When a Good Girl has a Bad Boy's Child


A/N: Long awaited sequel to When a Good Girl met a Bad Boy. This Chapter has MEGA CITRUS (LEMON AND LIME) SKIP THIS CHAPTER IF YOU DONT LIKE CITRUS. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

Summary:It has been two years since Orochimaru's crazy plan, but there is someone else with an obsession for Hinata and her friends or more importantly their body parts. Will the Child of the two lovers be safe or is this family doomed to have their most precious possession taken away.

Happy Sunshine Asylum:

"Tobi is a good boy. Yes a very good boy, he is." Tobito muttered to himself. He heard the door to his room unlock and turned his head to see who it was. It opened to reveal a pale skinned man with long black hair. "Hello Tobito" he greeted. "Have you ever wanted to be in a movie?" he asked. "Tobi is a good boy. He would be good in a movie because he is a good boy." Tobito replied. The man walked into the cell. "Ok then Tobi. Come with me so we can find more good people to be in our movie." Tobito looked at the man. "Who is the good man helping Tobi?" he asked. The man chuckled softly. "Just call me Orochimaru." He said as he closed the door behind him.

One Year Later:

Hinata stood in front of Sasuke in her robe. Sasuke was lying down on their bed in only his jeans watching and waiting. Hinata walked over to him and lay beside him. "Hey there sexy." He said kissing her neck. A shudder of pleasure ran through her body. Hinata closed her eyes as Sasuke ran his hands along her curves. He reached around her and untied her robe. Hinata grabbed his hand and helped him. The robe slid off the bed and Hinata lay next to her boyfriend in only her bra and panties. She turned over and began kissing him passionately. Sasuke took this opportunity to pull Hinata closer to him and unhook her bra. Hinata unbuckled and unzipped Sasuke's jeans. He wiggled out of the pants and rolled onto his back with Hinata on top of him.

She smiled at him and allowed the bra to fall. Sasuke lifted it up delicately and placed it off the bed. Sasuke stared at Hinata's breast with admiration. She blushed and giggled. "Do you like what you see?" she asked him seductively. Sasuke smirked and nodded. "You know I do." He replied sitting up as he started to massage them. Hinata lifted her head a bit and closed her eyes at his touch. Sasuke looked at Hinata's face and smiled devilishly. He placed his mouth on her right breast and began sucking on it while continually massaging the left one. Hinata gasped as more pleasure flooded her body. Sasuke's tongue ran itself over her nipple exciting her. This continued for two more minutes before Sasuke switched breast. Hinata sat there enjoying it all knowing that soon it would be her turn to pleasure Sasuke.

Even through his boxers Sasuke could feel that Hinata was getting wetter and wetter with each passing moment. He decided to increase his teasing her and moved his right hand down to her wet pussey. He slid in his middle finger wiggling it around in the moist folds. Hinata began panting as her whole body shivered with pleasure. "Sas……sas……sasu…Sasuke! More give me more." She gasped. Sasuke smiled and released her breast. "Hinata you are one horny little girl." He smirked as he put his index finger in as well. Hinata closed her eyes blinded by pleasure. Her hands slid down her body and she took off her panties. Sasuke turned Hinata around so that her back was on the bed and he scooted down and parted her legs so that his face was at the entrances of her wet vagina.

He smiled and entered his tongue in slowly. Hinata sighed contently as Sasuke worked his magic. Hinata began touching her breast and lifted the right one to her mouth and sucked the nipple while massaging the left one with her hand. Soon she could feel an orgas.m coming on. She held it in for as long as possible before summing into Sasuke's mouth. Sasuke lapped at her sweet honey with gusto making sure none was wasted. He crawled along Hinata's body kissing her belly and chest as he made his way towards her face. Hinata wrapped her arms around the back of his neck and pulled Sasuke into a deep kiss. She could taste her own juices on his lips and in his mouth as their tongues battled each other.

Sasuke rolled over onto his back in the middle of their kissing battle to signal Hinata that it was her turn. Hinata looked into his eyes and smiled. She scooted backwards and pulled his boxers off. His stone hard coc.k was already erect for her and she immediately went to work. She grabbed the shaft with both hands and began massaging it. Pre-cum seeped out and she licked the head sending a wave of pleasure through Sasuke. "Oh god. Hinata please no teasing." He whispered. Hinata giggled softly and continued licking the head of his coc.k. Sasuke gasped with each lick. "Hinata you are so cruel." He said between gasps.

Hinata decided that it was time and took his member into her mouth and began sucking it, bobbing her head up and down in time with each suck. Her tongue slid its self back and forth around his member. Sasuke was holding back trying to last as long as Hinata, but ultimately he failed and he came hard in her mouth. Hinata had grown used to it and swallowed his seed greedily. Sasuke stayed hard as Hinata kept on sucking. "Screw this!" he said turning Hinata around so that they were in the sixty-nine position.

Sasuke stuck his fingers into her awaiting puss.y and played with her while she kept sucking him. They played with each others parts for the better of seven minutes. Sasuke began licking Hinata's clit making her pause briefly in pleasuring him. When she started again Sasuke could feel himself ready for another release. He went faster in his pleasuring of Hinata and both lovers released at the same time. Hinata crawled over to Sasuke and the two of them began kissing again. Their bodies were slick with small beads of sweat.

Sasuke turned Hinata around so that she was facing away from him and placed his hands on her hips. "Are you ready" he asked. Hinata turned to him. "Yes Sasuke. I want to feel you inside me." She said. Sasuke hard # entered Hinata from behind and she gasped as it spread the walls of her puss.y wide. Once Sasuke was in he began pounding away. "Faster Sasuke. Fuc.k me faster!" Hinata exclaimed. Sasuke sped up. "Harder. Faster and harder!" she demanded. Sasuke put himself into overdrive and pounded away like a madman. He felt the muscles of Hinata's wet puss.y tighten around his dick as they both released. Sasuke and Hinata screamed each others names as the juices flowed over and over.

Sasuke slowly exited Hinata and fell down next to her. They were both breathing heavily and took a short two minute break just kissing each other. Hinata looked at Sasuke and smiled. "I love you Sasuke." she whispered into his ear. He returned he smile with his own and kissed her. "Yea I know." He said. Hinata mounted Sasuke and began to slowly move up and his shaft before picking up in speed. Her breast bounced with each motion and Sasuke rocked his hips in motion with her while holding to Hinata's waist to retain some control over their love. Soon he came inside her sending his seed deep within her. Hinata came a few moments later before collapsing onto Sasuke's broad muscular chest.

The two lovers cuddle in each others embrace before pulling the covers over their bodies and falling asleep. It was the perfect night and nothing could ruin it.

Nagasaki, Japan:

"Tobi is the goodest boy ever." Tobito said as his bloody hands touched the insides of the body of the man that had freed him two years ago. "Tobi stopped the bad bad Orochimaru from hurting him. He lifted Orochimaru's heart out and placed it in a plastic bag labeled "Heart". He proceeded to take parts out of Orochimaru and place them in bags before placing them into the freezer. He then put Orochimaru's body into their car and drove to a nearby police station. He left the car and Orochimaru in the parking lot before running off back to his hideout. When he got there he heard foot steps and turned to see a naked man and woman walking towards him.

"Yo Tobito, where is Orochimaru at?" the man asked. The woman next to him was giving him a # with her right hand while her left arm was wrapped around his back. Tobi looked at them. "Tobi says that bad man Orochimaru was sent to the police." He replied. The man's eyes widened. "Why the hell is he at the police station?!" he yelled. Tobito looked quizzically at the man. "Tobi thinks that Pein should shut up and enjoy Konan's pleasure before Tobi takes her heart out." Tobito said gazing at the woman's chest. Pein and Konan stared at Tobito. They knew he was crazy and didn't want him to murder them in their sleep so they backed away back to their room.

Tobito went to his room and sat down on his bed. "Tobi is a good boy." He said as he went to sleep, eyes open still sitting.

I hope that you have enjoyed the first chapter. For those of you who enjoy lemons i have bad news for you. this was like the only lemon/lime chapter in the story. there might be minor lemon/lime scenes but its safe to say that if i do write more of them they wont come till much later in the story. REVIEW!!