"Damnit!" muttered Bridget as she tossed her chips down on the blackjack table in frustration. Lost again. What else was new? That's all she seemed to do anymore. Lose. Story of her life. She got up from her chair and picked up her shimmering gold purse that matched her dress. Tossing the strap over her shoulder she walked away from the table. A trip to Vegas seemed like a great idea. A chance to get away and have a good time. So far it wasn't going that way. Nothing seemed to cheer her up. It was hopeless. She was having a miserable time.
Bridget was lost in her thoughts when suddenly someone collided with her and spilled their drink all over her dress.
"I'm sorry." The person said. "I'm so sorry"
"This is just great!" exclaimed Bridget. "This dress is expensive"
"I'm sorry." the person said again apologetically. "I'll pay for the cleaning"
"Forget it." said Bridget as she dug in her purse to find something to wipe off the drink.
"Here let me help you..." The person said as they found some napkins.
"Thanks." replied Bridget as she cleaned off her dress. She looked up and saw who had spilled on her.
This incredibly gorgeous guy was standing in front of her. He had blonde highlights in his hair and piercing blue eyes. Bridget groaned to herself. No. No. She didn't need this. God why! She thought to herself. "Uh thanks for the napkins"
"You're welcome." The handsome stranger replied. "You okay?"
"I'm fine." said Bridget.
"I'm sorry about your dress...I didn't mean to..."
"It's okay. Don't worry about it."
"Is there anything I can do? Can I at least buy you a drink or something"
Bridget sighed. "Look I'm not in the mood to be picked up. Thank you very much for helping me clean my dress. I'm fine now. Good bye"
"Wait.." The stranger said gently grabbing her arm. "I swear I'm not trying to pick you up or anything..Please let me buy you a drink. It's the least I can do. After all I ruined your dress."
Bridget was going to say no but changed her mind. What the hell. Why not? What's the worst that could happen? She was already at rock bottom. She couldn't sink any lower. "Okay." She said. "If you insist"
"Great." smiled the stranger. Bridget noticed his killer smile as he took her arm and lead her into the casino lounge. Great. Just what she needed. They found a table and he left to go over to the bar and order their drinks. Bridget's eyes watched him and took note how great his ass looked in those black khakis and how his matching black shirt hugged his body. Well he was definitely hot. He seemed nice so far. But she fell for that before.
"Here you go." He said as he arrived back at the table and set down their drinks. "I ordered you a strawberry daiquiri. I hope that's okay"
"It's fine. Thank you." said Bridget.
The stranger studied her as she sipped her drink. He noticed she looked a little sad.
"Everything okay"
"You don't seem fine"
"Is that so?" She asked as she took another sip. "You don't think I'm fine"
"No I don't. You look sad. What's wrong"
Bridget laughed sarcastically. "Yeah. I'm sure you really want to hear my problems"
"I'd like to help if I could"
"Really? Why? You looking to get laid"
"Excuse me"
"I know how it is." said Bridget sitting her drink down. "I tell you what's wrong. You act like you care.
You put on this big act like you are really concerned. You tell me that everything will be okay and will work out. I fall for it and you then get me into bed"
"Well you can relax because that's not what I'm planning"
"Of course. You're not going to tell me that. It's part of the plan"
"What's with you? You treat everyone who is trying to be nice to you like this"
"You're not trying to be nice. You're trying to find a way to have sex with me"
"Wow." He said. "Something must have really happened for you to be so jaded"
"So now you think I'm jaded"
"Yeah I do. Come on. Tell me. What happened"
"I'm not telling you my problems"
"So instead you are just going to snap at everyone who wants to help you"
"Why do you care?" asked Bridget.
"Because despite your cold demeanor I can tell you are hurting. It would help you if you talked about it"
"To you? I don't even know you"
"What are you doing in Vegas"
"I wanted to get away. I thought it would do me some good"
"Not turning out like you planned"
"No. Not really. I'm having a miserable time"
"I'm sorry"
"It's okay. It's not like anything in my life is turning out like I thought"
"Well sometimes things happen for a reason"
"I suppose. I guess there was a reason for him to dump me for my sister. I should have known better.
I mean I knew that they had hooked up awhile ago. It was just a one night stand. Like most of my sister's trysts are." Bridget said rolling her eyes. "I thought he was..I don't know...I liked him. I thought it was all over between him and Felicia. I thought that he loved me. I thought he wanted a life with me. Was I ever wrong. Didn't take long for Felicia to make her move and snatch him away. The one night stand they had produced a child. Of course she used that to her advantage. I should never have gotten involved with Dante. I should have known better but I was stupid"
"You weren't stupid."
"I feel stupid."
"You're not. And you shouldn't feel that way. It was a rotten thing for your sister to do to you. I can't believe she would do that to you. Her own sister"
"We're not close." replied Bridget as she sipped her drink again. "We never were to be honest"
"She's probably jealous of you." He said.
"Jealous? What makes you think that"
"Well it appears that she didn't care about this Dante guy until he hooked up with you. She hated that you seemed happy with him. She wanted that for herself."
"Maybe." said Bridget.
"Trust me. She wouldn't have given this Dante a second look if she hadn't seen how happy you were. I'm betting it probably won't last long. I bet he'll come crawling back to you in no time"
Bridget shook her head. "I don't think so. They are planning on getting married. But even so I don't think I would want him anymore"
"Why not"
"To be honest...and this doesn't excuse what they did to me...I wasn't all that crazy in love with him.
He was nice and we had fun together...and I really did like him a lot. But love. That wasn't really something I felt for him. Of course that doesn't mean it doesn't hurt any less"
"I know." He said sympathetically. "I'm sorry"
"Look it was nice talking to you. I'm sorry if I was rude before"
"It's okay. I understand"
"I'm going to head up to my room. Thanks for the drink"
"No problem"
Bridget got up from her chair and headed out the lounge. As she walked towards the elevator she thought about the handsome stranger she had just poured her heart out to. She had no idea why she did. Something about him made her feel like she could tell him anything. And he really did seem to care. Why she had no idea. But it didn't matter. She was sure that she was never going to see him again.
Deacon sat in the lounge and finished up his drink. He thought about the girl he had just met and what she told him. No wonder she was miserable. He couldn't fathom having a sibling pull something like that. No wonder she wanted to get away. He thought that Dante guy was a real fool. The girl was beautiful. Very beautiful. And that gold dress she was wearing molded her body perfectly. She looked like a goddess. Even though she had been cold at first...there was a real sweetness in her. After she had let her guard down a bit...it came through. He didn't blame her for being skeptical of him at first. She had every right to be after what she had gone through. He just wished there was something he could do. Something to bring happiness to her beautiful blue eyes. She was heartbroken and her pride had been hurt. He would love nothing more than to make it all better.