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"Yukina!!" The koorime stopped and turned. It was Kuwabara. She smiled. "Hi Kazuma." He was about to ask her for a date, but he was interrupted by the pissy fire demon Hiei. "Kuwabara!"

He growled. He sighed. "Yes Hiei?" He wanted to be with Yukina alone. He snickered. "Nothing." Kuwabara growled and ran after him. "I'm gonna get you, Shrimpo!" Yukina sweat dropped as Hiei left running with Kuwabara chasing him.

She sighed. "I wonder how Hiei can sleep on these cold nights outside," she pondered. She stood up and started walking. She was going to ask Genkai, the old master, if Hiei could stay with them.

As Big Guy and Shorty run...

Yusuke was walking with Keiko, laughing. Then they heard something. "RUN AWAY!!" They saw Hiei running as if his life was at stake. "Uh Hiei?" He didn't hear him though. He kept running. He turned on a corner.

They sweat dropped. "When you have demons for friends, never expect a boring day," Yusuke told Keiko. She agreed. Then they heard thumping. They turned and got out of the way as they saw Kuwabara running.

"OK, Hiei did something bad," Keiko announced as Kuwabara ran passed them. Yusuke snickered. "What?" He laughed and started running. "Feel the breeze?" She blushed and started running after him. "You pervert!"

At Genkai's temple...

Yukina had gotten a yes from Genkai, as long as Hiei would like to stay with them, he was able to stay in the temple. "No more sleeping out in the trees on cold, cold nights," Yukina said happily.

She looked around and saw Kurama. "Kurama!" He turned and smiled when he saw her. "Hi Yukina." She walked over to him. "Where's Hiei?" He shrugged. "Probably in the trees. Why?" She sighed.

"I get worried when he sleeps in the trees, especially since these nights have been cold. I don't want him to freeze, so I want to ask him if he would like to stay in the temple with Genkai and me."

He looked at her. "Well, I'll help you find him. Let's check the trees near the park. He loves those trees." They walked into town. Yukina was fascinated by the shops and neon lights she saw while walking.

"Kurama, what's that," she asked, pointing to an ice cream shop. He laughed. It reminded him of Hiei eating "sweet snow." She looked at him. "It's a sweet snow shop." She gave him a clueless look.

"Sweet snow?" He nodded. "Sorry, I was laughing because when the gang and I treated Hiei here, he got messy from the sweetness." She nodded and giggled. He pointed to a tree. "Found him."

She looked and saw Hiei sleeping on a tree branch, in a dark part of the park. She ran over to him. "Hiei!" He opened his eyes and looked down at his little sister. "Yeah?" He jumped down from the tree.

"Hiei, would you like to stay at the temple with Genkai and me? She said it was OK," Yukina said. Hiei raised an eyebrow. "Why?" Kurama walked over to them. "Because these nights have been freezing and you always sleep outside," she explained.

Kurama watched then and got an idea. He walked over to Hiei and whispered, "And you get to keep a closer eye on her, especially when Kuwabara comes around." Hiei agreed. Kurama laughed.

Hiei glared at him. "What is it fox?" He said, "Want some sweet snow-" Hiei walked away. "You're paying for it." He snickered. Yukina giggled. They walked over to the ice cream shop and bought some "sweet snow."

"Uh, I gotta go wash my hands," Hiei said, looking at his hands, which were covered with ice cream. Kurama directed him to the washroom. Hiei walked over to the washroom. He washed his hands.

He looked around saw no one in the room. He reached into his cloak and brought out a black journal and a pen. He sat on the ground and started writing in it. He wrote quickly, but neatly into the little black book.

He was finished in record time. He stood up and put the book and pen back into his cloak and walked out of the washroom. He walked back to the counter. His hands were clean and Kurama and Yukina didn't suspect a thing.

They were talking. Yukina was a little scared to try the ice cream. Hiei sat down. "It's all right, Yukina. It's just sweet," Kurama explained. Hiei glared at him. He wanted the ice cream, without stealing it from Yukina.

He was letting greed take over. Kurama glanced at Hiei. He looked at the ice cream innocently. He sighed. "One more please." Hiei looked up at him. "It's for you," Kurama said. Hiei snickered.

Yukina licked a bit from the ice cream and was instantly in love with it. "Just remember not to eat it fast. Just ask Hiei," Kurama said, pointing to Hiei. Hiei growled. "No one told me that I could get a brain freeze!"

Kurama smacked his head. "Not so loud." The ice cream for Hiei came out of the kitchen. The waiter put it in front of Hiei. As soon as the waiter left, Hiei pounced on it. Kurama had to laugh at this.

Hiei didn't really care though. He just wanted the ice cream. Yukina was still licking her ice cream when Hiei was done with his second. Yukina looked at him with wide eyes. Kurama looked out the store window.

"Uh oh. It's going to rain soon." They looked outside and saw dark clouds forming. "Well, April showers, bring May flowers," Kurama said. "C'mon, I should get you two back to the temple before it really starts to pour."

They stood up. "You can bring the sweet snow with you, Yukina, if you're not finished," Kurama said as he put a 5 dollar bill on the counter. They went outside. It was cold. Hiei was glad he agreed to stay with Yukina and Genkai.

Hiei looked back and saw his pen on the floor. He ran to get it. They didn't see him though. Hiei ran beside them and they started to the temple. It was going to be a long and cold night tonight.

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