Title: We can handle being girlfriends.

A tale by Shelby Bussard

There they sat, Toni Raiden and her sister Kiki Raiden. They held the same books in their hands, sliding their thumb through the next page and then turning at the same time.

"Ugh! I want to do something!" Kiki yelled slamming her book shut.

"We could go hunting," (pause the book) Toni and Kiki Raiden were half vampires and still choose to go hunting. (Just wanted to give you some detail…….. unpause) Toni suggested sticking her American Flag book mark in between two pages.

"We can't, the entire human hunter's killed the bunnies and deer, even the grizzlies in some states. There's barely any left to eat!" Kiki complained. Suddenly, Eric and Ray Richards came walking up their brick path with big smiles. Eric Richards, boyfriend of Toni Raiden, and Ray Richards, boyfriend of Kiki Raiden.

"You girls look a little thirsty," Ray guessed. Eric and Ray Richards, also vampires.

"We are!" Kiki answered in a nasty tone,

"Well you guys have a forest right across from your house, and did that ever cross your mind?" Eric teased. Toni smirked,

"It did."

"All the hunters killed and took all the bunnies and deer, even grizzlies." Kiki explained, Eric and Ray walked over and sat on the wooden swing next to Toni and Kiki. Ray and Eric put their arms around Toni and Kiki and hugged them tightly!

When they let go slowly Toni and Kiki stared at them, "Ok what kind of trouble are you guys into now?" Kiki asked them.

"What? Can't we hug our girlfriends with out there being something wrong?" Ray asked, "No." Toni and Kiki said crossing their arms waiting for an explanation.

Eric and Ray dangled their heads,

"Ok…" Eric said; Eric and Ray got up and stood in front of Toni and Kiki. Toni and Kiki prepared themselves, "We sorta… sorta… killed some… thing…" Ray began.

"Something?" Kiki asked,

"Some… One" Eric whispered, Toni and Kiki dropped their jaws.

Eric and Ray were about to do something like they had planned, "I love you!" They both said.

"Ohhhh no!" said Kiki,

"Don't be pulling the 'I love you' crap on us now!" Toni finished, Toni and Kiki jumped up and Eric and Ray flinched.

"What were guys thinking!?" Kiki yelled.

"Would you just…" Eric tried to say,

"How could you kill a human?" Toni interrupted.

"We have a…" Ray tried to talk,

"Ugh!" Toni and Kiki yelled.

Eric and Ray exhaled; Toni and Kiki put their hands on their hips and waited for a response.

"Toni, Kiki. The reason why we HAD to kill them was because… They threatened to…" Ray stopped.

"They threatened to kill you, he said he knew Toni and Kiki Raiden, and he said if we stood in his way he would kill us and then go to you!" Eric finished. Toni and Kiki dropped their hands to their waists and looked at each other with straight faces. Toni and Kiki looked down at the floor; they suddenly walked over and threw their arms around Eric and Ray's shoulders.

"We love you too!" Toni and Kiki whispered in to Eric and Ray's ear.

536 words!