask the husband all about the accusations. A good friend would be a great friend for finding out. And, Blair always did strive to go above and beyond.

"I'll talk to him later, S," Blair proposed, "I'll see what he says about this bar and mysterious women with great curves."

It wasn't a lie, she would see. Just not for the same purpose that Serena hoped.

"Okay, Blair. And, thanks, you're awesome," Serena said.

So awesome that I'm trying to steal your husband, Blair thought.

"I know," Blair mumbled.

She wondered for a moment about Serena's earlier reference and a comment that Dan made once. He had said: "Every man, super or not, has a weakness."

So, what's Dan's?

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