Brooke looked up as their was a knock at her door. "Yes." She said at the young woman standing in the doorway.
"Hi. I'm here about the assistant job. The receptionist told me I could go right in."
"Oh yes. Right." smiled Brooke. "Please come in. Have a seat."
"Thank you."
"So." Brooke said picking up the file on her desk. "You are Diana Marshall."
"I am." smiled Diana nervously.
"You used to live in Vegas. I see."
Diana nodded. "With my daughter."
"You have a daughter?" inquired Brooke.
"Yes. Mandy. She's...she's my whole life." Diana said fondly.
"I know the feeling." said Brooke.
"Look. "said Diana. "I feel I should be straight with you. I'm not sure you will want me to work here after I tell you this but I should just get it out in the open."
"What would that be?" asked Brooke.
Diana sighed. "I'm that Diana."
"That Diana?" Brooke repeated confused. "What do you mean?"
"The one who used to date Deacon. A long time ago. Pretty much the evil bitch who broke his heart. I'm sure your daughter mentioned me."
Brooke thought a minute. "Oh...yes. I remember her telling me about you. You're right. I don't think it would be a good idea for you..."
"Please. Hear me out. I want you to know something. I am in no way after Deacon. I swear I'm not. I don't want to destroy your daughter's marriage. I'm glad she's married to Deacon. She is so much better for him that I ever was. She loves him. I didn't. I was...I was messed up for a long time. Partying. Men. I was selfish. I led a very selfish self absorbed life. I even did a brief stint in rehab. And you might as well know...I did a "movie" if you want to call it that. It was called Party Girls Come Alive. I regret it more than you know. But that all changed. When I found out I was pregnant with Mandy. It all changed. I can't explain it. I just knew that I had to stop destroying my life. I had someone else to think about. And I've done my best to keep my life on track and provide the best I can for my daughter. I also want you to know that Deacon is not Mandy's father. He's not. I know who her father is. His name is James Whitfield. When I told him I was pregnant you know what his reaction was...Yeah so? That's the look I got and the response I got. Yeah so. I tried to get him involved in her life but he just didn't care. He wasn't even there when she was born no matter how hard I tried to get him to the hospital. He saw her a few times but had little interest in her. My daughter is too young to know him but I never kept him from her and and I wouldn't do that even he one day decided he wanted to be in her life. I tried to get child support from him but that was pointless. He barely sends me anything. It's a struggle but I'm doing it."
"Wow." said Brooke. "That does change things. I'm still unsure that you should be here. I don't want to put personal feelings in this but I do have to think of my daughter though. This is our family company. I don't want her to be uncomfortable to be in this building if you are here. She may not like the idea of you having access to Deacon. I know that you told me that you don't have any interest in him and I believe you but my daughter may not. And I have to think of her feelings. You do understand that."
Diana smiled. "I do. My parents would be the same way."
"Your parents have a company?"
"No. Mom and Dad live in Milan. Dad works for a big textile company. They wanted him to head up their office in Milan."
"I see. Any company I may know?"
"Lewis Textile Enterprise."
Brooke nodded her head. "Yes I've heard of them. We have done business with them before."
"They are wonderful people." said Diana. "They've been there for me my whole life. No matter how much I messed up, they still loved me. Mom was the one who talked me into rehab. Dad found this really great place and terrific doctors and counselors. It did a world of good. They were so proud when I got out. I've been clean and sober for a a little over a year. Mom and Dad are like my rock. I don't know what I would do without them. They've helped me out financially with Mandy. I've tried to pay them back but I just get the check returned to me in the mail."
Brooke laughed. "They sound like terrific people."
"They are. I love them. Please Mrs. Roberts, I need this job. I know I could do it. I don't have anything right now. I had a job at a doctor office but after I told them about my movie, they dropped me. I was lined up with a modeling agency and when I told them...I was shown the door. I need something so I can provide for my daughter."
"You were with a modeling agency?" Brooke said intrigued.
"I got hired to model for a local store. Not much but it was something. But like I said it went to hell when I told them about that stupid movie. I never knew that it would come back to haunt me." sighed Diana. "Well it doesn't matter. I did it. I'm not proud of it. But there's nothing I can do about it. I promise you that I am not going back to that life again. I have Mandy to think about. She's all I care about. My whole world. I just want to give her everything I can. I know I can do this job. Please give me a chance."
"Well Diana I've heard everything you said and I will take that into consideration when I make my decision. There are other applicants for this job that we want to consider as well."
"I understand."
Thorne appeared at Brooke's doorway. "I'm sorry to interrupt but Brooke there is a problem with one of the designs. We can't get that blue silk you wanted. Ridge has an idea for another fabric but wants your input."
"Okay. I'll be right there."
Thorne saw who was sitting there. "Hello. I'm Thorne Forrester." He greeted.
"I'm Diana Marshall." She smiled. "I'm applying for the assistant job."
"Really?" said Thorne. He looked at Brooke. "Listen Brooke if you wouldn't mind, I could really use another set of hands down in shipping. Would it be alright if I brought Diana down as a temporary basis. At least until you make a decision."
Brooke sighed. "Well I suppose it would be alright. If you could really use the help, I won't object."
"Thanks Mrs. Roberts. I really appreciate it."
Brooke nodded and left. Thorne looked back at Diana. "Something wrong?"
"I just think she is hesitant about be working here. Considering my past."
Thorne smiled. "Hey we all have a past. Thing is to not dwell on it."
"I try not to." said Diana. "But it keeps coming back to bite me."
"Well forget about it. Come on. I have work for you to do."
"Yes sir." said Diana as she followed him.
Brooke was headed to Ridge's office and she watched Thorne leave with Diana.
She thought about what Diana said. She sounded sincere and she did believe her that she wasn't after Deacon.
If she was, she would have done something to destroy the wedding. Still Brooke was skeptical. Sighing she went into Ridge's office. "Hey." She said. "Thorne said there was a problem with the fabric for the design."
"Yes." said Ridge. "But I had an idea. How about this emerald green silk?" He said handing Brooke a sample of the fabric. Brooke fingered the material. "Wow. This is really nice. I like it. No I love it. I think it will be perfect. Where did you find it?"
"We had it in stock for awhile but I didn't know what to use it for. This just seemed like the perfect time to use it."
"I'm glad we had this. I think this will be perfect."
"So Logan." said Ridge. "How are you? How's the baby?"
Brooke smiled. "I'm wonderful and the baby is wonderful."
"I'm happy for you Logan. I really am."
"I know Ridge. I just hope someday you find someone."
"Not sure that will happen Logan. No one can compare to you."
Brooke laughed. "Well I'm sure you can find someone who is close enough."
"Not unless you have a clone." quipped Ridge. He turned to look at her. "Do you have a clone?"
"No I don't have a clone." giggled Brooke. "I just want you to be happy."
"I will be fine Logan. You just take care of yourself and that baby."
"I intend to..." Brooke felt a pain.
"Brooke...Brooke you alright?""
"I...Oh...Ridge..I think...the baby..." Tears started to weld up in her eyes. "The baby..."
Ridge quickly called 911 and then called Alex.
Brooke was sobbing in pain as the paramedics arrived with Alex in tow.
"What's going on?" asked a worried Alex.
The paramedic didn't answer as he checked Brooke. He frowned and then looked at Brooke. "I'm sorry Mrs. Roberts."
"Nooooo!" cried Brooke. "Noooooooo!" She broke into hysterical sobs.
Alex went to his wife. "It's okay. Brooke listen to me...We can have more kids..."
"Brooke please...calm down...breathe..." said Alex ignoring her tirade. "It will be okay. I'm still here. I'm not going anywhere. I love you."
"GET OUT!" Brooke shouted again with venom in her eyes. "I WANT YOU OUT OF HERE!
Alex turned to the paramedics. "Please get her to the hospital." He said. Brooke glared at Alex as they loaded her on the stretcher. She then reached for Ridge's hand and squeezed it.
Alex was puzzled by her behavior but said nothing. He didn't know why she would act like this but he understood. She really wanted this baby and was devastated it was now gone. That was all it was. He felt it was all his fault. God was punishing him. He was punishing him for his affair. Alex never meant for it to happen but it did. He couldn't help himself. Sherri was just...but Brooke. He loved her too. He had been torn and only a few days ago did he finally break it off with Sherri. When he found out Brooke was pregnant, he knew that he had to. He had a child to think about. He never planned to tell Brooke. He swore he would be a faithful husband. Now it could all come crashing down.

Bridget hung up the phone and wiped her tears away. Deacon came in the room and saw his wife crying. He hurried over to her. "Baby...what's wrong? What happened?"
"It's Mom." sobbed Bridget. "She...she lost her baby."
"Oh no. That's awful." said Deacon. "I'm sorry baby."
"She really wanted this child. More than anything." Bridget said blowing her nose in a tissue. "Who knows if she will get another chance."
"She has her grandson. The one you are carrying. That's something."
Bridget managed a small smile. "Yes. It is something. But Mom loves children so much. She just wanted one more. know this is not the first time this happened to Mom."
"Yes. Years ago. After I was born. She had a miscarriage. After her wedding to Ridge. It was horrible for her. She never liked to talk about it but I know she still thinks of that baby. And now it happens again."
"I'm sure your stepdad will get her through it. And she knows you will be there for her. Your whole family."
"I know. Mom is strong. She will pull through. But the thought of baby sister or brother. It was exciting. I was looking forward to being pregnant with Mom. Doing pregnant things with her. Bonding."
"Hey look, you never know. Maybe your Mom can still have that baby."
"I hope so." said Bridget. "She deserves that."
Deacon put his arm around Bridget. "I love you." He said kissing the top of her head.
"Speaking of Moms." said Bridget. "How is Gina? Have you talked to her? How does she like L.A.?"
"She said it's no Vegas but she is having a blast. She loves Rodeo Drive. She said your Aunt Donna has a great eye for fashion. She's having fun staying with her."
"I'm glad." said Bridget. "I thought she and Donna would hit it off. They way they were talking like old school friends after our wedding I figured she would enjoy staying with her for awhile. Your Mom is a lot of fun."
"Yes she is." agreed Deacon. "She was telling me she was thinking of moving to L.A."
"Really?" said Bridget. "I was hoping she would stay here in Vegas."
"I know but if that's what she wants."
Bridget frowned. "What's wrong?"
"Nothing. I just...I was hoping we could all be a big happy family here in Vegas. You and me and our child.
Daisy and Brett and your Mom."
Deacon smiled. "Look baby I don't think Mom is going to move. She loves Vegas and I don't see her moving. I'm guessing she just may get a place in L.A. to say if she wants to visit."
"I hope so. I want her to be in our child's life."
"Oh trust me." laughed Deacon. "She will be."
"Good." said Bridget. "I just hope Jason gets the hint and backs off. I don't want to deal with him or Jill. Dennis confirmed that so-called police report was fake. And found those pictures were fake. Not that I didn't already know that." She said stroking Deacon's hair. "I never believed her for a second. It's just nice to know that I can throw it in their faces."
"Don't you think about those two idiots." said Deacon. "You just concentrate on being the great mother you will be." He said placing a kiss on her lips. "I love you."

Jill stared at the pregnancy test in her hand. No. She couldn't. How could this be? She was always extra careful.
Jason. Jason was the father. How was she going to tell him?
This was going to ruin everything! Jason walked in and saw Jill with the test in her hand.
"What is that?" He asked.
"I'm pregnant." said Jill flatly.
Jason looked at Jill with no emotion. "Get rid of it."
"What?" said a stunned Jill. "I can't do that."
"Yes you can. It's simple. You make an appointment and it's done."
"Do you know what you are asking me to do?"
"I know exactly what I'm telling you to do." said Jason angerly. "I'm telling you to go abort that thing."
"That thing!" shrieked Jill. "This baby is not a "thing"!"
"You listen to me." Jason said menacing towards her. "I've worked to hard to let your slip up get in my way."
"MY slip up?" countered Jill. "YOU were there too!"
"You should have taken your damn pill. It's not my fault you were careless. Now you take care of this right now!"
"NO!" shouted Jill. "I won't. And you know what else. You can forget this stupid plan of yours. I'm out! I don't care anymore. You lost Bridget to Deacon. Tough shit! Not my problem!"
Jason grabbed her arm violently. "It IS your problem! You think I'm going to let some little hussy like you ruin this for me? Think again. Now you get your ass down to the doctor office and take care of this problem! Do it!"
Jill stared back at him with wide eyes. She normally could handle men when they got violent but this was a whole other level.