Due to the success of my fanfic "Darkwing Duck Returns", I promised I would write a sequel as soon as I finish a fanfic for another fandom. Well, I did, and here's that sequel. In a sense. During that time, that "sequel" got a huge overhaul. See, I had so many idea, and naturally wanted to use them all, so I decided, why not? So I'm starting a little series of episodic one-shots. Every chapter is a new adventure. Length will vary for each one (although this starting chpt is as probably as short it'll get) Dunno how well it'll work, but I'm confident. Overall rating is teen (cause that's as high as it will ever go), but the rating will vary per chapter. I will state what it is at the start of every chapter, as well as a quick summary. This takes place right from where "Darkwing Duck Returns" left off. It will summarize "Darkwing Duck Returns" breifly wherever necessary, but feel free to refer to it whenever necessary. There will be both old and new characters in this. Don't know how long this will go, and how often i will update, but with summer coming up, things look hopeful. :)

Now, without further ado, I proudly present...

The New Adventures of

Darkwing Duck


Helping Hand

Summary: Drake has begun training Gosalyn for hero work, and get right to it. Meanwhile, a new situation unfolds nearby.

Rating for this adventure: K

As would usually happen whenever the St. Canard High School ended the school day, students poured out of the school to head to their various locations, most of them the mall, others to some other place to hang out with friends, and it was common practice for sixteen-year-old Gosalyn Mallard to do one of these things.

However, despite receiving several offers from friends, she turned them all down, and pressed onward for St. Canard's suburban outskirts. She was heading home, and once she was there, then the real fun would begin...

Honker Muddlefoot, Gosalyn's closest friend and neighbor, caught sight of her, and struggled to match Gosalyn's quick pace.

"You're certainly in a hurry today." Honker noted, panting as he hurried to keep up. "Today's the day then?"

"Today's the day." Gosalyn confirmed, grinning proudly. "And hopefully Dad won't disappoint me."

"He won't." Honker said confidently. "It's only because of you that he's even around and he knows it. There is no way he can deny that."

"But it's been a very hectic past couple of weeks since Dad got back." Gosalyn pointed out. "You never know. Something might have come up."

"Only one way to find out." Honker stated.

They walked onward in silence until they reached their respective houses and went their separate ways. Gosalyn rushed to the door of her home and flung open the door.

"I'm home!" she called, slamming the door behind her and chucking her backpack aside dismissively.

Drake Mallard, Gosalyn's adopted father, stood waiting for her in the living room, his arms folded and wearing a confident grin.

"You ready then?" he asked.

"Is that a trick question?" Gosalyn asked, and looked around. "Where's Launchpad?"

"Already at the tower, setting up." Drake replied. "All we have to do is join him." he turned and motioned to the seemingly insignificant two recliners placed against the far wall of the room. "Care to have a seat?"

Gosalyn, almost entirely unable to control her excitement, sat down in one of the two chairs while Drake sat in the other.

"Care to do the honors?" Drake asked, motioning to the little figurine sitting on a little table in-between the two chairs.

"Would I ever!" Gosalyn exclaimed, and slapped her fist down on the head of the figurine.

A secret switch was thrown, and suddenly the two chairs started to spin rapidly. Once they had stopped, it was clear to the outside observer that the two occupants of the chairs had vanished. Where did they go? About a half mile away to one of the support towers on the Audubon Bay Bridge. There, another set of chairs spun rapidly, and once they stopped, Drake and Gosalyn both sat in them calmly.

Gosalyn looked around at Darkwing Duck's hideout. Several varying versions of obstacle courses had been laid out by Launchpad, who stood to one side waiting for them.

Gosalyn stood up and stared at it in awe. "Oh, yes!" she said with much excitement.

Drake threw Gosalyn her new superhero costume while picking up his own. "Get ready for your training Gosalyn." he commanded with a sly voice, "Or should I say, Crimson Avenger?"

A surprisingly short distance away in Audubon bay itself, some action was going on. Deep in the water, Neptunia watched the bottom half of the support tower grow larger as she swam closer to it. She paused before it, looking it up and down, before seeing what she wanted to see. A hairline crack, not very big, but a potentially serious thing for the bridge if left unattended.

She turned to the group of sea creatures who had followed her. "Alright, listen up!" she said. "Here's what we're here for." she pointed at the crack. "We need to patch this up before it gets much worse."

"What?" a bewildered voice rang out from within the group. "We came all this way for that little thing?"

Neptunia sighed, knowing exactly who was talking. "Rowe!" she exclaimed, "I am not in the mood for this!"

A sea otter broke from the rest of the group of water creatures and swam up to confront Neptunia. "Tough!" he exclaimed. "Because I fail to see how this little crack has anything to do with us!"

"If this crack worsens, the bridge could collapse! Several could die because of it!" Neptunia argued, although she knew there was more to this tower than that. But that little secret was to be kept between her and Darkwing Duck.

"Who cares?" Rowe asked. "The land dwellers cause nothing but trouble for us in the sea! A little disaster like that would serve them right!"

"Need I remind you yourself could be considered a land dweller?" Neptunia pointed out, annoyed.

"I am not!" Rowe objected.

"You are too, because you need to breathe air like the land dwellers." Neptunia stated.

"I do n..." Rowe began to object again, but trailed off, motioned for Neptunia to wait for a moment, and swam up to the surface to get a fresh breath of air before returning. "That's beside the point!" he pressed. "The point is that both of our kinds are in danger from the stupid things the land dwellers do, so why don't we try and stop them rather than support them?"

"If you want to do that, then go join the bad guys!" Neptunia said. "Because I will not tolerate that in my waters!"

Rowe opened and closed his mouth several times as if to say something in that regard. "Well, one thing is clear." he finally announced. "I'm not welcome here. I'm leaving."

And with that, he swam off.

"Good riddance!" Neptunia called after him, but was shaking her head. She was probably going to live to regret this.

"Now, the first thing we're going to cover is how to change into costume." Drake began, leading Gosalyn over to one of those collapsible walls people change clothes behind. "When the aide is require of a superhero, speed is of the essence. Now, I'm going to demonstrate. Launchpad will time me, and that'll give you an idea of how quick you need to be."

Gosalyn nodded, and understood. Drake took a few steps back, then, waving to Launchpad to start timing, raced behind the wall. Some rustling sounds were heard, then Drake leapt out from the other side of the wall entirely dressed as Darkwing Duck.

Launchpad stopped the stopwatch in his hand. "Five point seven seconds, DW." he announced.

"A good one!" Darkwing remarked, pleased with himself. "Now you try, Gos. Don't worry if you don't get it first try."

Gosalyn gave her father a sly look, then zipped behind the wall herself. Darkwing then blinked, and Gosalyn zipped out the other side dressed fully in her new black and red costume, designed similarly to Darkwing's.

"Two point two seconds!" Launchpad announced as she stopped his watch, awestruck.

Darkwing's jaw hung loosely in shock.

The Crimson Avenger simply shrugged. "Beginner's luck, I guess." she said.

Further up the shore of the bay, Quackerjack was dipping something into the water. Megavolt, who stood nearby, eyed the water leerily.

"Hurry up, Quackerjack." he complained. "I don't like water, and you know it."

"Not my fault the substance shorts circuits you every time you touch it." Quackerjack mumbled, withdrawing the little vile from the bay and peering into it. "There, that should be sample enough." he said, corking the vile and pocketing it.

"Remind why we're here again?" Megavolt asked.

"Boss wants a sample, to see if the bay's water has the right chemical structure for his next evil plan." Quackerjack answered.

"Which means...?" Megavolt prompted.

"I have no idea." Quackerjack said. "I'm just the demented toymaker-gone-supervillain, not the ex-scientist mutant-plant-duck."

"Well, I guess that's that then." Megavolt said, and turned to leave.

But he was stopped when a head suddenly poked out of water in the bay.

"Hello mates!" the sea otter announced brightly.

Megavolt and Quackerjack both jumped back in surprise.

"Who are you?" Megavolt asked, nervous. "You aren't with the police are you?"

"Do I look like a police officer?" the otter asked, wriggling a claw in his ear to get some water out. "Name's Rowe P. W. Lutra. Lookin' for some bad guys. Know any?"

"You're in luck!" Quackerjack said. "We're bad guys, me and Megs here. In fact, we're supervillains!"

"Why do you ask?" Megavolt asked, still suspicious about Rowe.

"I want to join some." Rowe explained. "Can I join you guys?"

"Well..." Quackerjack said thoughtfully. "That's not really our call. See, we're part of a supervillain group called the Fearsome Five."

"We just made a comeback, by the way." Megavolt added, proudly.

"Our boss is Negaduck, and you need to talk with him." Quackerjack continued. "Ever heard of Negs?"

"No." Rowe admitted, "But nobody tells me anything down there." he pointed down at the depths of the bay. "So how do I contact this Negaduck guy?"

"Well, here's our business card." Quackerjack said, pulling out a small, white, card. "Just call the number."

Rowe looked at the card for a moment. "Okay then." he said, pocketing the card. "Thanks!"

He did a back flip, and then dove deep down into the bay.

Megavolt turned to Quackerjack. "You sure it was a good idea to give him that card?" he asked.

"No." Quackerjack admitted. "But that phone number goes straight to Negaduck himself. And you know the boss. If he doesn't like the guy..."

"...he'll deal with it." Megavolt concluded, as they turned and walked off. "Usually quite messily, too."

"Okay, now before we do anything else, we need a catch phrase for you." Darkwing said, leading Crimson aside. "Something dark, something scarey, something that will drive fear into the very souls of every supervillain in town!" he flapped his cape, getting into the spirit of things. "An example. I am the terror that flaps in the night! I am the lightbulb that burns out in your basement! I am Darkwing Duck!" he wrapped his cape around him for added effect.

"I know your catch phrases, Darkwing." Crimson stated, sounding bored.

"Well, then, let's see you top that, then!" Darkwing remarked, annoyed.

"Fine." Crimson said, and fluttered her red and black cape like Darkwing had. "I am the heir to the cape! I am the "no signal" on your cell phone! I am the Crimson Avenger!" she ended it by wrapping her cape around her, again like Darkwing had.

Darkwing rubbed the end of his beak. "Good, but I worry if it'll be too much like my own catchphrase." Darkwing mumbled. "I was actually think of something like 'I am the Crimson Avenger.'"

"And?" Crimson prompted.

"And that's it." Darkwing replied. "You're going to help me fight crime, not go out on your own, remember?"

"Well, in that case, I'll just say this." Crimson remarked defiantly and cleared her throat. "I am the girl that kills everything everything ruthlessly! I am the girl who drinks blood! I am the girl who wears a bikini to the store! I am the girl who hates Darkwing's..."

"Alright, alright, I get the idea!" Darkwing said, frustrated. "We'll stick with your version. Your first version."

Crimson grinned triumphantly.

The first thing Rowe did after talking with Megavolt and Quackerjack was track down a payphone. Inserting a few coins into the slot, he dialed the number on the card and waited for an answer.

"Yes?" a voice asked darkly, sounding annoyed.

"Hi." Rowe said, feeling slightly nervous. "Um, who is this?"

"Who do you think?" the voice asked, and hung up.

Rowe tried again, using a different approach.

"Hey, is this Negaduck?" Rowe said once someone answered.

"Who wants to know?"

"Rowe P. W. Lutra at your service."

"P. W. huh? And pray tell me, what does P. W. stand for?"

"Padra Weylan."

"Ha! What a stupid name." and then the voice hung up again.

Rowe tried once more.

"Now what?"

"Rowe again, sir. I wanted to ask..."

"Sir? Sir? SIR?" the voice repeated, and then hung up one more.

Rowe persisted though.

"Would you stop?"

"Sorry, but I know you're Negaduck, and you know who I am, so let's cut to the chase. I want to join the group."

"What do you mean, 'join'?"

"Join the Fearsome Five, of course."

"Are kidding me? If I let anybody join, we'd have six members, and that would totally ruin our perfectly evil name!"

"Well, maybe you could change it to the Sinister Six, or something."

"NO! I LIKE the name Fearsome Five! And I ain't changing it!" and then the line went dead again.

Rowe decided to wait for a moment after that one before calling back.

"Sheesh, you're worse than a telemarketer looking for a raise."

"Tough. You're going to hear me through though. See, the last group I was with I left because there was this crack in the Audubon Bay Bridge, and they wanted to..."

"Crack? Whoa, whoa, wait, there's a crack in Audubon Bay Bridge?"

"Yeah. A little hairline crack in one of the support towers. I was told that it could cause the bridge to collapse if left unattended."

"Interesting." the voice said darkly. "Stay there. I'm coming over."

And then he hung up. Rowe hoped this was a good thing.

"Now, one of the secrets to my success is the ability to appear out of nowhere." Darkwing said, pulling out his gas gun and loading a canister of smoke. "Observe."

He pointed the gun at the ground and pulled the trigger. A cloud of blue smoke blossomed forth. When it cleared, Darkwing had vanished. He reappeared in another cloud of smoke a few feet away, next to Launchpad, surprising Launchpad.

"It's quite simple, really." Darkwing said, holstering the gas gun. "All you do is..."

"Yeah, yeah, I get it Darkwing." Crimson said, and pulled out her own gas gun, built specially for her.

Like Darkwing, she fired it at her feet and vanished in the resulting cloud of crimson smoke.

Darkwing looked around. "Where did she go?" he asked, puzzled.

Then, suddenly, Crimson dropped down from above, landing on all fours like a cat right next, scaring Darkwing half to death.

"You forget that I mastered this skill back when I was ten." Crimson said with pride.

Darkwing poked his head out from where he had hidden himself behind Launchpad. "Show off." he muttered.

Rowe stood waiting at the street corner, ignoring the odd stares he would get from the occasional passerby, waiting for Negaduck to show, wondering how Negaduck knew where Rowe was. But he somehow knew, and what he looked like too, for the villain leader appeared suddenly, pulling up in a van, grabbing Rowe by the front and hauling the otter into the passenger seat.

The van then roared off to the Audubon Bay, stopping at an abandoned dock. Pushing Rowe out of the van, Negaduck donned a yellow and red diving suit and pulled out some scuba gear, putting it on.

"Show me this crack." Negaduck ordered, checking the air pressure on his tank.

Rowe stared apprehensively at Negaduck for a moment, then dove into the water, Negaduck jumping in after him. Rowe then swam to the bridge and found the crack, thankful that it was still there, and that Neptunia and her gang was nowhere in sight. Rowe tapped the crack with one claw. Negaduck shoved him aside and examined the crack. Grinning, he pulled out a chisel and started hacking at the crack...

"Another two minutes faster!" Launchpad exclaimed, staring at his stopwatch in amazement as Crimson completed the obstacle course for the third time. "That's a whole five minutes faster than your fastest time ever, DW!"

"I know, LP." Darkwing muttered, annoyed that he was being upstaged by his own daughter.

"I don't know why you didn't let her do hero work sooner!" Launchpad added, as Crimson walked off to award herself with a glass of water in result of her victory. "She can clearly handle herself."

"Yes, as evidenced by the fact that it was she that rescued me from the Negaverse and helped stop Negaduck's plot to take over our universe." Darkwing said, allowing a moment of pride to show for his daughter. "Still, she needs the training."

"I don't know, DW." Launchpad said. "You sure she needs it?"

"I'm going to do it anyway, LP." Darkwing stated.

It was at that moment that the tower suddenly lurched to one side, and a loud crumbling rang out. All three of them slid to one side of the room.

"What's going on?" Crimson asked.

"Something has compromised the structural integrity of the tower!" Darkwing said, alarmed, and without hesitating, jumped out of the window.

As he fell, the superhero pulled out his gas gun and fired a special cartridge. A rubber raft popped out of the gun, and instantly inflated. It landed first on the bay, and Darkwing landed on top of it, ready for action.

Darkwing's landing caused several ripples, and grabbed the attention of the divers below. Rowe was first to reach the surface and investigate.

Darkwing looked at the round head of the otter. "Who are you?" he asked.

"No one of consequence." Rowe replied.

"I really must know." Darkwing said.

"Get used to disappointment, then." Rowe answered.

Crimson suddenly dropped out of the tower and landed next to Darkwing. "Isn't that from a movie or something?" she asked, surveying the situation.

"I dunno." Negaduck said, suddenly surfacing on the other side of the raft. "But I don't care."

"Negs." Darkwing said. "I should've known it would be you."

"Hey, Dipwing." Negaduck teased, and caught sight of Crimson. "And it's miss goody-goody-two-shoes. Like the new costume, by the way."

"Yeah, right." Crimson muttered doubtfully as she adjusted her hat.

"Okay Negs, we can do this either the easy way or the hard way." Darkwing said.

"Of course you know I want the hard way." Negaduck said. "Rowe, attack!"

Rowe went to obey, but then suddenly slipped back under the water.

"Gotcha!" Neptunia said, as she and some other sea creatures dragged the otter down.

Some more had grabbed a hold of Negaduck and dragged him under as well. Negaduck naturally fought, so some kind of fish with a lot of teeth, which Negaduck would later swear did not originate in those waters, bit off the end of Negaduck's air tank. The resulting explosion of air rocketed Negaduck out of the fins of the various water creatures and clean out of the water, yelling loudly before crashing down somewhere onshore.

Darkwing grinned. "Well, that'll put Negs out of commission for the rest of the day." he said. Crimson giggled.

Neptunia surfaced suddenly. "If not, we'll make sure he stays away." she promised. "We'll take care of Rowe too, and don't worry about the damage. We're fixing it right now. Should be good as new shortly."

"Thanks Neptunia." Darkwing said.

"You're welcome." Neptunia replied, starting to swim away. "Oh, and welcome back!"

Darkwing and Crimson waved goodbye, before Darkwing turned to his daughter.

"Now," he said, "Back to your training."

Rowe felt himself thrown onto shore, and ended up with a snout full of dirt.

"And stay out!" one of the fishes that had thrown him shouted before swimming off.

Rowe shook water off of his fur, and started to stand up. But then a hand grabbed the scruff of his neck and held him up. Rowe looked at the angry face of Negaduck and grinned sheepishly.

"Sorry mate?" the otter said hesitantly.

Negaduck simply growled, and dragged Rowe back to the van, and threw him in.

"You wanted in the club, right?" Negaduck asked.

"Well, yes, but..." Rowe began.

"Well, you got your wish." Negaduck said, and slammed the door angrily.

Rowe was left to wonder if that was good or bad thing as they drove off for the Fearsome Five hideout...

Darkwing and Crimson were still training by the time night had fallen.

"Now, was we conclude for tonight, I just want to address the matter of transportation. You get the Ratcatcher, while me and Launchpad get the Thunderquack. That is unless we're all going someplace far, and can only get there by jet. But you don't get to fly the jet. Ever. Launchpad flying it is bad enough."

"What about the Ratcather's sidecar, Darkwing?"

"What about it?"

"Can I put it to use?"

"Why would you want the sidecar?"

"To put a sidekick in it!"

"But you don't get a sidekick!"

"And why not? You get Launchpad! Why can't I have Honker as my sidekick?"

"Oh, so it's Honker you want for your sidekick. Well, that changes everything. NO."


"Gosalyn, we're supposed to be using our superhero names here!"

"I don't care! I'll call you dad if I want to! Dad, dad, dad, dad, dad..."

"Alright, alright! Honker can be you're part-time sidekick if he agrees to it!"

"Yay! You won't regret it Dad!"

"Ugh, I think I already do. Let a guy get some air, will you?"