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It was quite a ceremony. Typical Vegas style one at that.

Gina wore a short white dress and veil while Mark wore a simple black tie and white shirt with a black sports jacket.
The vows were exchanged along with the rings. The pair was then pronounced husband and wife.
Mark planted a big kiss on Gina's lips holding her tight.

Bridget smiled watching the scene wearing her red maternity gown as she stood as a bridesmaid. Her pregnancy had advanced over the past couple of months while the wedding was being planned. It would not be too long before her son was born.
Finally they found out the sex of the baby. It was in fact going to be a boy.
Bridget was thrilled of course but had to endure Deacon's bragging of how he knew all along and how right he was. She couldn't take it anymore and told him to shut up about it.

Deacon was happy that his parents were together again. He felt like he had his family back. His father may have messed up but he owned up to it. He came back and faced the music. Deacon held no anger towards him. Knowing that he did attempt to keep in touch with him over the years helped. He had been upset with his mother for keeping that fact from him but knew that she was just afraid she was going to lose her son.
It all ended up working out in the end. They were once again a family.

The group marched out of the white wedding chapel and headed over to Lucky Hearts for the reception. The club was even a bigger hit since Mark came on board. He was a whiz as promotion and brought in even more customers and managed to land some investors to start up more clubs around the country.

Daisy and Brett were set up on stage to sing a special song for the married couple.

Bridget's family had also attended. Thorne brought along Diana. They were not dating but had become close friends which is what Diana felt she needed right now. A friend.

At first the Forrester heir was taken aback that Diana was even working at her family's company but eventually accepted it. The woman was trying to so hard to get her life back in order she deserved a break. Plus Bridget met her daughter Mandy and thought her just precious. She got to talk to Diana about why she had done what she did to Deacon.
Bridget was heartbroken to hear about the kind of life the Vegas girl used to lead. Partying, drinking, some drug use but not a whole lot. At least her life was changed since she had her daughter.

Jill had also managed to turn around her ways. She had a heart to heart with Deacon and apologized to him for all her wrong doings. Told him she did not blame him for hating her. She was evil and cruel. Jill also attempted making amends with Bridget. Telling her she should have seen what a vicious monster Jason was and should not have fallen into his trap. Both had accepted her apology and stated they were willing to forgive her.
Whether or not they could actually be friends was not something they could say for sure but they were both glad she was trying to piece her life back together.
Jessica had offered to give Jill a position at her magazine. At first the girl turned it down but then realized she needed to get a start somewhere. She wanted to go back to college. Make something of herself. So Jill agreed to the job and she loved it a great deal.
She and Jessica were getting close like mother and daughter. Jill's own mother died years ago and she had no idea what became of her father.
It was nice to have Jessica around for her doctor appointments and buying baby furniture and the like.

Brooke was there in support of Gina and Mark along with Ridge. They had become an item again. It happened on their first date out to the opera. And it was all Brooke's doing.
Ridge had walked her to the door and was saying good-night when Brooke just grabbed him and pressed her mouth to his in a deep kiss. The designer had been bewildered at first but then responded by kissing her back.
Not engaged or anything yet, Brooke was still happy having Ridge back in her life.

The music began as the newlyweds took to the floor.
Mark and Gina danced to one of their favorite songs that they felt was appropriate for the occasion. The song Reunited.

Brett and Daisy did a wonderful job with it. When the song was over, everyone applauded.

Everyone then took to the dance floor enjoying the music of The American Patriots.
Bridget could not do a whole lot of dancing in her condition but she did enjoy it all and was able to get a few slow dances in with her husband.

Overall they all had a wonderful time celebrating the union between Mark and Gina.

A couple of months later

Bridget was in the hospital screaming at Deacon that if he even thought of laying on hand on her ever again he would live to regret it. No way he was coming near her!
He ignored his wife's tirade and encouraged her to keep going. She could do this. She could. Just a little more. They were almost there.

Bridget replied by smacking him and saying "What do you mean "We" you dolt!"
Again he brushed it off telling her how great she was doing.
The doctor instructed Bridget to give one more push. She somehow managed to find the strength to do this and they all heard a cry.
Tears came to the new mother's eyes as the doctor held up her baby. He was so beautiful.

She turned to her husband. "Isn't he wonderful? I love you."
He brushed her cheek with his hand not informing her that just a few minutes ago she was yelling at him to never think of touching her again.

The baby was 7 pounds and 13 ounces. He was named Tyler Mark Sharpe.
Bridget and Deacon both insisted he have his grandfather's name. Mark had been touched by this.

Little Tyler was the pride of the family. Gina and Brooke both spoiled the child rotten as grandmothers normally did. Buying him this and that and Oh I saw this in the store it was so cute! FAO Schwartz was practically cleaned out when Brooke got a hold of them.
Eric Forrester admitted how incredible his grandson was and had a talk with Deacon about how sorry he was to ever doubt him. He was the best thing for his daughter.

Eric too took part in doting on the child. Showing him off to everyone at Forrester Creations. Saying one day he just may be running the place.

Stephanie Forrester adored the child and showed dozens of pictures to her friends bragging about how special Tyler was.

Bridget and Daisy did open their pediatric office. They loved being around the children and helping to treat their illness. The place had grown so popular that they added more staff. Two more doctors were brought on board. One in particular was Dr. Raymond Barkley. He was excellent with children always making them laugh. Putting them at ease when they had to administer shots. Some more nurses were hired.
It was a big hit.

Bridget was glad as it gave her more time to spend with her new family.

Tyler was a special gift she cherished and she had decided that she could now in fact forgive Dante and Felicia for their actions. She wanted to be close to her sister again.

And they did grow close. Felicia loved her new nephew. And announced to Bridget she in fact was having another baby. Bridget thought it was wonderful.

Everything had worked out in Bridget's life. It was a tough road getting there but it was worth it. And she owed it all to that one night in vegas.

The End!