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The Wedding

"I have something to tell you." Edward whispered to me as he twirled me around. It was our first dance as husband and wife. I begged and pleaded with Alice and Edward not to make me dance in front of everyone, but they wouldn't listen. Tradition ran deep in this family.

Edward caught my hands and brought me close to him as the music carried on. He led me across the dance floor with stride. I followed behind him embarrassed that about my nonexistent dancing skills. Though I had to admit I was grateful that I wasn't in a leg brace this time. I waited anxiously for Edward to tell me what he wanted to say.

"I've been doing all the weird things around Forks." He admitted to me as he dipped me. My mouth fell open and my eyes widened as he lifted me up with ease and continued to carry me across the dance floor. "I wanted to tell you sooner," Edward continued. "But I foolishly made a bet with Emmett." Edward slowed down his pace to match the tempo of the song.

"What kind of bet?" I squeaked out remembering my bet with Emmett. I bit my lip in anticipation. Edward was quiet as he carried me across the dance floor. "Please tell me," I added on when I knew he wouldn't tell me.

Edward grimaced as we stepped from foot to foot now. "He wanted me and you to try…new things." My eyes widened and my cheeks grew red. Edward frowned when he saw my reaction. "I didn't want to do it at first. But then he made an offer that I didn't want to refuse, and I knew that I would have to get Charlie out of the house so I decided to come up with things that would make it easier for us to be alone so I could coax you into the new-" He searched for the word. I decided to intervene before he carried on.

"Emmett made that same bet with me," I admitted quickly, feeling stupid and extremely embarrassed.

Edward's face fell and he turned his head to look at Emmett, I followed his gaze. We stared at Emmett – who stood next to Rosalie. He had a smile painted onto his face and his thumb was sticking up as he nodded at us.

"Well this is unexpected." Edward whispered. I looked at him – blushing. He was frowning at me. "Why did you make a bet with Emmett?" He asked his voice leaked with disapproval.

I blushed. "He promised not to make fun of me."

Edward continued to frown. "Has he made fun of you?" He asked his eyes narrowed.

I thought back on the two weeks. "No not really."

Edward nodded once before spinning me, I yelped out in surprise. He brought me closer to him and continued to sway with me across the wood floor. I sighed and leaned my head on his shoulder, glad that it was out in the open, than something occurred to me. I pulled away from Edward and stared at him.

"Why did you make the bet with Emmett?" I asked.

Edward gave me a low dip as the song came to an end. The crowd started to clap and he brought me up and gave me a kiss on the cheek. "Later," his cool voice whispered in my ear.

I waited all night to hear why Edward took the bet. I asked on many occasion, each with he became conviently occupied by doing other things. Such as talking to his family members, my family members, bragging about our admission to Dartmouth, or flat out ignoring me. So when I knew I couldn't get anything out of Edward, I went to Emmett.

"You made the exact same bet with Edward!" I screamed at him, my fists balled up at my side.

He laughed, throwing his head back, his voice echoing through the hallway outside of where the wedding reception was being held, when he was done laughing he smiled at me, showing his perfect white teeth. I glowered at him. His smile grew. "Yes, yes I did." He finally said.

"Why?" I asked, raising my hands in the air.

Emmett shrugged. "I like messing with people."

"If Edward knew what position that you wanted me to do-" Emmett raised his hand in the air cutting me off.

"This is where the genius comes in." Emmett smiled proudly. "I didn't give Edward pacific positions. I gave you the positions." I frowned before Emmett continued. "If I gave each of you the same position than the two of you would get suspicious and one of you might realize that I made a bet with the both of you. So I decided to give one of you the position and have the other sweat it out."

"How did you know that we were doing the positions?" I asked my frustration rising.

Emmett smiled again. "I didn't."

My face dropped. "What?" I asked in disbelief.

Emmett continued to smile. "I had no idea if either of you were doing what I asked of you, but I had a feeling that you would for the sheer fact that I could tell you to jump off the bridge and you'd do it." Emmett told me.

I grimaced and was going to deny it – but he was right. Within the past two months, he's gotten me high, drunk (and arrested), gave me a sex talk (this was before Edward and I decided to drop the boundaries), and now he had me have sex with my fiancé in 13 different positions – soon to be 14.

"I hate you," I growled at him. He laughed as he walked back to the party. I stared at the back of his body in disbelief. I was so angry at him for making me do stupid things. I grimaced to myself as I stomped after him to join my new and old family.

Emmett stopped in front of the door and I ran into him. I pulled myself from his back; he turned around his eyes shining. I growled at him.

"I almost forgot to give you your last position." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a folded piece of paper. I grabbed it and squeezed in my hand before stuffing it into my corset, not even bothering to look at it. All curiosity I had for the night was being over powered by my anger for Emmett.


I ran my fingers through my hair as I stared at myself in the mirror. I was on my honeymoon with my now husband. He was waiting for me on the bed. I pulled out the note Emmett gave me and opened it up, careful not to rip it. I frowned when I 

noticed that it was a letter rather than a printed out image or one of his infamous drawings. I turned around, the letter still in hand as I read it through furrowed eyebrows.


By the time you're reading this you'll be a member of this family. I'm sure your probably wandering what I have planned for your wedding night. I decided that since this is your last night as a human and you have and Edward now have the rest of eternity to try new positions and new things that you two will enjoy. I wanted this night to be special for you. It's not only the day that you and Edward are now united as one but the day that you will be a part of our family. So I wash my hands and leave the position up to you and Edward. Consider it to be my wedding present.

Sincerely Yours,


I smiled to myself as I read it. All the anger I felt for Emmett was gone and now I understood why Emmett was Edward's favorite brother. No matter how much of a goofball Emmett was he still knew the right thing to say at the right time, weather to get a comical laugh from his audience or to warm someone's heart, he always said what needed to be said.

I folded the paper and smiled at myself in the mirror one last time. I was wearing an outfit that Alice got me yesterday for the honeymoon. She made a special trip to Victoria Secret to get me a baby blue bra and panties that didn't leave much for the imagination. I blushed brightly as I took a deep breath. Tonight was the night.

I walked stiffly out of the bathroom, not really sure if I could pull off the outfit. Edward was lying across the bed his legs stretched out in front of him. His dress shirt was unbuttoned, exposing his cold, hard chest. I swallowed audibly before continuing to walk towards him.

Edward smiled at me before leaning up on the bed and throwing his legs over the side. His eyes looked me up and down as I walked to his arms. His cold hands rested on my waist as he leaned forward giving me a light kiss on my chest. I blushed and ran my fingers through his hair. He looked up at mean and I leaned my head down, giving him a light kiss on his lips.

"So what's the position for the night?" Edward smiled at me.

I kissed his lips quickly. "It's up to you." I kissed his nose. Edward frowned. "Consider it Emmett's wedding present to us." I kissed his forehead.

"And this?" Edward asked before grabbing the blue fabric.

I smiled. "This is Alice's."

Edward laughed before pulling me closer to him. He ran his nose over my stomach breathing in deeply. I held his head as I leaned closer. I kissed the top of his hair as I waited patiently for him to decide what he wanted to do with me. He pulled away from my stomach and stared up at me – his crooked grin plastered to his face.

"Do you mind if we do something that we've already done?" Edward asked. I shook my head. He smiled. "I like when you're on top of me." Edward admitted.

I blushed and looked away – giggling a little. "You're kidding right?" I asked leaning my head on his shoulder. Edward chuckled.

"You don't like it?" He asked pulling me away from him.

I bit my lip. "It's embarrassing." I mumbled – still blushing.

Edward laughed. "You could have fooled me," he smiled at me.

I blushed and looked the other way. I sighed before finally nodding. "Fine!" I screamed still blushing.

Edward pulled me on top of him. I lay across his chest. His hands rested on my waist as he kissed my lips harshly, his tongue quickly finding mine in my mouth. I ran my fingers through his hair as his fingers crawled up my waist to unclasp my bra.

I pulled my lips away from his and kissed started to trail kiss down his jaw line to his neck. I licked and nipped at it while his hands removed the straps down my arms. His hands left my arms and started to rub my back, his fingers slowly crawling down my back to my bottom. His fingers pulled at the elastic and grazed over my lowest back side.

"Bella," Edward moaned to me as he cupped my bottom.

Edward flipped me over so I was underneath him. He kissed the top of my forehead before pulling the bra away from my breasts. He kissed my lips as his hands cupped my breast his thumb rolling over my nipple. I wrapped my fingers in his hair as I pushed him closer to me, my tongue barging into his mouth.

"I thought I was supposed to be on top." I gasped out when he removed his lips from mine. Edward chuckled softly.

I pushed my hands onto his shoulders, telling him to flip over. He obliged. I rolled over so I was straddling his hips, I was still embarrassed that I was lying half naked on top of him but he didn't seem to mind. I leaned forward so my breasts pressed against his chest. I kissed his lips softly.

"I thought you were embarrassed Bella…" Edward teased raising an eyebrow.

I lay on top of his chest and didn't move, my hands covering my breasts, so he couldn't even feel them. I laid my nose on the crane of his neck so he couldn't see me.

"What are you doing?" Edward asked not moving.

"I'm being embarrassed." I mumbled into his neck. I could mentally see him roll his eyes as he gently grabbed onto my shoulders and pushed me away from him, my hands still held my breast. I giggled softly as he removed my hands for me.

"That was not necessary." Edward frowned at me. I moved my hands to his chest. Edward moved his hands from my arms and started to unbutton his pants. I started to kiss his cold chest as I ran my hands over his arms. I could feel his muscles tense and relax as he unzipped his pants.

He moved his hips in the air so he could pulled down his pants – knowing what he was going to do before he did it, I pushed myself of his hips so I hovered an inch above him. Edward's eyes narrowed at me as I lowered myself back onto him. I held my finger in front of him – warning him not to do what he was thinking about doing.

"How did this happen?" Edward asked pulling the elastic of the panties Alice got me. "I think it's time for me to do something about that." He smiled at me.

I shook my head but it was too late – Edward was flipping me onto my back. He hovered over me, the crooked smile that he loved staring down at me. I glowered at him – warning him with my eyes.

"It may be hard but I will walk out if you try anything funny." I warned him. He laughed before kissing my cheek.

"I can carry you back." Edward reminded me.

"I can scream rape." I reminded him.

He laughed again before pulling the elastic of the panties again. He pulled them down gently, keeping his eyes on me. I glared at him, through narrow eyes, ignoring how hot and uncomfortable I was. When they were completely off my legs he raised his eyebrows. I gave him a dark look.

He laughed softly. "I haven't even done anything yet."

"But you want to." I reminded him.

"There are a lot of things that I want to do." He smiled at me.

I flipped him back over and sat on top of his stomach. "Not tonight." I told him before I positioned myself over him.

He grabbed my hips to help me onto him. I closed my eyes and let out a small moan as he entered into me. I fell onto my knees when he was fully into me. He pulled me up before going back down. My breath instantly became hard as we had sex for the first time as vampire and wife. I bit my lip as we set a rhythm for each other.

I stared down at Edward as he closed his eyes – his mouth opened. I let out a small giggle. He opened and eye and smiled at me. I smiled back at him as we continued with our pace. I closed my eyes and let my head fall back. My eyes shot open when I felt Edward push into me harder and my back fell onto the bed. My head fell off the side of the bed and Edward hovered over me, his manhood never moving an inch.

"Was that necessary?" I asked breathless.

Edward started to kiss my neck as he continued to the set pace that we started before he decided to throw me across the bed. I stretched out my neck as my fingers dug into his back. He ran his cold tongue over my neck as his pace quickened. I started to moan loudly as toes curled.

"Ugh!" I finally grunted out, very well aware that I would come to an orgasm very soon.

Edward started to chuckle as he moved his lips to my ear. I tightened around him and closed my eyes as toes curled and my back arched. I was now half way off the bed as my body violently shook and a loud scream echoed from my lips. Edward continued to thrust into me as he got closer to his ending.

"Say my name Bella." Edward ordered.

"Edward!" I screamed out at him as my fingers crushed into his back. "Edward! Oh god Edward!" I continued to scream.

He let out a strained grunt as he stopped thrusting into me and finally came. His body shook violently against mine; it sent me over the edge again. My toes curled against me and my neck rose from the side of the bed. I grabbed Edward's lips with mine as we came together.

I was the first to pull away as I fell back onto the bed, my breath coming out hard. I closed my eyes as I felt Edward enter out of me. Edward kissed my forehead as he ran his fingers through my hair. He helped me off the side of the bed and laid me next to him against the headboard. I rested my head on his chest. He kissed my cheek softly.

"Tomorrow," he whispered softly.

"Tomorrow," I agreed ready to go asleep, knowing that he was talking about the last kiss that I would have as a human – the vampire kiss. "What was the offer that Emmett made you?" I asked remembering that he didn't tell me.

Edward straightened next to me. He was quiet for a long moment before he finally said something. "He taught me that thing that you like." He whispered in my ear.

"Which one?" I asked – there were a lot of things I liked.

Edward was quiet for a moment. "The one with my tongue." He whispered – embarrassment evident in his voice.

"Oh," I whispered. "That makes sense…" I started to giggle.

"Go to sleep Bella." Edward told me putting his hand over his face.

I started to laugh.

"Now." Edward demanded.

My laugh was loud and excited as I thought about how awkward it must have been for Edward to talk about that with his brother. Maybe I wouldn't have to kill Emmett after all…

The End.

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