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Second Chances

Chapter 8: Second Chances

When Yuuri woke up, he was back in his room in Blood Pledge Castle. He sat up quickly. "Wolfram!" he gasped out, searching frantically for the blonde.

"Heika, calm down," Conrad's voice came from beside him, "Wolfram is with Gisela."

"How is he?" Yuuri demanded, turning to face his godfather.

Conrad shrugged slightly, "I'm no medic. Gisela is doing all she can."

"I want to see him."

Conrad met his eyes and nodded, "Very well then, follow me."

Conrad led Yuuri in silence to where Gisela was caring for Wolfram. Worry, fear, and anger flooded Yuuri. How could he have let himself lose consciousness in such a situation?! Furious with himself, he all but threw open the doors to the room.

"Heika!" Yuuri was greeted by a sobbing Gunter, "How could you leave me here like that?! If the worst had happened and I hadn't been there, I don't know what I would have done!"

Yuuri tried his best to ignore the lavender haired man, much to Gunter's added dismay.

"How is he?" Yuuri repeated his question to a slightly surprised Gisela.

The young girl sighed, "Well, he was very lucky. So far, I've found no evidence of damage to his lungs. At least four of his ribs are broken but it looks like they didn't affect his lungs the slightest. His shoulder is badly infected and so are a few of the deeper cuts on his arms. Also, both of his shoulders have been dislocated and the muscles in his legs have been torn pretty badly. Whatever torture method they used, it worked.

Other than that though, the worst he has is some very bad bruises. I want to say he will be fine, but what's bothering me is that he hasn't woken up yet. True, I don't know exactly how much blood he lost and this might be one cause of this plus the fact that, from the looks of it, he hasn't eaten anything. However, to add to that, we still have no idea what kind of things those humans did to him and how it affected him mentally."

"So you're saying…" Yuuri couldn't finish the sentence.

"Yes, it's possible that he does not want to wake up. And this could prove to be a very serious problem. Even if he is body able to make a full recovery, if he doesn't want to wake up, he can still die."

Yuuri bit his lip. Gisela let out a soft sigh and rose from her seat next to Wolfram's bed.

"I will leave you alone with him," she said, putting a comforting hand on Yuuri's shoulder, "Yuuri-heika," she continued, her voice dropping so only Yuuri could hear her, "Only you can save him now." Without another word, she left, dragging a distressed Gunter along with her. Conrad met Yuuri's eyes once again before bowing slightly and excusing himself.

With everyone gone, Yuuri turned back to the motionless Wolfram. The blonde's breathing was slightly ragged and his face was twisted with pain.

"Wolfram…" Yuuri muttered, taking one of his pale hands in his own, "Please…wake up, Wolf. You can't leave me like this! Please…please…just wake up."

Yuuri broke off, sobbing heavily and burying his face in Wolfram's chest.

"Please Wolf…please…" he choked out.

Wolfram felt like he was sinking slowly. It was the strangest sensation. But, he wasn't about to complain. After all, he couldn't feel any pain. However, he also found that he couldn't see anything. It took him awhile to figure out that his eyes were closed. Carefully, he forced them open.

Suddenly, he found himself standing in a beautiful field. Flowers of all kinds covered the area, some he couldn't place and others he recognized from the castle gardens.

"Where am I?" he asked himself aloud, as if expecting someone to answer.

"Are you comfortable here?" A voice sounded behind him.

Wolfram turned to see Shinou himself.

"What are you doing here?" Wolfram asked, taken aback. He started as a thought appeared in his mind, "Am I dead?"

Shinou smiled slightly, "You did not answer my question."

"And you didn't answer mine."

"Are you comfortable here?"

Wolfram thought about it for a moment, "I can feel no pain. Yes, I like it here."

"Are you sure?"

"Is this some kind of trick question?!" Wolfram was getting irritated now.

"Let me rephrase that," Shinou said, "Are you comfortable enough to remain here."

It took Wolfram a little longer to answer this question, for now he knew exactly was Shinou was asking him, "Well…yes. What would be the point of going back anyway? Nobody wants me back, and it would be like trading a world of joy for a world of pain."

"I wouldn't be too sure of that," Shinou said.

"Wolfram…Please…wake up, Wolf. You can't leave me like this! Please…please…just wake up."

Yuuri's voice echoed throughout the clearing, his heart retching sobs following.

"Please Wolf…please…"

"I would say somebody wants you back," Shinou said, smirking, "Very badly in fact."

"Why are you helping me?" Wolfram was feeling slightly confused now by Shinou's kind actions. His heart twisted even further as Yuuri's sobs continued, followed by small whimpered pleas. Was he really that important to the double black?

'Maybe I mean more to Yuuri than I thought.' For a second, hope fluttered in his heart. But, he quickly forced it back before it could spread and consume him. The last thing he needed to do was start hoping for Yuuri to return his feelings.

Shinou shrugged while answering his question, "It's not your time to die yet. Go back to him."

"Thank you," Wolfram said, slightly grudgingly.

"Go back to him…the one you love," Shinou continued, placing a hand of Wolfram's shoulder.

Yuuri couldn't remember being so scared in his life. Wolfram was still showing no signs of waking up and, to make things worse, his vital signs were beginning to slow. Yuuri pressed his thumb deeper into the blonde's wrist, making sure he didn't lose his pulse. To Yuuri, at the 

moment, his entire world revolved entirely around the beating of the prince's heart. If his was to stop, Yuuri couldn't say for sure that his own would continue.

"That's right," Yuuri whispered, squeezing Wolfram's hand, "If you die, I die. I can't live without you, Wolf." The tears were starting to fall again, "I can't believe the last conversation we had was that terrible, stupid argument. I just want you to know that everything I said was a lie. I love you Wolf, and I'd marry you ten times over if you would just wake up and tell me you at least forgive me for what I said."

Yuuri bowed his head, silent tears running freely down his cheeks. It took him a moment to realize that the hand he was squeezing, was twitching slightly.

His dark eyes flew open and he raised his head quickly.

A pair of emerald green eyes met his.

"Wolfram…" Yuuri whispered, his heart jumping to his throat.

The blonde was staring at him with a slightly dazed look.

"Wimp…" he said, his voice hoarse, "Why are you crying?"

Yuuri wiped the tears out of his eyes only for them to be replaced by new ones, "Because…I thought I lost you…"

Wolfram snorted, "You're more of a wimp than I thought!"

Yuuri was taken aback by the sudden flare of Wolfram's normal attitude. Half of him had expected the blonde to be…more or less, traumatized after the entire ordeal. Of course, he was practically giddy with relief that Wolfram at least seemed to be himself. It just came as a shock how quickly Wolfram could recover from it mentally.

"Don't call me a wimp," Yuuri tried to argue back. However, tears began to fall thicker down his cheeks. He had almost lost Wolfram forever and here they were, arguing over the stupidest thing as if nothing had happened. Before the double black knew it, he was sobbing again, possibly harder than before, his tears a mixture of relieved joy and grief.

Wolfram narrowed his eyes suspiciously as Yuuri lost composure completely. Since when did the wimp care so damn much? Unless, it was just an act to show Shin Makoku that he was truly a kind king. Something to assure Wolfram's family that Yuuri was upset as they were so they couldn't blame him for what happened. Yes, that was it. It was all just an act. That cheating wimp!

Anger boiled in Wolfram's stomach but he held it down. He was weaker and in more pain than he would care to admit. The last thing he had energy for was a temperamental outburst.

But as Yuuri continued to cry, doubt pricked at the blonde's heart. Maybe Yuuri really wasn't faking it. Furiously, Wolfram once again pushed away his hope. He had given Yuuri his heart, only to have it broken into pieces. He wasn't sure if he was ready to put it out there again, for fear it would be broken again, this time far beyond repair. Deep down, he still loved Yuuri with every fiber of his being. But he had to let him go, for his own health.

"You cheater!" He growled, glaring daggers at the double black.

"Wha…what?" Yuuri asked, his voice thick with tears.

"Damn it you wimp! Stop pretending already! How many times do you have to crush me to finally be satisfied?!"

Yuuri looked genuinely shocked. Wolfram had to hand it to him, he was a good actor.

"Wolf…wha…what are you talking about?" Yuuri stammered.

"You know very well what I'm talking about, wimp!"

Yuuri just stared.

Growing more and more irritated by the second, Wolfram blurted out, "I know you don't care about me! So stop pretending all ready! You're only making it worse by acting upset! My family is not going to blame you for what happened and Shin Makoku will never turn against its king, there's no reason to continue lying! If you rescued me from that hell to bring me back to this, you should have just left me there!"

A shard of ice pierced Yuuri's heart. Wolfram didn't believe him! And, even worse, according to the blonde himself, Wolfram would have rather remained in the hands of the humans that had captured him! There had to be a way to show the blonde that the emotions that the double black was displaying were, in fact, real. Yuuri just didn't know how. He knew that talking would do nothing by the intensity in Wolfram's glare. Wolfram wouldn't be moved my mere words.

Yuuri flinched as it hit him. There was a way to show Wolfram the truth behind his feelings. He couldn't tell him. Words were not nearly powerful enough. No, Yuuri would just have to show him.

'Dear Shinou, help me!' Yuuri prayed anxiously, as he leaned in and locked his lips with the blonde's.

He pulled away after what felt like too short of a time. Wolfram's hostile glare had turned into a dazed look.

"Wolf," Yuuri pressed, before the blonde could snap out of it and (possibly) kill him, "Look, I just wanted to say, that everything I said before, about never loving you, was a complete lie. Honestly, I think I've loved you since the minute I first laid eyes on you. I was just too blinded by my own prejudices to accept it. When I saw you again, for the first time since you had been kidnapped, I very nearly died on the spot. I guess what they say is true, you never know what you have until you lose it. And I almost lost you, Wolfram. I never want to go through something like that again. Ever. And, knowing that it was possible for you to die while thinking I didn't love you, drove me crazy. I don't know what I would have done if you had died. I never want to see you in pain like that again. I'm so sorry, Wolf. I know I'm probably too late to save our engagement, but I can't let you go on thinking that I didn't see you as anything more than a friend. So, if you could find it in your heart to forgive me, and to give me a second chance, that's all I can ask for."

Yuuri watched the emotions on Wolfram's face anxiously as the blonde digested this. Hope fluttered in Yuuri's chest as he recognized the joy, warmth, and love on Wolfram's face. Deciding not to speak, Wolfram kissed Yuuri again. Yuuri eagerly kissed him back, feeling the unbelievable joy explode throughout his body, seeming to start from his rapidly beating heart.

When they broke away, Wolfram rested his forehead against Yuuri's.

"I think I believe in second chances."

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