Sometimes I get a quick glimpse of a funny scene in my head, and in hopes I can draw it out.. sometimes I write it down to remember. This is one of those.

Nick's new computer:
An open box, leaflets and registration cards strewn about and the distinct smell of electrical fire.
Two young girls huddled together edging for the door slowly.
Our hero?
He's the one waving a Magatama at a smoking screen, shouting something to the effect of 'Demons be gone.
Call 911?
No objections there.

A/N: This is not my handiwork; my husband wrote this in response to the Nick's new computer ficlet that was recently posted. His take on how that scene would play out. If I were to set my hand to writing a Phoenix Wright fic... who knows what will come of it. So I'm staying out of the fandom for now, much as I love it. I'm posting this for him, since he has no account here and no desire to start one. Oh well.