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A hospital somewhere months last: Claire

"You mother fucker!" Bellowed the angry voice of a woman in pain. Her husband was on his knees, his hand clutched by his wife's and being crushed by it as well.

"Breathe baby." The man begged. The woman locked eyes with him and I could have sworn that looks would kill this man.

"I am breathing you asshole! This is your fault!" The woman cried out, her voice tensing just as the doctors helped the screaming baby out. Rebecca and myself held hands, having been through this before with the same woman, but that didn't make it any easier. I watched the doctor clean up my new niece and hand the child to my sister-in-law, who had gone from Flight of the Valkyries to Moonlight Sonata. Jill held the child close, while Chris had taken to being passed out on the floor.

"Within moments of birth, a release of hormones makes the mother and the child bond." Rebecca spoke. I rolled my eyes and walked over to Jill to see the baby. Jill's hair was caked with sweat, matting it to her head. Her hospital gown was unflattering. Through this though, Jill shone as a mother.

Hours later: Chris

I sat with Jill after they had cleaned her up, with Trent. She was relaxing, and Trent had crawled up next to her to nap.

"So...Elza huh?" Jill's soft voice asked. I smiled.

"I remember that you had openly opposed Alice." I spoke. The time during the pregnancy had passed quickly after Wesker's demise, and we had forsaken the honeymoon in favor of doctors appointments. It took a little while to get use to it, but we had decided it was a better idea to have Trent live with us. It took even more time to get use to living back in the States in an actual house and not a compound in tiny rooms. Barry had helped us find one nearby, and while Claire chose to live with us, Rebecca found an apartment nearby and started applying for medical technician jobs.

"It really is over, isn't it? I have a hard time believing it really." Jill muttered, sleep pulling at her. I bent over to kiss her forehead, the urge to go pee tugging at me.

"It is." I spoke softly. Jill smiled, kissed Trent's sleeping head and allowed herself some rest. I stood up and walked down the hallway, seeing the doctor who had helped deliver the baby on the cellphone. His hair cap was off, and bright red hair, the kind that you see once and never forget, was out. it the open. I slipped into a corridor, listening to his conversation.

"Yes, the baby and the mother are fine. No complications....Yes Wesker. Alright, I'm going to head out of here, see you there." The red head spoke. My fist clenched at the betrayal and confusion. What the hell was that Steve kid doing delievering my child and what is he doing talking to a suppose to be dead Wesker?!

"Steve." I called out, suddenly on the kid and holding his collar. The boy smiled at me.

"Daddy Redfield." He greeted, still smiling.

"Wesker..." I growled out.

"Funny thing Redfield. Wesker wanted to try out his cloning machine. The one you managed to destroy so easily was a clone. Don't get all pissy now though. He said you were too focused on him and he wanted something to take your mind off him for a little while." Steve spoke. I sneered at him.

"They are not distractions. This is suppose to be over." I grunted, just wanting this kid to give me any reason to snap his neck.

"It is of sorts. Look, just be happy what we have done for you. I myself am grateful to see Claire alive and well. You did what she said you would do. The baby's here, alive and everyone is well. Be happy about that. I've got to leave now Redfield...but I do suggest that you keep your eyes on the news. Who knows what will happen when Wesker decides to try out his new toy." Steve spoke, easily removing my hand from his scrubs and walked away. I stood still, lost. A hand touched my shoulder.

"Wesker gets stranger every time." Claire's voice spoke. I looked at her and she sighed.

"That was-" I started.

"Steve, I know. Chris...you and Jill are past your peak and you have a family now. I know you want revenge, but leave it to me and Rebecca now. We can do the missions, and we have all sorts of contacts to help us. You just focus on being a father, you've done your job." Claire spoke. I wanted to protest so desperately, that this was between me and Wesker, but she was right.

"Alright...but I'll handle the financial stuff and the court cases." I spoke. She smiled and walked back towards Jill's room. Besides, Wesker picked me. He'll come after me again, and I'll be there to kill him.

Somewhere isolated: Wesker

The brandy was good, the cigar was good, and I didn't stop the smile. Ada eyed me carefully, like she always did.

"I cannot believe you would help them." She spoke.

"It's simple. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. The Redfields are in debt to me now, and all I ask is that they back off my trail. I could care less what they do with Umbrella, they've done me a little favor by destroying Spencer's financial support." I answered.

"You're still after him?" Ada asked.

"Naturally. I told Spencer I would ruin him, that I would have him beg for me to kill him. I can't exactly have Christopher clawing at my back while I'm at work." I answered.

"Why are you going after Spencer still? He could be dead by now." Ada spoke.

"No...that's why he's been working on the viruses. He wants what I have, what William made for me, and what he killed William in trying to get." I replied, and finished my brandy.

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