Title: Epilogue interlude

Characters: Byakuya, Renji and their crowd

Rating: PG-13/T

Summary: Omake to Legacy, 8th and final part of Renji – Reflection.

Warning: Crack??

Disclaimer: Own no part of Bleach, not even bleach

A/N I loved writing these, hope you enjoy them!




Omake 1 Horse Tales III


A tiny chuckle sounded in the stillness of the night. If Renji had not been so attuned to Byakuya, he would never even have recognized the sound.

"Now what?" he demanded mulishly. He was sulking, but if you couldn't sulk in front of your own lover, where else could you indulge in such a fashion?

"I apologize for referring to the fact that I am a stallion and a stud." The voice was dryly amused. "Now may I make love to you?"

"Some apology you're making." Renji frowned as an elegant hand skimmed down his abdomen and stopped above his groin. Despite himself, he could feel his stomach muscles flex. "Think you're so smooth, huh?"

The only reply was the soft, deliberate exhalation across his ear. The hand remained a warm and expectant weight on his skin. Silence enveloped the room once again.

Finally, Renji sighed. "I'm an idiot, aren't I? You're here, I'm here, we're both naked and willing, and I'm saying no to sex?"

A huff of agreement sounded in the vicinity of his neck, followed by a wet tongue tracing his collarbone.

"I'm so whipped, you know? You'd better not be making any more horse jokes though."

Teeth tugged at his lower lip, followed by a barely whispered, "Nay."

"Byakuya, I swear ummph…umm… ahh…"



Omake 2 Sisters!


Rukia perched on the armchair, eyes demurely lowered, hands clutching a beautifully wrapped parcel. Across from her, Renji snorted. He had learnt the hard way to distrust that look of faked innocence. Beside him, Byakuya stirred.

"What brings you home so early, Rukia? We did not expect you till tomorrow morning."

"Yes, Nii-sama. I concluded my assignment earlier than expected so I decided to return before nightfall."

A brief pause, then Rukia spoke again. "I hope that my return finds Nii-sama well."

"Thank you, Rukia." Renji snorted again. He knew that Byakuya liked such rituals, but Rukia had only been away for a week. And there was something about Rukia's demeanor this time that had all his internal alarms ringing.

She was speaking again. "If you will forgive my impertinence, Nii-sama, I have been somewhat concerned lately." She looked at Renji. "Renji, too."

Huh? Despite himself, Renji began wondering if something was wrong with Rukia. "Rukia, are you all right?"

She frowned at him. "Why shouldn't I be? I was asking about you!"

"That's why I asked!" He glanced at Byakuya, who was calmly listening to them. "There's nothing wrong with Byakuya or me, as far as I know, so I thought you had hurt your head or something."

"Renji!" Her voice had recovered its bossy tone. Then her voice returned to its former respectful cadences as she looked at Byakuya. "Forgive me, Nii-sama. It is a delicate matter to raise, but I hope that you will accept this gift with my most humble wishes." She placed the parcel on the table.

Renji looked suspiciously at the parcel. It was unusual for Rukia to present a gift with such rigmarole. Byakuya was thanking Rukia, who had gotten up to leave. She was already at the door when Renji spoke, "Oi, Rukia, you haven't explained what this parcel is."

Her hand on the door, Rukia bowed deeply and spoke. "My apologies, Nii-sama, Renji, but you will understand when you open the parcel. I have noticed that the both of you have appeared less discommoded in your movements recently."

"And that's a bad thing?" But Rukia had disappeared.

Renji exchanged a glance with Byakuya. "I guess you had better open it," he said gloomily. "Or we'll never hear the end of it."

The package revealed a blue and white box which Byakuya held in his hands while Renji read the folded printout that had come with it.

"Why, the little…!" Wordlessly, he handed Byakuya the printout. His partner's eyes widened as he read, then narrowed in a frown. Almost gingerly, he placed the box down on the table in front of them. Both of them stared at it for several speechless minutes.

Finally, Renji spoke, his teeth gritted. "Byakuya, I'm going to strangle her… Discommoded in our movements, the little… What does she mean by that… Just because we haven't been limping…!"

A hand on his stopped the tirade. "I am gratified that she does not considered us utterly decrepit."

Renji turned his head. There was a gleam in Byakuya's eyes. Apparently, Renji's outrage had tickled his humour.

"I understand that 25 milligrams is the smallest dose." The gleam deepened. "A hundred milligrams would have been insulting."

He picked up the box easily and turned it over. Immediately, a chill came over the room. Renji looked down and saw "Kurosaki" listed as the prescribing physician.

"That…!" He was going to bankai the crap out of Ichigo the next time he saw him.

A knock sounded at the door and an orange head peered in. "Hey, guys, have you seen Rukia?"

Zaraki Kenpachi grinned as orange, red and black streaked past him. He didn't understand what was going on, but things were sure getting interesting since Kuchiki-hime had shacked up with Renji. The last time, Ichigo had been laughing madly, this time, he was hollering, "What did I do? What did I do?" as he ran. Zaraki, too, took off at a run.



Omake 3 When I'm 64


"Say, Byakuya," Renji began, "do you think there'll come a time when we'll need those blue pills of Rukia's?" They were lying in a sweaty heap on their futon, limp with relaxation. After they had returned from a strenuous fight with Ichigo and Zaraki, Renji had insisted that they prove Rukia wrong, as many times as they could.

Byakuya shifted slightly and moaned. Fortunately, they were both off-duty the next day. "I do not imagine that we will need to have recourse to them for a very long time," he murmured.

Renji continued in the same line of thought. "I read somewhere that human males hit their peak at 18, and then it's all downhill after that. Of course, we live much longer, but we're definitely not 18 anymore. So we're actually on a downward slope."

Byakuya set his hand on Renji's chest. "Permit me to prove you wrong once I have recovered."

"That's what I mean! We're already talking about recovery periods at our age!"

Byakuya closed his eyes. "Renji," he said patiently, "everyone has a recovery period."

"I know that, but we've never needed to mention them before." Renji glanced at Byakuya's arched eyebrow. "Okay, we've never tried to deliberately marathon sex after a fight with Kenpachi either." His white grin flashed. "Just so you know, Byakuya, I'm going to store up lots and lots of memories, just in case."

The thin, elegant mouth tilted upwards. "It will be my pleasure."

bOmake 4 With your compliments/b

Renji folded his arms as he watched Rukia run towards him. It was his first sight of her after the parcel incident.

"Rukia," he growled. The midget didn't even have the grace to blush when she saw him. Instead, she stood, arms akimbo and stared at him challengingly. "What?"

"I can't believe you gave us those pills. We nearly pounded Ichigo into the ground before we cleared things up."

A cunning grin crossed her face. "Ichigo isn't the only Kurosaki who can sign a prescription."

"So he pointed out." Renji snorted. "But don't expect me to thank you for those tablets."

Rukia's face turned mock sad. "But don't you appreciate my caring, generous gesture?" Then she grinned up at him, "So, did you try them out?"

Renji shook his head and started walking away. "Oh, no, they don't work if you don't have a problem to begin with. But waste not, want not. Byakuya and I just rewrapped the parcel and left it for Kyouraku, with your compliments."