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Chapter 1

Inoue sighed as she sat down at her desk, this was starting to get on her nerves, Chad, Ichigo, and Rukia were not at school again. She had no idea where they were probably out having fun with out her and Ishida. She looked over at his desk and he was sitting there reading like normal. She looked over to the door and watched Tatsuki walk in and not even glance at her. Tatsuki had completely abandoned her and she had no idea why; and she didn't have the courage to ask. Going off and doing stuff with Ichigo had pulled her and Tatsuki apart and now there wasn't even a school mate relationship between them.

All of this felt like a dream, being with Ichigo and everyone she felt so happy, but now even they were drifting apart. She hadn't seen any of them in about 2 months, only Ishida who really didn't seem bothered by it. She felt someone standing next to her and she looked to see Chizuru and she smiled but Chizuru wasn't paying any attention to her. Inoue let her head fall on the desk, even Chizuru ignored her, CHIZURU!

Once everyone was seated the teacher walked into the room and stared out at everybody. "Alright class, its time to switch up seats, everyone grab your stuff and get against the wall," she announced and everyone groaned but followed directions. The teacher walked around the room and pointed at each desk and announced which kid would sit at each. She got to the last corner and the last 2 seats in the room, "Ishida at this one and Inoue at the last."

Inoue took her seat and looked to her right to see the classroom door and she looked to her left and saw an empty seat with another empty seat in front of it. Those were meant to be for Chad and Rukia while there was an empty seat in front of Ishida saved for Ichigo. She inwardly smiled, if they ever came back to school at least they would all be together. She looked forwards and realized she could barely see the front of the room. Not only was Ishida tall in front of her but it was too far back in the class room for her to see the small writing on the white board.

Ishida turned around to look at her, "What is the matter? You seem very quiet."

"Oh, it's nothing really, just worried about all of them," she said pointing to the empty desks around them.

"Don't worry about them, they are all hopeless. Just consider them gone forever, get on with your life," he said to her with a extremely stern face. He then gave her a little smirk and turned back to the teachers lecture.

Was he being serious? Was she never going to see any of them again, had they left her forever? She just felt like crying, she felt like giving up, she felt like running out of the room and trying to find them herself. Then she decided maybe it was for the better, she should get on with her life, she was tired of fighting. She just wanted to graduate high school and get into a good university and get married and have kids. Today she would go and talk to Tatsuki, she wanted to be friends with her again. That was what she needed to do to start her new life in her old life.

It was finally lunch time and Inoue was very nervous, she had made up her mind to talk to Tatsuki and had no idea what to expect. She left her lunch in her locker and walked out into the school yard and headed to the grouping of trees the girls in her class usually sat under. Of course they were all there and she awkwardly walked up to them and crossed her arms and waited for them to notice her. When they all kept talking about cute boys she tried to get Tatsuki attention, "Tatsuki," she said quietly. Tatsuki looked up from her conversation from her classmate and gave Inoue a horrible look.

"What do you want? You can not eat lunch with us," Tatsuki told her standing up so they were face to face.

"I was just wondering if we could talk," Inoue said looking down at her shoes, why was she being so mean to her?

"No, Orihime we will never be able to talk ever again, NEVER," Tatsuki yelled at her and then she turned around and walked off.

Inoue didn't know what she should do, run, yes run, she turned and ran back into the school. Where was there a spot no one would find her? She flew into an empty class room and let her self fall on the floor, just letting it all spill out. She felt like throwing something, she felt like screaming and cursing the heavens, her and Tatsuki would never be friends again. It was all her fault, she had to go off and miss a bunch of school and all the while she completely ignored Tatsuki, even when she had gone to school. She failed to tell Tatsuki what was going on in her life, and deep down she knew that Tatsuki would never forgive her.

"Inoue?" A voice called from above her. She had thought this room was empty, she could feel her cheeks getting red and she refused to look up at the person. She felt a hand on her back but still refused to look at them. "Will you please sit up?" Finally she knew that this person was someone who actually cared for her, she sat up and looked at Ishida. He was kneeling on the floor next to her, and he looked very concerned.

Inoue wiped the tears from her face before she would look at Ishida, this was embarrassing, but there was no stopping it. "I'm sorry," she said and he smiled at her.

"I know it's going to be hard, but i have faith that you can go on. Make new friends, go to a new school, anything, i have confidence in you," he said knowing exactly why she was so upset. "I don't like being left behind either, but what can you do about it?"

"Do you know where they went?"

He shook his head and she stood up and headed for the door. At the last moment she turned around to look at him, "A new school?"

"Yes, I'm going to go to a new school soon, I think you should do the same," he said walking over to her and looking her in the face. The face he loved and would miss grately, but if it was meant to be then they would meet again.

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