When a Good Girl has a Bad Boy's Child

Chapter 4: France, Friends, and Freaks

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France International Airport (One Week Later)

Naruto and Ino stepped out the airport looking around for Shikamaru's limo that was coming to get them. "Ugh, that plane ride sucked and now your friend is late Ino." Naruto complained as he stretched out his sore muscles. Ino looked at Naruto and frowned. "Quit complaining Naruto." She said as she continued to look for their ride. All of a sudden they heard police sirens and looked down the street to see a squad of police escorting a stretch H3 limo. Ino sighed while Naruto stared in amazement. "Shikamaru…you're an idiot." Ino muttered under her breath as the limo stopped in front of the blond couple. Two police officers came out of one of the squad cars and stepped in front of the blonds.

"Naruto Uzumaki and Ino Yamanaka?" the tall one with a goatee asked the two. Ino nodded and showed the police officers their passports as confirmation of their identities. "Because of the nature and status of Prince Shikamaru Nara we must search you and your luggage before you are allowed inside." The shorter officer said. He had a scar running across his right eye which was still in place and seemed to be still functioning. "Oi, let them in you fucking idiots. If you spend all time checking them it'll be such a drag." said a bored voice from the inside the limo. The police officer whose tag read "McMullen" turned to the vehicle.

"But your highness-"McMullen started but was interrupted when the door opened. "Sup Ino, long time no see" Shikamaru stated with his bored foreign accent. Ino smiled at her friend. "The prince life doesn't suit you Shikamaru" she stated simply as he and she hugged. When they released Shikamaru and Naruto shook hands and he waved them into the limo. "Tell me about it. Being a prince is such a drag." He told them as they sat down and closed the door behind them leaving the police officers to pack their luggage into the trunk. Shikamaru was dress in dark baggy jeans with cuts on the side, a black t-shirt beneath a dark blue sleeveless vest and was wearing black sneakers.

He had his hair in a ponytail and was tattooed with a red ouroborus on the back of each hand. He sat laid back with his arms spread, resting outwards on top of the back of the other seats. Naruto just stared in amazement at the size of the limos inside. "This is fucking amazing" he stated opening the mini-bar as he started looking for a drink. "Just help yourself" Shikamaru stated looking at Naruto. Ino giggled softly. "So Shika, tell me what have you been up too?"

French Cuisine Restaurant

Tobito looked at the waitress that was serving him. "You look very beautiful mademoiselle." He told her. The waitress blushed and smiled. "Merci Mousier" she replied as she turned around and walked away. Tobito smiled manically to himself Yes, very beautiful. Your body shall be Tobi's. Tobi is a good boy and deserves your body. Wait and see. Tobi gets what Tobi deserves. Tobito thought to himself as he sipped his tea and continued to stare at the waitress' back. The door to the restaurant opened and in walked Konan and Pein side by side. Pein had his hand on Konan's ass while hers was on his. When they saw Tobito they immediately set off towards him. Tobito smiled and gestured for them to sit down.

"Is everything set up for Tobi's guests?" He asked the couple. Konan slid her hand into Pein's pants and began jerking him off beneath the table. Pein nodded, his face showed no emotion as his girlfriend pleasured him. Konan turned to face Tobito. "It's taken us a week to get everything that you asked for. Are you going to tell us your master plan now Tobito?" she asked. There was a zipping sound and suddenly Pein forced Konan's head down as he climaxed into her mouth forcing her to swallow his load. Tobito took another sip of his tea. "All in good time my friends. Tobi is a good boy. Tobi is a smart boy. Tobi placed naughty Orochimaru in jail remember." Tobito told them as Konan continued to suck off Pein.

The waitress came back and stared at the couple in surprise. "Wi-wi-will there be anything else mousier?" she asked Tobito. The black haired man shook his head and sipped his tea just as Konan finished cleaning Pein's shaft and zipping him back up. The waitress handed Tobito his bill and quickly walked off. Tobito smiled "She will be the first. Tobi deserves her body and Tobi gets what he deserves" he said to his companions as he stood up. The trio walked out the restaurant after Tobito paid his bill and left a gracious tip for the waitress. As they left a limo pulled up and out stepped two blondes and the prince of France. "Naruto you're drunk and it's only ten forty-nine in the morning." The female blond said to the male who smiled and laughed.

"Ino, I'm not *hic* not *hic* *hic* not I'm *hic* drunk." He responded as the three of them walked towards the restaurant. "Man Ino, your boyfriend is such a drag." The prince said to the girl called Ino. Tobito continued to stare at the two blonds as the police escorts got out their cars and started moving the crowd along. "Go on go on, there's nothing to see here." The officers told everyone. Tobito got one final glance as they walked into the Restaurant and smiled to Konan and Pein. "I found number two and number three" he said with a mischievous grin. The two lovers looked at each other and then towards their leader. "The blonds?" Pein asked. Tobito nodded. "The blonds" he confirmed as the trio set off down the sidewalk.

NaruIno POV

AS Ino, Shikamaru, and Naruto entered the restaurant Ino had to continually steady Naruto to keep him from falling or breaking anything. Shikamaru got them a booth and the three friends sat down. "Does he usually drink this much?" Shikamaru asked Ino who had placed Naruto's head on her shoulders as she delicately combed her fingers through his hair. Naruto's face was flushed and he had a grin plastered on his face. "No he doesn't. He's just trying to be funny." Ino said smiling softly as she kissed her boyfriend's forehead.

"What a drag" Shikamaru stated rubbing his shoulder. "This guy is going to be a pain. I can tell." Ino giggled at her friend's statement. "Yes Naruto is a pain most of the time but he's also very kind and considerate. He cares about me and my feelings." She told the prince. Shikamaru shrugged and waited for a waitress to come take their order. Ino just continued to stroke Naruto's head.

Australian Plains

"You little bastards!" Kiba yelled as he chased a small group of dingoes around with a machete. "Get back here!" he screamed. Hinata giggled as she and Sasuke watched the canine lover chase the wild animals. "You think we should tell him that he left his shoes right here, on the back porch?" Sasuke suggested with a shrug. Hinata shook her head. "No, this is more fun. He'll figure it out……eventually. The couple stood on the back porch and continued to watch the scene unfold.

Shikamaru's Castle Paris, France a few hours later

If it was possible to die from shock Naruto would have been six feet under when he saw Shikamaru's castle. "You live HERE." he stated with amazement. Shikamaru shrugged. "Yea, its such a drag to live in a big place like this. The only good thing is there are many places which I can hide from my mother and go to sleep." He told them as their police escorts were replaced with the palace guards. Servants came running out to get the luggage as Naruto, Ino, and Shikamaru made their way inside. "Oi, anyone home?" Shikamaru called out as they entered the main hall. There was the sound of pattering footsteps and Shikamaru groaned.

Looking up to the balcony the three young adults saw a middle-aged woman looking down at them. "Good evening darlings" she greeted them. "Sup mom." Shikamaru greeted absentmindedly. "Konbanwa Nara-sama" Naruto and Ino greeted bowing their heads respectfully. The queen smiled at their greeting. "At least SOME young people know how to treat their elders." She said stoutly before clapping her hands twice. Two handmaidens appeared at her sides in moments. "Make sure my son and his guest are comfortable and please don't allow them to break anything." She instructed. Shikamaru sighed and led his friends down the hall towards the stairs leading up to his room.

They entered the chamber and sat down on the comfortable chairs while Shikamaru turned on the television switching to the foreign channels looking for something interesting to watch. "How rich are you?" Naruto asked as he gazed at the ornate pictures, jewels, weapons, and trinkets the decorated Shikamaru's room. "Naruto!" Ino exclaimed hitting him on the head. "It's impolite to ask someone how much money they have." She informed her dense boyfriend. "Gomen ne saigas Ino" he apologized scratching the back of his head sheepishly. Shikamaru shrugged. "Meh, he can ask. I don't really care. I have no money at all. My father has all the money." He answered finally setting the TV on the shogi channel. "Where's the bathroom at?" Ino asked Shikamaru.

He pointed to a door on the other side of his room. When she left Shikamaru turned his attention to Naruto. "So, Naruto Uzumaki huh? How'd you eve land a girl like Ino. After everything she's been through I thought she was done with men." He said absentmindedly. Naruto looked at Shikamaru strangely. "You mean what happened between her a Jugo, right?" he asked with a slight frown. Shikamaru shrugged. "Not only Jugo, but also Hidan, a religious figure from when she was a small girl physically and sexually abused her." Shikamaru informed the blond. Naruto frowned and looked down at the floor. "She never said anything to me." He said sadly. "She kept it all bottled up inside. "When I did find out what the bastard Jugo had done I killed him." He told Shikamaru.

Shikamaru nodded and took out a cigarette placing it in his mouth but not lighting it. "I know what happened. It was all over the news and Ino had told me as well." He replied playing with the cigarette with his mouth. "I'm glad she finally found someone who actually cares about her feelings and treats her well. You're a good person Naruto Uzumaki. Don't hurt her, ok." He told the young man across from him. Naruto nodded "Don't worry you can count on me Shikamaru." He reassured the prince. Ino came out of the bathroom and walked over to both males and gave them each a hug, kissing Shikamaru on the cheek and Naruto on the lips.

She had been listening to their conversation through the door and was happy that both of them cared for her. Shikamaru cared for her as a best friend while Naruto cared for her as his girlfriend. "Thank you both." She said to them as she sat down next to Naruto and cuddled against his chest wrapping her arms around his waist. Naruto smiled and kissed Ino's forehead as he wrapped his right arm around her back pulling her closer to him. "I love you Ino." He told her. "Hai, I love you to Naruto" she replied. Shikamaru just looked at the couple. "What a drag, if you two are going to get all mushy and lovey-dovey do it in your own rooms, ok." He told them as he turned his attention back to the shogi game on the television. The blond couple just smiled and kissed each other once more as they too began to watch the game.

Tobito's Hideout

Tobito, Pein, and Konan walked through the hideout silently. "So do we have our first sacrifice." A voice came from the altar. There was a figure kneeling down in front of the altar praying to the statue. "Yes we do." Pein said as he and Konan walked off away from the altar to their room. Tobito walked up to the altar and stood behind the man praying. "Remember our deal. Tobi gets what he deserves and Hidan can have the rest." Tobito told the man. Hidan stood up and gazed at the religious statue. "Don't worry. I'll keep my end of the bargain if it gives me useful sacrifices for the Dark Lord, Lucifer." He replied as he pulled out a ceremonial dagger and stabbed it into the heart of a sheep he had placed at the foot of the altar's statue. "Well then, let's get this party started." Tobito said with a smile.

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