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J.L.: So, I belong to the ElJay community JillandChris. It's not very active, but there are some rare finds there. A new member posted a pic of J/C (In what I imagine to be early morning, J's wearing a camisole and Chris is topless) just kinda hugging and relaxing in the sunlight. Anyways, I think this fanfic may be my next big project after I finish RE:High:ER, which is drawing near it's end of sorts. I'd been playing with this idea for a little bit at work and I checked around to see if it had been done. I couldn't find one that specifically covered the main subject like this so I'm giving my hand a try at it. After this little preview, I'll head on over to my RE:high:ER update and finish that one for my loyal...fans? No, that doesn't sound right. Readers? Hm...

March of 2004: Barry

I stood at the door, keeping my eyes out for anyone while maintaining a watchful eye on Jill. She was currently on a long distance phone call to my house, which I was suppose to be making, but her need to call my home was a bit more important than mine. The smile and single tear on her face that was slowly running down her cheek was reward enough for giving up five minutes for her to speak with the younger Valentine.

"Alright Honey, I need to get back to work, Uncle Barry's held off long enough...I know...I'll come see you in a month...I know, I know...I love you too. Give the phone to Kathy now Trent." Jill spoke, then stood up, handing me the phone and wiping away her tear as she smiled brightly at me.

"Chatty little guy isn't he?" I asked.

"Yeah, thanks Barry. I've got to come up with a quick excuse now, Chris was expecting me to meet up with him to discuss the final court case against Umbrella ten minutes ago." Jill replied, wiping her eyes and whisking down the hall as I put the phone to my ear and turned my back to the door.

"She misses the kid Kathy, she was crying while she was on the phone with him." I spoke.

"What kid?" I heard the voice of Chris speak and I stiffened. I looked over at him, and smiled kindly, having been one of the three that knew Jill's little secret.

"I think...that's for you to ask her." I hinted, hoping that this little slip up would force Jill to come clean.

Redfield's office: Jill

He wasn't there when I arrived, so I took to sitting in his chair and propping my legs up on his desk. Either he's running late or is looking for me...Relaxing back into his chair, I saw that the old S.T.A.R.S. picture was his desktop backround. Smiling at the thought I closed my eyes. It's strange how things turn out. Had the T-Virus never existed, all of them would still be alive today...but in the same, Trent wouldn't have been conceived. Chris's office door swung open, with Chris stepping in and shutting it.

"There you are." He spoke in his usual business tone. I smiled at him a bit, almost saddened by the way Chris had changed. Back in S.T.A.R.S. he was a good guy with a great sense of humor...playful too but now it's strictly business. I know the man's 31 but he could at least have tried to keep his attitude...

"You got the email the lawyer sent I take it?" I asked, watching him carefully lean against his desk.

"Yeah..." He answered, his eyes never leaving mine. I feel like I'm undergoing an interrogation.

"So how are we going to bring evidence that Rebecca got through the training facility by herself if she had you guiding her through the mansion?" I asked.

"I don't know...we could use Enrico as her guide there, from what she said she did see him there. I just wish she would tell us who the kid was that was with her." Chris spoke, his gaze cutting through me. My eyes threaten to widen but I kept my cool.

"I'm sure she has her reasons Chris." I spoke. He slammed his hand down on the desk and jumped a little bit, surprised by it. Anger was set in his eyes.

"Who is the kid Jill?" He demanded.

"I don't know who the kid is, she hasn't told me." I defended. His hand balled up into a fist, but remained squarely on the desk.

"I'm not talking about Rebecca." He spoke. Oh no...how did he? Was he listening in?! Did they slip?

"Then what are you talking about?" I asked, trying my best to keep my cover.

"I heard Barry say something about a kid, about how you were crying while on the phone with the kid...as far as you've told me, there are no siblings you have. Who is the kid?" He demanded, slowly inching his face in front of mine. I stiffened in the chair. If he knew...I'd be sent to take care of Trent...I'd be forced out of here...

"Um...should I come back later?" I heard Rebecca speak timidly. Chris whipped around to look at her, but she was looking at me. Come on Rebecca, come up with something to distract him! Chris straightened up, and grabbed the phone for the Intercom.

"Burton, Redfield, I need to see you in my office." Chris ordered. Rebecca turned around to leave but Chris stopped her. "I think you should be here as well Chambers." He spoke.

"Ah, of course." She spoke and shot the What-the-hell-did-you-do look to me. I merely sighed and put my hand up to my face, slightly covering it from Chris's returned penetrating gaze. Five...almost six years I've been covering this up...I've sacrificed precious time with my son to stop Umbrella. I heard Barry and Claire enter the office, but didn't look up.

"Alright. Now I know that Barry knows. Anyone else want to fess up?" Chris spoke curtly.

"Chris, don't be an ass..." I muttered, but he took no notice.

"Knows what Chris?" I heard Claire, perhaps my best cover. She is Trent's god-mother for a reason...

"No more playing dumb. Rebecca, don't even act as if I haven't noticed the little looks you sent Jill. I want to know, who is the kid?" Chris asked in a more demanding tone before, on the verge of an angry outburst.

"My son." I confessed.

"What?" Chris yelled.

"The kid. The kid is my son." I spoke, not removing my hand from my face. There, I've done it.

"Jesus Christ Jill! When in the hell were you-why did you keep this from me?" Chris demanded, pulling my hand away. I sighed out and looked into his eyes, noticing fear. He's scared? Of what...wait...oh.

"I'm being sent back to the states to take care of him now, right? That's what you're going to order, right?" I asked in return.

"Damn right!" Chris barked.

"That's why Chris. There's more important things to the world. He knows what I'm doing, I've not neglected him. No one has a problem with the way things are arranged." I answered. Past Chris, Claire was running her hand through her hair, almost caught between my delimma of right and wrong.

"Why is he at the Burton's then?" Chris demanded. Fear hit me in waves at where he was going with this question. Oh no, that's one thing he will not find out...

"Chris..." Claire pleaded.

"Shouldn't he be with his father?" Chris asked. And there's the dreaded question...

"No." I answered truthfully.

"What?!" Chris barked, backing away with his arms crossed. I glanced at Barry and saw him shake his head. I can't tell him Barry...I just can't...

"His father is deceased." I stated. Chris's features softened a bit.

"How, if you don't mind me asking?" He asked gently. There's that side of Chris I love.

"Raccoon." I spoke and didn't say much more. It's terrible to lie and fall back on my dead boyfriend but it's much better than stripping the real father down to fatherhood. Chris stood up straight and ran a hand through his hair. He then turned around to the other.

"You all knew?" He asked. Everyone nodded.

"Before you even ask why you didn't Chris, only us three knew." Barry spoke and stepped out of the office. Rebecca followed after him.

"Claire..." Chris spoke.

"Oh no. This is between you and her. Just keep in mind when you bitch at her to go home and take care of Trent, you've got Barry here and you know he'd leave if you asked him too." Claire responded and left. Chris's shoulders slumped as he turned back to me.

"I would have told you sooner Chris, but you have a nasty habit about your temper." I spoke. He glanced at me then to the wall.

"When did you have him? I really don't remember you taking time off or..." He drifted.

"I had him in Januaury of 1999. He was a pre-me." I answered. The least I could do is spare some information.

"Five years...Jill...you were pregnaunt during Raccoon?" He asked.

"Yes, but...only two months I think. I didn't know about it yet, too busy wrapped up in investigating Umbrella." I reasoned.

"I think you should go, I'm not ordering you to...Claire's right about Barry...and from the sounds of it, you two miss each other." Chris spoke. He's trying his hardest to be supportive, but...he thinks the kid's not his and has to stay impartial.

"I've thought about it for years Chris, don't get me wrong. I love my son but unfortunately I'm doing a better job of parenting if I'm keeping companies like Umbrella from unleashing hell. It's not like I'm not keeping in contact with him. Every time Barry called home, he made sure I got to speak with Trent for at least five minutes. Claire's been sending him pictures of us from work and has given me the photos Kathy sent us of him. Rebecca's made up a couple of false injuries just so that I'd get to go on vacation and spend time with him." I spoke softly. Chris look to me, and moved up, kneeling down next to me as I slid my feet off the desk and to the floor.

"What if you die out in the feild?" He asked, sincerety lighting his features.

"He's safe and removed from this, that's all I've wanted for him." I spoke, leaning my forehead against Chris's.

"Does he know about his father?" Chris asked. I've told him he looks like his father, but I've not told him who his father is...

"Not...exactly." I spoke, looking into his father's eyes. Chris stood up and nodded, then grabbed a folder off his desk.

"Alright, enough drama for today, let's figure out how to cover Rebecca's tracks." Chris spoke reassuringly. Maybe someday, when this is over, I'll united father and son, but for now...Daddy's got some important things to deal with and he doesn't need a son holding him back.

J.L.: Aw...cute, heh. Anyways, how about it? Originally I was going to have Carlos as the fake father but then I thought on how that would have to have been covered up. Wouldn't be easy. Jill: Carlos the daddy! Chris: I'll go call him to take care of sonny! Carlos: What? I no sleep with Jill! Jill: Barry the daddy?...anyways, I thought about that picture Claire finds on Jill's desk with the comment (Something about Jill and some guy in a photo then Claire guessing "a boyfriend?"). Next chapter will cover what happened that Trent (Took the name from the character in the book, whose motives against Umbrella are of course because of his parent's murders) came into existence. Anyways, Happy Mother's Day for those of you who do have children.