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Chapter Six: A Weak Promise for a Strong Bond pt.2


Sayu couldn't remember the dates, but she remembered the time when her mother and Light were talking over the phone. She was suppose to be in bed, sleeping numbly, but the telephone had awoken her. She wanted to know what was going on. She quietly opened the door and peeked through the crack to listen.

"Light? Sweetie, you sound like you're crying. What happened? Is it Misa?"

Sayu gripped the door knob tightly when she heard the next sentence. It was nothing but shocked. "He's dead?"

No one had to tell Sayu the next morning that her father died. No one had to tell her that it was Mello's doing. No, no one had to say a word to her. In fact, that's all she wanted. She didn't want to be told that Mello had slaughtered her father, she didn't want to be told that Light was going to revenge him. She didn't want to be told at all. Nothing.


Its been a few years since then, Sayu came back to Tokyo. But there, she met tragedy too. It was a cold morning in January when she heard on the news inside a local cafe that some Kira-Worshiper spokesperson had been kidnapped. No one had to tell her that she knew that it was Mello's idea. But late at night, she had to admit one thing.

It wasn't Mello's fault.

Matt got out of the car, and no one would tape what he said. But Sayu had a feeling he was being cocky, being stupid, being an idiot. So many shots, so many. And it all hit him. There was no chance in hell that he was going to be okay. There was no chance that he was going to survive. No one had to say a word.

And even though she only met him for two days when she was kidnapped. He was the most easiest guy to talk to. The most wonderful person in the world. There wasn't a comparison.

So, after she watched his death.

She cried.

Not just for Matt, but for Mello too.


Preview for Lucky Break ch1

Mello lost everything he had. He lost his best friend, power, and he lost to Near form the biggest case that he risked his neck for. Yet, he gained something. He knew that he might not be able to love her, but after all that she did for him, and leaked information for him, even without Near's idea, made him want to try. Yes, he wasn't going to lie like Light and say that he loved her. He was going to tell her the truth.

But that stopped when he crossed paths with her again.