Vaguely related to "Innocence".

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Innocence is being able to do no evil – not knowing enough to do evil, perhaps. Innocence will be the salvation of the world – protectors to keep evil at bay. Lenalee's boots and Allen's arm and Lavi's hammer and Kanda's sword are innocence, because they can do nothing by themselves.

(Is it evil to sit by and do exactly that, do nothing, as evil happens? No, they are Innocence, because God decreed it to be so.)

But what is evil? If evil is the opposite of innocence, then evil must be knowledge, and the use of that knowledge. In that case, even God's Apostles are evil.

Allen is evil because he can cheat at cards and he is not naïve (naïveté is another word for innocence).

Lavi is evil because he knows everything that has ever been recorded by the Bookmen (and that is almost too much knowledge).

Lenalee is less evil than the others, but she has still seen suffering and death and she knows fear and pain. (She does not want to be evil, but she is; because that is knowledge, and that is evil.)

Kanda is evil because he can slay without a flinch (heartless, but why would evil need a heart? Innocence has enough Heart for both of them) and because he keeps secrets deep within himself (secrets are knowledge that no one knows, after all, and knowledge that is guarded jealously quickly corrupts).

So why is evil wielding innocence? Lenalee with her boots, Allen with his arm, Kanda with his sword, and Lavi with his hammer.

(How did evil and exorcists come to mean the same thing? Evil and exorcists and people and mankind and God's Apostles and Allen and Lenalee and Kanda and Lavi and Bookman and –

Will even "God" - all-knowing God - become evil?)

When evil and innocence meet, the innocence is tainted – when the innocence is wielded by evil, it becomes power, and power is corrupting and evil.

(The innocence is no longer innocent because now it can stand by idly and watch evil happen.)

But power is necessary to protect the world, so evil will continue to wield innocence to fight more evil – and evil will continue to exist alongside innocence.

(This is the way that the world works, and innocence and evil last for eternity.)