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Yukina was in her room. "I have to read that book. But I would be depriving Hiei of his privacy. And that's bad. But I'm curious at what he thinks," Yukina said. She slips her blue kimono on and walks out of her room.

In Hiei's room...

Hiei looked at his cloak. "Wait, I thought I put it somewhere else," he said. "Weird." He shook his head and took his cloak. His book and pen came flying out. "Oops." He walked over and picked them up.

He put his cloak on and slipped his book and pen back into his cloak. He walked out, bumping into Yukia as he did so. "Sorry," he said. She looked at him and smiled. "It's OK, Hiei." "Why is she nice to me?" Hiei thought.

She walked away quietly. She walked out of the temple and started walking around the gardens. "The roses and violets look beautiful," she said. Hiei hadn't heard this, but he had a strong feeling she was all right.

He decided to stay in the temple. He walked back into his room and started writing in his book again. He signed his name at the bottom, just like he always did. "Hn. I still don't believe Kurama talked me into writing in this book," he said.

He sighed. "Guess it's just a habit." He put his book back into his cloak and walked out of his room again. He opened the door slowly, just in case Yukina was walking again. No one was there, so he walked out.

He walked out of the temple and saw his little sister playing with a bird. She looked so happy. She hadn't noticed him. He walked over to her. "I need to see Kurama," he told her. She nodded and smiled.

He just wanted to know why she was so nice to him. He walked back into the temple. He looked around and put his book under a blanket. "Now if it moves, I'll know," he said aloud. He walked out of the temple.

He jumped in the trees and was gone. Yukina wasn't paying him much mind to him. She kept playing with the bird. It chirped happily. She giggled shyly. The bird flew away. She watched it fly away, its wings spread out.

She stared at it for a moment and stood up. She started back into the temple. "Where's Genkai? She's always here by now," she muttered to herself. No sign of Hiei. She peered inside of his room.

No sign of Hiei. She walked in. "Did he take the book?" she asked herself. She looked over at his bed. She walked and tripped over her feet. She fell on his bed and felt a hardness of a cover under his blanket.

She put her hand under the covers and felt around. She felt a book and pulled on it. She looked at it. It was the little black book. She went to the next page. It was filled with neat writing. The next page said;


What is it about my luck today? Yusuke, Kurama, and I had to fight off demons to rescue the dumbass Kuwabara. Then I met some girl who liked me. Ughh. And then Kuwabara had to go and ask Yukina on a date. That's probably why I hate him most. He likes her. Hn. Kurama and Yusuke say I'm just protective over Yukina... OK, I love her, but still, they don't have to say anything. Ughh. And now my ink is running low on this damn pen. What else could go wrong?


Yukina clamped her hand over her mouth. "He loves me? Is that why he hates Kazuma so much?" she asked herself. She put the book and pen back under the blanket. "Just the way they were before," Yukina said.

She walked out of the room. "I just can't believe Hiei loves me though. It's unbelieveable," she kept saying. She went inside her room and remained there. She was going to try to sleep, forgetting what she just read. Too bad it's not what she thought Hiei meant.

At Kurama's house...

"Hiei, you're being weird. And everyone knows that's not like you." Hiei was trying to tell his kitsune friend about his journal being moved from one place to another. "I think Botan is up to something," Hiei badgered on, ignoring Kurama.

He sighed. "Why do you think Botan is up to something?" Hiei kept pacing around the room, still ingoring Kurama. "Or maybe you're doing something, Fox!" Kurama sighed. "What makes you think I'm doing something?"

Hiei pointed at him. "Now you look at me!" Kurama says. Hiei sweat dropped. "Uh, were you saying something?" Kurama shook his head. "No." Hiei shrugged. Kurama slowly smiled at the fire demon, who was not amused.

"What?!" Hiei was losing his patience. Kurama laughed. "You actually kept the journal? Even though Botan and I hypnotized you into buying it?" Hiei growled. "What did you just say, Fox?!" Hiei yelled, his red eyes glowing.

Kurama waved his hands in front of his face. "No! I said nothing!" Hiei growled. "I hope not, because you will die slowly and painfully. Got it?!" Kurama nodded, still snickering. Hiei walked over to his friend and smacked his head.

"Ow! What the hell was that for?!" Kurama said, holding his head. "For being a dumbass, Fox!" Hiei lost his patience long ago. Kurama sweat dropped. "OK, sure." He held his bruised head as Hiei began pacing again.

"Are you sure you thought you put it somewhere, and then you forgot all about?" Kurama asked. Hiei looked over at the kitsune. "I thought that too, but this time I put it in a place no one will ever think of getting it!"

Kurama raised an eyebrow. "You put it under a blanket, didn't you?" Hiei stopped pacing and growled. "YOU FUCKING STALKER!!" Kurama sweat dropped. "Hiei, that's not the best place to put it."

Hiei sighed. "So? Besides, I- Put it in a position no one could copy?" Kurama finished for him. Hiei growled. "Sometimes I wish you were dead," Hiei said, shaking his head. Kurama shrugged and smiled.

Hiei shuddered. "Don't say it. So far, Dumbass and Spirit Boy haven't been to Genkai's. Happy?" Kurama smiled. Hiei sighed. "I will not tell Yukina I am her brother under any circumstances," Hiei told Kurama.

He sighed. "Why not? She deserves to know, Hiei." Hiei shrugged. "I don't want to tell her because I kill people, Kurama. I wouldn't be a very good influence." He snapped his fingers. "I know! You tell her that her brother's dead and I'll watch!"

Kurama glared at him. "No." Hiei sighed. "I knew you were going to say that." He looked out the window. "Well, I should probably leave and see if Genkai is back from the Rekai. Bye." And he was gone. Little did Hiei know, Genkai wasn't coming back.

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