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Lucky Days

Chapter One: Bargaining Chip For A 1.00 Notebook.


This wasn't the coolest movie, or one of the hottest things ever in Sayu's opinion as she was thrown into the back of the truck with duck-tape on her lips and her hands tied behind her back. No, in Sayu's opinion this was another day that was going to be full of bad luck.

There were two thugs in the back of the truck keeping an eye on her and another two driving. Sayu had to admit it would have been better to have three instead of wasting an extra member, but if this guy was thinking about possibilities, then the third would take over if one of the thugs in the back somehow died.

Somehow meaning without Sayu's will because only god knew that she couldn't kill. She couldn't kill at all, nor could she hurt someone. She couldn't. She was too sensitive to even try doing something so evil.

But if she wanted to, the two people on her hit list if she had one, would be the mastermind and the god of the new world.

Yeah, those two really needed to die somehow. Just not with her around so she would be suspected.

The trip was very long and boring, but once the truck stopped, Sayu was all to pleased to finally be able to stretch her legs, even if she was being dragged out of the truck and into the hideout. The minute she set foot into the hideout, Sayu was amazed almost about how nice it looked from the inside, the outside was a total disaster, but the inside was roomy and nice.

There were a few guys working on surveillance from what Sayu could see and two of the leaders were on the couch. The blond was watching her with a sadistic look in his eyes and insane smile, but Sayu had to ignore that and go for the looks. If she was blind or at least terrible at genders she would say that the boy in black was a girl.

The bald guy on the other hand, was just watching her. She supposed that one of them was the leader and the other the right hand guy. If she watched them with scared eyes, she wasn't about to trust them, even if the duck-tape was off of her mouth at this moment...

The boy with the blond hair picked up the phone and dialed a number. Three of the thugs laughed softly. After the blond announced to whoever was on the other line that the other hostage died, Sayu was scared. More scared then when she first entered the place. "The notebook will now be traded for Sayu Yagami." The boy told the others.

Sayu blinked. Notebook? She felt herself being thrown in front of something, and one of the thugs turned on the t.v to a random station. She was confused and scared, what notebook? Why did they want something so stupid? What notebook could be so fucking special that they just had to kidnap her to be a bargaining chip in all of this?

The boy with the blond hair stood up and walked up close to her. "Too bad you can't smile." He told her interestedly. "This would have been a good picture to take."

Sayu stared at him. What language was he speaking? He clicked the camera phone and sent the picture with lighting fast speed. Sayu stared at him. What the hell? What is up with this?!

The boy glanced at her and then said, "Forgot you don't speak English, sorry about that." He sneered. This time she understood and narrowed her eyes. She had a few things she all to well wanted to scream at this boy.

The boy typed in a number and put it to his ear. "Matt..." The rest was in total English. Sayu didn't bother to even try to think about what they were saying. She wasn't very fluent in English at all. In fact the only best grade she got was Chinese.

"Well," The boy looked at her. "What to do with you pretty one."

Oooh, if she had the duck-tape off of her mouth, she would have to tell him off to that. Sayu glared at him heatedly. She was not pleased in the very least that she was being taken hostage for a stupid thing you could pay a dollar for.

"Hmmm..." He paced and then said. "Here's an idea." He grabbed her by the arm and lifted her up as if she was nothing. Some of the thugs thought that was hilarious for some reason. They started laughing. He dragged her downstairs and tossed her into an empty room. "This would do you good."

Sayu narrowed her eyes at him, oh really? She glared, and she wanted nothing better to do but to make sure that he understood that she was not happy with him. The boy frowned. "Let's see what you have to say." He tore off the duck-tape off of the girls lips and the first thing she said, wasn't what he expect.

"Bastard." She gasped. She looked at him cold in the eyes. "A notebook? All of this for a stupid notebook?!"

The boy laughed and shut the door behind him, obviously because he didn't want them to overhear what he had to say. "If you were smart, you would know that the notebook I'm after is Kira's."

"Kira kills with a notebook?" Sayu burst out laughing. "Out of all the things I heard before, this isn't one of them."

"What?" He blinked.

"Some say that he's a doctor and others that he's a prison guard, some say that he moves around and spreads his ideals to the ones he thinks are worthy and they do it too so Kira isn't just one person." Sayu concluded. "But a notebook that can kill? You're just joking."

The boy laughed and Sayu had a deep feeling that she was being mocked. And she still had her pride, so she didn't honestly like that.

"Only if you knew what you were saying." He said. "You wouldn't be saying it at all. What? Doesn't your brother or your father talk about anything to you?"

"Not about their cases, that's Light's territory seeing that he wanted to be in the NPA." Sayu replied, hoping she wasn't giving out too much information. But then again, it was going to prove futile seeing how he already knew, and knew well.

The boy paused and then said, "Hmm." He actually thought for a minuet and then said, "Too bad all in honesty." He turned on his heel and was about to walk away when he heard Sayu call out to him. He glanced. "What?"

"What do you mean?" She asked.

"What the hell do you think I mean? I seen your grades, you should be smart. Geeze, and I thought women couldn't be any stupider." He turned the knob and shut it, leaving Sayu into the darkness that she was accustom too.