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Bella took a long look at the god lying beside her. With his perfectly chiseled face and the strands of bronze hair that fell over his closed eyes…she'd be lying if she said he wasn't beautiful. On their own accord, her eyes ran down his body and watched in fascination as his chest rose and fell while ragged breaths left his mouth; much like herself.

Edward felt her gaze on him and flipped open his eyes, willing her to look up. And she did.

As brown orbs connected with the emerald sea, Bella felt…different. They'd done this many times before, but something had occurred…or rather someone had said something to send her mind on a whirl…causing her to think. Now as she lay on the bed, with nothing but the sheets to cover her exposed body, she tried to remember how they'd gotten here in the first place. How two best friends had traveled down an unexpected road…because one was afraid of commitment.

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