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.Disclaimer: Read the Prologue or this Chapter. I do not own any thing that is tied to Pokemon or Pokemon Mystery Dungeon. The Storyline that this story is base off, is not mine, I'm just using it for my writing pleasures. The added things however that is still tied to pokemon or something but is not part of Mystery Dungeon I just added to make the story cool.

A/N Man that was one heck of a Disclaimer. I thought I should put another one up. Anyway this chapter is where I'm going to bring in May, some other pokemon, explanation on things and the beginning of the next part of the storyline.

What Happen Last Time: Ash and Cynder continues to fight Exeggutor, and they defeat it with the help of Pidgeotto. Later they went and save a Dustox from a gang of Poochyena. And a Mysterious Pokemon fears that the end is near.

Many Meetings

Once again, Ash toss and turns in is sleep as he dreams.

Ash's Dream

Ash looked around at where he was. He couldn't move. He was in a room, a big room with a lot of boulders. Before him were two pokemon. The one that was closes to him was a small yellow mouse with two brown stripe on its back, two long ears with black tips, and a lighting bolt like tail. The other pokemon that was farther from him was a long and large snake like pokemon made from rock.

"Go Onix!" a voice yelled behind the rock snake called Onix charge at the yellow mouse. Ash tried to call out a command but nothing happen. Ash watch in horror as the end of Onix's tail wrapped around the yellow pokemon and began to squeeze it. Ash tried to move but couldn't, so he yelled out the name of the pokemon being squeeze.


End of Ash's Dream

"…CHUU!!" Ash screams as he woke up and jerks up out of his bed with sweat all over him. Ash panted and tried to take deep breaths. What was that dream about? He thought to himself as he got up and walks over to the little pond in his house. Ash's small three digits hand brought water to Ash's face and he took a deep drink. Why does it seem so familiar to me? Ash muses for a bit, then he move over to his plant like holder for his hat, feather necklace, and Team Chosen's Toolbox. Ash knew that today's plan was to put the money they got into the bank. Placing the necklace around his thin green neck, place his hat on his head and taking the strap of the Toolbox side way cross his left shoulder and chest.

Walking out of his little home, Ash notice how bright the sun was, too bright for that he move the bill of his hat to protect his eyes from the sunlight's rays, went over to his mailbox, to see anything in it. There was a newsletter in it. It said…

Magnetic Attraction!

The Thunderwave Cave has been recently giving out large amount of Magnetic Waves. All Magnemites and Magnetons are warned not to go into the cave, and all electric type pokemon must also say away, unless you can handle the waves.

--Rescue Team Organization--

Ash read the newsletter twice over. I guess that why the two Magnemites got stuck together. He muses and put the letter in the Toolbox. Ash looks around for Cynder, but the Fire Mouse Pokemon was nowhere to be seen. Maybe he already at the Square. He thought to himself before turning and walking to Pokemon Square.

Ash turn to his left side to look over at a tree near the bridge, watching some bug pokemon play tag with some grass and water type pokemon. Ash continues walking into the heart of the Square. Pasting the Kecleon Brother's Shop and a few houses. Ash walks in front of the Felicaty Bank, Persian was busy grooming him self when he saw Ash walk up. He stops what he was doing and smiles and said… "Hello, how may I help you?"

"I need to deposit some Pokedollars."

"Okay, I just need your name, or if your part of a Rescue Team, your Team's name." Persian told Ash.

"Team Chosen." Ash said, kind of worry that he didn't know if they have an account or not.

"Okay…let's see…AW! Here we are…how much you which to deposit and are you Ash?" he ask. Ash nodded.

"Cynder told me to tell you, that he will see you tomorrow. He said had something to do." Ash nodded, now knowing where Cynder was…sorta. Ash gave Persian the money that Team Chosen collective from the missions. Persian took the money and places them in the account.

"There we go. Please come again soon!" He said. Ash smile and wave goodbye while Persian went back grooming himself.

Ash walks around in the center of the town, talking to different pokemon, Ash then turn to walk home when he slam into a pokemon.

"Hey! Watch it!" He said, rubbing his head.

"You watch it!" the other pokemon feminine voice said. Ash open his eyes and stare at a familiar brown fox-dog with a red bandana wrap around its head with a white design, and it was glaring at him with cute eyes.

"Ummm…sorry?" Ash said nervously. The fox pokemon calm down a bit.

"I guess it was an accident. I'm May." May said sticking out her right paw. Ash smile and brought his hand out and shook it. But the moment their hands touch, a strange shiver ran down both there back. Wh…what was th…that? Why does it feel so familiar to me? He thought to himself, while May thought the same thing. After what seem like five hours but was only 30 seconds, they pull apart. Ash and May still had a daze and slight confuse look on their face.

"Well, uh, do you want to look around?" Ash said nervously, May nodded and they both then turn and went south of the center. Ash and May began to exchange different stories of their Team, members, and mission. Ash learn that her team is called Team Cutie (LOL, foreshadow alert), the Squirtle he saw with her before was a female Squirtle name Aqua, and they have too been to Tiny Woods and Thunderwave Cave.

"And of course I enjoy saving pokemon…" May continues and Ash just nodded and they look in each other without noticing a rock in there past…


Ash and May tripped on the rock and began to roll down the very small hill, close the river at the end of the path…when out of nowhere a pair of hands, one grab Ash and the other grab May, pull them up before hitting the river.

"Whoosh! That was a close one, eh?" Ask a deep male voice. The hands put them down of the ground. Ash and may turn to around to look at their savior. Stood before them was a very muscular humanoid gray Pokemon, with four muscular arms with five finger hands, wearing black underwear with a belt around it, holding it in place. It also had two toe feet. He has two red eyes, and his lips were yellow wide like.

"You two okay?" he ask, which Ash and May nodded.

"Well that good, by the way, my name is Bruno the Machamp." Bruno said. Ash felt something weird go threw his mind. Why does that name sound so familiar? He asks himself.

"Thank you Bruno for saving us from getting wet." May say sincerely, Ash smile and nodded to Bruno who just grin wide at them.

"It's okay, really. Just doing what right at the time." Bruno chuckled. "Hey, seeing that it almost lunch time, why don't I offer you guys lunch over there," he pointed to the Autumn Leaf, "and I won't take no for an answer."

At the mention of food, both Ash and May's stomach growled loudly, both blushing deeply while Bruno was laughing hard.

"We'll love to go."

"Alright! Let's head over there." With that they went over to Autumn Leaf

--Autumn Leaf--

Walking in the restaurant Ash notice how calm, comfortable, and warm it was. There were a lot of tables, with even more pokemon around some. Marshtomp walk up to them with a huge smile on his face.

"Welcome to the Autumn Leaf! Please follow me to your table." Marshtomp said, and then turn around and walk them to a table, close to a bar where the food was being made. The table was made out of wood, and was around. The stool was the same way. Seating there Marshtomp past out menus to them. After looking at them, all three had their order.

"I will take the Meat special." Bruno said.

"I will take the PokeNoodles." May said after looking

"I will take some rice balls." Ash replied and Marshtomp wrote down the orders on a small notepad before heading threw a door near the bar, into kitchen. A moment later, Marshtomp, Sneasel, and Charmander pop up behind the bar. All them wearing a small chef hat and apron. In Marshtomp was holding six pieces of meat with a tip of a bone sticking out on the two sides. Sneasel's claws hold some barbecue Q sauce. Charmander didn't have anything. Then the Mud Fish Pokemon threw the meats up in the air, Sneasel sprayed them with barbecue Q sauce. Charmander opens his mouth…

"Low Fire Spin!" A steady stream of fire that began to twist into a spiral hit the meats, and then the meats were cover in flames, for a moment, before cooling down and falling on a plate Marshtomp had and gave it to Bruno. Bruno's four hands grab four pieces of meat, and began to eat them.

Next, Charmander had a lot of dough, Sneasel in front of her was some vegetable, and Marshtomp had a bowel in front of him. Charmander jump up and threw the dough up, then began to cut the dough into noodles. "Slash!"

Sneasel jump up as well, and also threw the vegetable up. "Fury Swipes!" and began to rapidly cut the vegetable to many pieces. The noodles and vegetable fell into the bowel. "Clear Water Gun." Marshtomp said and open his mouth a bit, a very weak blast of water came out and half way filled the bowel right before the other stuff fell in. Sneasel quickly grabs some flavor spice and put some of it in. Both Marshtomp and Sneasel careful hold the bowel right above the flame on Charmander's tail, warming up the noodles. Marshtomp place the bowel of steaming noodles in front of May, who took one by her mouth and ate it. A moment later after swallowing she had stars in her eyes and began to eat it all, move like in haling Ash told her. She just glare at him.

Charmander went over to a bowel filled with rice. Sneasel cut up some edible plants to hold the rice. Marshtomp and Charmander cook the rice in a pot. Sneasel place the plants on a plate, while Marshtomp made the done rice into triangles and pot it on the plants. Filling them up with Miso, Charmander took the plant to wrap down the middle of the rice ball. They place the plate of 6 rice balls in front of Ash. Ash took a bit of one, and like May, he began to eat them with stars in his eyes. Ash and May listen and eat while Bruno told them about something.

"So…you guys part of a Rescue Team?" He asks casually while eating his fourth meat. Both nodded.

"Team Chosen."

"Team Cutie." Bruno nodded with a serious and thinking look on his face.

"Well, my best advice is to take missions of area that you know, and becomes friends with other pokemon." Ash and May nodded. Ash gulps what was in his mouth and ask…

"Hey, do pokemon evolve at a certain pace." What shock Ash was the shock look on the Superpower Pokemon.

"Ash… not maybe Pokemon can evolve." Bruno said.


Bruno sight and thought really quick before answering. "Well, Pokemon began to lose the ability to evolve ever since the natural disaster began to come up frequent." Ash and May nodded. "In fact, Pokemon have one out of all the numbers of our world to evolve."

"That a big number." Ash said.

"It is, anyway Pokemon of all species believes that the disaster has disrupted the balance of evolution, so pokemon cannot evolve."

"But I see many Pokemon in a evolve form." Ash counter, "In fact a Pokemon evolve right before my eyes."

"Well, some pokemon can still evolve, it just their lucky ones. Also Pokemon who already evolve are that way is because the chances of evolving were high at the beginning, but as the months past, the chances begin to decrease." Bruno explains.

"That awful!" May said.

"Indeed, it is." Said a wise male voice, they all turn to see Slowking of Royal Knowledge. "Hello everyone."



"Slowking! Just in time to help me explain what going on." Bruno exclaimed. Slowking smiled and took a seat across Bruno, between to Ash and May.

"Ash, I think I heard you say correctly that you saw a Pokemon evolve in front of you, am I correct?" Slowking ask Ash who nodded.

"So what happen?" Bruno asks. Ash began to tell the whole story. By time he was done, a disgusted look was on all three listeners.

"To think a Pokemon would think that…it just cruel." May said.

"Many Pokemon are getting desperate to survive, but I think that a new low." Slowking remark.

"So…someone the found the Leaf Stone in Tiny Woods, eh?" Bruno asks.

"Wait…you knew?!" Ash asks surprise written across his face. Bruno nodded.

"Yep! I even told Caterpie not to tell anyone about it." He said with a grin.

"Why?" Slowking ask.

"Because I knew that some Pokemon were turning bad about trying to survive, some were those that evolve threw the Leaf Stone…so when I found it, I told Caterpie not to tell anyone about."

There was a pause, everyone was thinking about something.

"Well I think I'm done so why not I paid and you guys can go can continues out your day." Bruno said and everyone agreed. Bruno paid, and everyone left. Slowking left back to his shop, and Bruno left to work out. Ash and May were the only one left.

"Well I had fun, Ash." May said looking at him. Ash smiled at her.

"I had fun too." They both stared at each other for awhile before May broke it off.

"Well I guess I should get going." She said. "See ya."


Ash watch her run off, before leaving to his home…


High somewhere in a mountain, a terrible screech noise is heard. And the sound of someone crying is also heard…

"Daddy! Help Me!" the crying voice said…

A/N Whoosh! That was a long one to type. I decide to explain my version of evolution in the game. Bruno the Machamp is base off Bruno of the Elite Four and his most powerful pokemon Machamp. No Bruno was not turn into a Pokemon. This Bruno is a regular Pokemon that has the same name and strength of Bruno the human. Well the next chapter will be about the Mt. Steel part. So look out.

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