Your destiny, your very being lies within the twist of that rope.
As you wait, it seems like it cannot enclose your neck fast enough. It swings in the breeze, seemingly innocent. Far from it.
It has slaughtered many innocents, many who did not deserve to die. But you aren't innocent, are you? You've stolen. You've killed.
For the good of the people, perhaps, but that does not make it right.
"You're going to die... Robin Hood can't save you now"
He's right. You know he's right, because Robin Hood isn't lurking nearby, an arrow already strung, ready to spirit you away to Sherwood Forest. To make you an Outlaw.
Because he's already used that trick. And it only brought you right back here. You're ready to die. Perhaps it's your time? It's your destiny. It's meant to be.
You're already tortured, broken beyond repair. "Beyond even Djaq's amazing talent..." You have to accept it. Embrace it. Because that's your immediate future.
Darkness and blackness;
Blackness and darkness and death.
She waits for you, lurking just out of sight, in the shadows. Her voice resounds within the twist of that rope. She's waiting.
She won't wait forever. She's becoming impatient.
The noose is placed around your neck, and there's a strange sense of deja vu. But it's different. There's no-one beside you. No crowd. No gallant Outlaw to rescue you.
There's just you and death.

The noose tightens.
The floor falls from beneath you.

For a moment, you finally grasp the concept of flight. And with that moment of clarity, comes a deep peace.
You can die now.

And you do.