"It's beautiful!" Orihime screamed as she ran out into her new front yard and looked up at her new home. The home that her and Ishida had bought together with their own hard earned money.

"Well isn't that why we picked it?" Ishida laughed as he walked out and stood next to her. Yes, this house was one of his newest pride and joy's. They had both saved up enough money to buy it and furnish it with matching furniture. He looked up at the sun high in the sky, he was glad they had finished unpacking so early. Now they could all spend the rest of the day together.

"What you doin'?" the little red head screamed as she ran out of the house and looked at the two adults. She looked at them holding hands and thought about how gross it was when they did this. "Stop," she said karate chopping their hands but it didn't work.

"Why don't you just calm down?" Ishida said looking down at the little 3 year old; she was cute but very annoying. He had somehow passed down his stubbornness to her, and it was strange how even at such a young age she could be such a brat.

"Mama do my hair?" The girl said smiling up at Inoue and she smiled even bigger as Inoue bent down and quickly put her long hair up in a pony tail. She reached up and felt the pony tail that rested on what seemed to be the very top of her head. "Does it look cute?"

"Yes, very cute," Inoue said kissing the little girl on the cheek before standing back and watching the little girl look over at Ishida.

"Daddy, you like?" The little girl said as she flaunted her new ponytail and tried to model like the pictures she had seen of her mother.

"Yes, it suits you nicely," he said smiling and the little girl quickly ran back in the house. He raised his eyebrows and looked at Inoue who was laughing at him. "What?"

"Nothing," she said giggling as she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him. "Lets have another one!"

"No," he said sternly and she frowned at him, "We already have three!"

"So?" Inoue said as she traced his lips with her finger. "They are just so cute though!"

"I already want to give 2 of them to Rukia and Ichigo, and maybe the other to Daisy," he said teasing her and she flew off him and gave him an angry look. He looked over to the front door and saw their 2 year old son waddle out. He looked back at Inoue and pointed to him so Inoue could see why they didn't need a forth.

The 2 year old waddled over to the potted plant on the front porch and looked down at the black dirt. "YUM!" he screamed and dipped his hands into the dark soil and shoved it in his mouth.

"So he has my taste in food!" Inoue protested as she ran over to stop her son from already destroying their new home.

"Yeah, true," Uryu laughed as he watched Inoue unsuccessfully pull the dark haired boy from the pot. He walked over and gently picked the boy up and looked at him readjusting his son's glasses. "Strange how Sayori looks like you but acts like me and Tokutaro looks like me but acts like you?"

"Let's hope Jiro is a nice mix," Inoue said as they walked in the house and she closed the door.

"Yes, but I doubt he will be normal," Ishida said as he saw Sayori showing off her new pony tail to the bald Jiro in his play pen. "Sayori, he is only 5 months old, he doesn't understand what you are showing him," he said sighing and rubbing his temples as he set little Tokutaro down and he ran off somewhere.

"Yes he does, you don't know you can't speak baby like I can!" Sayori said before sticking her tongue out at her father and then turning back to Jiro pretending to talk baby talk.

"Alright," Ishida said as he spotted Tokutaro licking the wooden floor in the hallway.

"I'm going to go and start dinner," Inoue said as she walked into the kitchen and Ishida just watched her in disbelief.

"Seriously? She wouldn't even come over and help us move and your actually going to cook her dinner and let her come after the job is all done?" Ishida mumbled as he walked over and lifted Tokutaro off the floor and placed him in the play pen and lifted Jiro out.

"I'm HOME!" The loud voice of Daisy screamed from the front door an hour later. Of all of Inoue's friends Daisy was the one who remained the closest. Why Inoue felt so connected with this loud obnoxious American was beyond what Ishida could understand. At least it wasn't Keiko he always thought every time he attempted being nice to Daisy.

"Aunt Daisy look!" Sayori shouted as she ran to the door and showed Daisy her cute pony tail.

"Awe you look so kawii!" Daisy screamed picking the little girl up and hugging her. She kept Sayori in her arms as she walked into the kitchen to see all the food set on the table. "Your daughter is the cutest!"

"I am," Sayori screamed as Daisy set her down, "I'm going to be a model like mommy and aunt Daisy!"

"Yes, I think you will be a real catch," Daisy said as she held Sayori's hand and helped her do a little spin under her arm.

"No," Ishida said as he walked into the kitchen with Jiro in his arm and he let Tokutaro run in the room.

"Up, Up," Tokutaro said as he looked up at his highchair. He smacked it, "Up I say!"

"I see he is still as dumb as Orihime," Daisy said watching the little boy grow angry as the high chair wouldn't pick him up.

"Do what I say!!" Tokutaro screamed at the chair and started to kick it, "Daddy!"

"Yes," Ishida said as he walked over to his son and looked down at him.

"Tell chair to listen to me!"

"It can't hear you because it isn't alive," Ishida tried to explain as he handed Jiro off to Daisy and reached down picking him up and set him in the high chair and scooted him in.

"That's better!" Tokutaro said as he stretched his hands behind his head and leaned back in his high chair.

"Goll, I can't wait until this little guy grows up," Daisy said as she rubbed her nose against Jiro's. "I hope this one will be a good mix."

"Oh me too, and if not I guess we will just have to try again," Inoue said happily as she helped Sayori into her little toddler booster seat and buckled her in.

"No," Ishida said wondering why she wanted to bring another monster in the world so badly.

"You say that now, but when you get her naked," Daisy said as she kissed the little boy on the forehead.

"Don't say that right here," Ishida grumbled watching as Daisy pretended to throw Jiro up in the air and catch him again. "Stop it you will drop him and then he won't be normal."

"I'm not even letting him go!" Daisy protested looking to Inoue for some help.

"True," was all Inoue said and Daisy smiled and continued to play with the little child.

"Food HERE!" Tokutaro screamed at the Sekihan on the table in front of him. He loved that his favorite food was mixed with rice.

"What do you call it?" Inoue said holding a serving spoon in her hand but she wouldn't serve him until he answered correctly.

"RE BAN PASTA!" Tokutaro screamed as he held his arms out and tried to grab it.

"Close enough," Inoue said as she scooped the red bean paste and rice mixture onto the boys plate. She loved to spoil her children, they were all so cute!

"Ugh," Ishida said watching the mother of his children spoil them so they became even bigger brats. "This is why we aren't having another one," he said to himself.

After they had put all the kids to bed and Daisy had taken up sleep in the guest room, Uryu and Orihime sat on the bench of their back porch. Uryu finally was feeling relief from his headache as he looked up at the stars.

"Do you not like our kids?" Orhime asked looking from the stars to Uryu, or maybe it was just the stress from moving.

"No, it's just," Uryu started but he didn't want to finish out loud, 'I know why my father hated me,' he finished in his thoughts.

"You think they are stupid?"

"No, they are kids," Uryu said looking at her in disbelief, was she really picking a fight right now?

"Cuz you know not every kid is born with the smarts you have," she said bitterly looking out at the new bare back yard.

"I know that," he said wondering why she was so mad all of a sudden, stress from moving?

"I can't believe we have been together for like 6 years," she said as she leaned back in the bench and rest against his shoulder.

"It's only been 4 and a half," he said laughing on the inside, and she was supposed to be good with math.

"Well I was adding the years in high school," she said looking up at him but not moving her head from his shoulder.

"Oh, then, now I feel stupid," he said no longer laughing on the inside, but in fact feeling stupid.

"You aren't stupid Ishida Uryu, just forgetful," She said as she puckered her lips and he bent down and kissed her.

"I think we should get married," He said out of the blue and she sat up and looked at him. It was the only big step left for them now. They had a family, house, and steady income, of course it was all backwards, but they still needed to get married. She didn't think that he never wanted to get married did she?

"Is this how you are proposing?" She couldn't believe what she was hearing, this better not be his proposal. It wasn't really that romantic, they were just sitting in their backyard in the moonlight.

"Um," he did a double take of her face, "Yes?" He was pretty sure it was the wrong answer but it technically was a proposal.

"But I'm all sweaty and gross looking," she said looking down at her dusty clothes, she had been working, cleaning and cooking all day long. She knew that she looked absolutely horrid.

"Orihime, you should know that I think you look beautiful no matter what," he said grabbing her chin and pulling her lips to his. She was such a worrier sometimes, looks weren't the only reason why he loved her. "I love you no matter what, and I love our beautiful children and our beautiful house and now all I want is to have is a beautiful wife all to myself," he said as he looked into her watery gray eyes. "Inoue will you please make me the happiest man in the world?"

"Yes," she cried as she kissed him again and savored every moment of it. She guessed this was romantic; he had a way of making things romantic when they weren't. She leaned in closer trying her hardest not to smile as they kissed. "Uryu I love you."

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