Chapter 41: Double Trouble [Edited]

"Troy, Gabriella. Meet Ruth and Victor." Margaret introduced. "Well don't be rude. Say something"

Troy was the first to speak. "Hi Grandma. Hi Granddad"

"Grandma and Granddad. This is your grandson?" Margaret asked Ruth

"Why yes he is" Ruth replied

"Which one? The one who's still figuring out what to do in life?" Bruce asked

"Or the one that's captain of the basketball team at East High and still manages to keep up his grades"

"The second one" Victor said, somewhat proudly.

"Troy Bolton, it's a pleasure to meet you" Bruce said, holding out his hand. "We've heard many great things about you" he said, as Troy held out his hand.

"Well hang on a minute. This is your granddaughter? The intelligent student who has been top of her class in every school she's been to?"

"This would be the girl"

Suddenly they all started talking about the two and how they were wrong to judge and how they are great together.

"Um, should we go?" Troy asked.

"I want to but I'm afraid that when they notice we'll have hell to pay"

"They won't notice, not if we make a break for it right now" he whispered

Gabriella giggled.

"Well Troy, I haven't seen you in a suit since you're 10th birthday party that we threw you" Ruth told him. "You certainly clean up nicely"

"Thanks grandma"

"And this time Tami's not here to throw up leaving Troy to give her his shirt to clean up with"

"Why didn't you use a tea-towel or tissue?" Bruce asked

"We went to a little remote island. I didn't think to bring tea-towels and there were no napkins left" Ruth told them.

"So you let your little sister have your shirt to clean up with? That's so sweet" Margaret said in awe

"It was nothing, really"

"Oh, he's too modest" Bruce joked

"Well you two, don't just stand. Sit down; we want to know all about you Troy. And Gabriella I'm sure Ruth and Victor want to get to know you more"

"See, told you we should have made a break for it" Troy whispered from behind her, in her ear.

Gabriella just smiled as Troy pulled the chair out from underneath the table waiting for her to sit down before he took his own seat.

"Well, he's a gentleman. That's always good" Margaret smiled, as if she were counting points in her head. And he has just earned 2. This made Troy a little uncomfortable.

"Now, who shall we start with?" Margaret asked.

"Why don't we start with Gabriella, ladies first" Bruce suggested

"That's fine with me" Margaret agreed "Ask her whatever you wish"

Gabriella was already mentally killing her grandmother for saying that.

"So Gabriella, what are your grades at school like?" Ruth asked

"I mostly get A's – A*" Gabriella told them.

"Mostly?" Ruth picked up.

"Well in PE I get B's, but that's about it"

"And you're top of your class at every school you've been to we hear" Victor said as their food arrived.

"Well yes"

"Don't be shy about it. It's a wonderful achievement" Ruth told her.

"Thank you" Gabriella replied.

"What do you do outside of school?" Victor asked.

"Well, I study when I have exams coming up. Singing, I like singing, now more than ever. Being with my friends and family. Watching Troy at his basketball matches is something I've started doing since I've been here." She told them, not really sure what else to say.

"Well that's a range. It's good the way you balance your social life with your school life. Oh and your voice is amazing. So it's no wondering you like singing so much" Victor told her.

She blushed "Thank you"

"How do you know she has a wonderful singing voice?" Bruce asked.

"We saw them in a performance they did with the school. They were the main characters and had some singing to do"

"Why did we not get invited to this?" Margaret asked a little hurt.

"You were in Fuerteventura" Gabriella told them, not even having to lie considering they were.

"Oh darn it. Did anyone happen to tape it?" Margaret asked Ruth

"Oh don't worry. I had Duke tape it and he got everything"

"You sure?"

"Of course, I watched it back myself"


"We'll make a copy and come by tomorrow"

"Anyway, back to our grandchildren" Bruce said, reminding them of the two who had seemingly been forgotten about.

"Ah of course. Is there anything else you would like to ask Gabriella?"

"Nothing that I can think of, she seems like a classy lady" Victor told them

"Me either. It's a pleasure to meet you properly Gabriella. And hopefully this won't be the last time"

"Alright, now for Troy. And don't go easy on him. He can take it" Victor joked.

The table was consumed with laughter, aside from Troy and Gabriella

"Thank you Granddad, thanks" Troy smiled, knowing he was joking, but wondering whether they would take that as permission to come down on him. And considering he didn't see Gabriella laughing. He was worried.

It pretty much started off the same way as Gabriella's interrogation.

"What sort of grades do you get in school?" Margaret asked

"B's – A*'s" Troy answered

"In what subjects?" Bruce asked

"I get B's on average in Maths and Geography. A's in Science, History, RE and A*'s in English and PE." Troy answered.

"What grades do your friends get?" Margaret asked

"About the same, some get on average C's but that's still a pass"

Gabriella knew he was talking about Chad.

"And Gabriella, you're friends with these people too?" Margaret asked

"Yes Grandma. But he's getting the grades and is a great person"

"How close are you to this person, Troy?" Ruth asked.

"He's my best mate"

"Alright, how did you get to be captain of the basketball team?" Bruce asked

"Well my dad picks people who could be great at being captain and then leaves it to the other players to decide who they want as their captain"

"Do you order them around? Tell them what to do?" Bruce asked, continuing with the subject of him being captain.

"No, no it doesn't work like that. Well it could if I wanted it to be like that, but I think we should work as a team instead of ordering everyone around. That way we all put ideas on the table and we can combine them or use them for different teams on whichever works best."

"So you believe in teamwork?"

"Basketball isn't a one-man sport. It's a team sport, which means everyone has to get involved and no one feels annihilated for one reason or another. Working as a team is key. We all have to have each other's backs."

"Good advice" Margaret complimented.

"Where do you plan on going to college?" Margaret asked

"I haven't decided yet. I want to do a lot of things in college and I want to go to one that will have everything I would like to do"

"What would you like to do?" Bruce asked.

"Well I would like to go somewhere that would have basketball so I can improve there-"

"You're captain, why would you need to improve?"

"Even captains need to improve on their game. There's nothing you haven't learnt. Something new always comes around which you can learn."

"Very true, carry on" Margaret told him.

"Well, I would also like to go into Law maybe. Psychology as well, also something to do with performing"

"That's a lot of demands for a college"

"I know"

"Do you think you can handle it? It'll be different in college than to High School"

"Yeah I'm sure I'll be able to. If not I'll drop one, but law and psychology I think will really interest me and I've always loved basketball and I'm beginning to love performing too"

"Well if you love it then go for it" Margaret told him

Troy smiled.

"So Troy, how many girlfriends have you had in the past?" Margaret asked.

Now Troy started to get a bit worried. What if they asked a question he didn't have the answer to?

"None. Gabriella is my first girlfriend."

"Why did you wait?"

"I wanted to be with someone who was beautiful, intelligent and someone I knew from the moment I met them I wanted to know them more. This is what happened with Gabriella."

"What do you like about Gabriella?" Bruce asked.

Troy looked at him

"This might sound a little strange at first but hear me out" Troy told them.

They all nodded in agreement.



"I said hear me out" Troy told them, he knew Gabriella was awaiting an explanation.

"I don't just like everything about her, I love everything about her." Troy told them. "I love how at times she can be so confident and bold yet other times so shy and innocent. I love how she's always there for her friends and family and is so selfless she'll put them before herself. I love how her smile is so bright that you feel that all your problems are nothing to worry about, and just with a smile she can make you feel happier and better without even realizing it. I love hearing her voice every day. When we sang on karaoke I loved her voice then and I still love it now. I love the way she listens intently to what you have to say even if it means nothing. I love how she'll remember something so random that it makes it sweet. So, no I don't like anything about Gabriella, I love everything about Gabriella and most of all I love her"

Everything went silent after the speech.

"If you'll excuse me, I'll be outside to get some air" Troy told them and stood up and walked out into the back garden"

"Hey" Gabriella said from the doors, Troy turned to see her. She was red from all the blushing during his speech, but could see it fading as she came out into the open, apparently needing the air also.

"Hey" he greeted. They both sat down on the bench-swing which was facing away from the house "Well that was unexpected"

"Did you mean that? Everything you just said?"

"Of course, and sorry if I confused or worried you at the beginning there" he apologized

"No need for that. You made up for it with that speech"

"Why wouldn't you think I meant it?" Troy asked curiously, playing with her hair as she laid down her head resting on his knees.

"Well, I don't know really. No one's ever said anything like that about me before; I don't know I guess I'm not used to it. But it was really sweet"

"I meant every word"

"I know, I could tell. I love you too Troy"

Troy smiled.

Back indoors they were already talking about what Troy had said.

"I wasn't expecting that" Margaret said.

"I don't think he was either" Victor told them.

"Your grandson seems like a very nice boy. Who seems to love our granddaughter"

"You know I really think it would kill them if they were ever made to leave each other"

"Well then we have to make sure that doesn't happen. Because I am not letting my granddaughter's heart get broken"

"Nor my grandson"

The two women swore.

"We just wanted to say goodnight, it's getting late and we ought to be getting home" Troy said.

"Oh Troy" Bruce called standing up.

Troy turned to face him.

"Um, what you said about Gabriella, well it was something I'll never forget, I know you didn't need it before ad even if I hadn't given it before the night was over you would carry on as normal. But you have my blessing to be together. You'll need to come back for another blessing for other things. But I want you to know that I'm happy that you are with Gabriella." He told them.

"Thank you Mr. Montez. That's, that's a big relief" Troy told him.

He nodded and went to sit back down.

"Well, goodnight everyone" Troy bid.

"See you soon" Gabriella smiled sweetly

"Night you two. Drive safe" Margaret called before they left.

"What do we do now?" Gabriella asked

"Well, it's only 9:30, why don't we finish re-decorating your house?" Troy suggested.

"Sounds good to me" Gabriella smiled.

Troy and Gabriella finished somewhere around 10:30 – 11:00pm.

"Well that was faster than I expected" Gabriella said, putting the paint brush in the sink

"Yeah, we would have got it done faster if someone hadn't chased me with paint"

"Payback for the cream"

Troy laughed "That seems like ages ago now"

"I know what you mean" Gabriella agreed "Hey, what did happen to that cream?"

Troy didn't answer. She looked round and he sprayed the cream in her face once more.

"Troy Bolton!"

"Revenge is sweet" he laughed as she chased him round the house, careful not to mess anything up. Gabriella was chasing him with the cream he sprayed on her.

They got to her bedroom where Troy decided it was time to stop and go to sleep considering the day they've had. He was getting sleepy. He knew Gabriella would have other plans though so he turned and caught her hands with intertwined them with his own.

"I'm getting sleepy"

Gabriella yawned, indicating she agreed with him.

"I'm going to wash my face and then I'll be back" she told him, but Troy didn't let go of her hands.

Gabriella whined and pouted. Troy just laughed.

"Don't bother. Do that in the morning"

"But then I'll get cream all over my pillows"

"I will personally wash them for you tomorrow" he promised, wiping some more off her face so less would get everywhere.

Gabriella yawned again

"And from the looks of it at this rate you won't make it to the bathroom anyway"

She stuck her tongue out at him.

"Oh yeah, real mature" he said, laying them both down"

"Mmhm, night"

"Night, love you"

"I love you too"

Ava had come back early from her business trip. She was told that her house was ready to move back into and was not looking forward to the work she would have to do.

She was shocked to find that everything had been restored to the way it was. When the police had phoned they said that there was a lot of work that had to be done and they were sorry they couldn't do it themselves. Not that she expected them too.

"Who could've done all this?" she wondered.

As she walked around the house she saw everything in place.

She went upstairs to see if Gabriella was in her room or at Troys. She smiled when she saw them sleeping soundly. She didn't exactly know why they were covered in cream, but considering most of it was on Gabriella's face she thought it might have something to do with Troy. She laughed. Then she saw that they were also pretty much covered in paint, and she smiled realizing that they had done all the work and found the time to go shopping. She also had a phone call from her mother-in-law. How they had done all of it in one day she couldn't be sure.

But she was sure that she would have to do something to thank them tomorrow.

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