:-:-: Vampiric Desires is now on... hiatus. :-:-:

:-:-: 7 Chapters.

:-:-: 16826 Words.

:-:-: 205 Reviews.

:-:-: 32,321 Hits.

:-:-: 4 c2s.

:-:-: 131 Favs.

:-:-: 281 Alerts.

:-:-: Reason for Hiatus: Lack of interest would be the first thing. Lack of interest from me. Problem is that if I'm not interested in a story that I'm writing, it's terribly hard to write. "I'll Eat You Alive" is taking up most my time & and I really enjoy writing that story. There are a bunch of plot related problems in this story that I have to go back and fix. I don't know how I'm going to fix it without changing the entire plot, but I have to try... I find it hard to write two stories at once, as well. I'll end up writing something entirely stupid that belongs in a different story and I really don't want that to happen.

Forgive me. I'm... only human. (damn!) Oh... that reminds me, my quote database (my head) is remembering something...

"Would you understand what I meant if I said I was only human?"

... do you know who said that? Bet you do. Hehe.

Until further announcement, Vampiric Desires is now on hold.

With love,