This is what I guess would have happened if Ziva and Tony had to stay undercover. I might end up making this into a series. Haven't decide yet. This is my first NCIS fan fic, so some of the characters may not be "In Character" bear with me. Thanks!




"Why did you tell Siazon that Sophie was pregnant? We'll be undercover for the next few months! They're going to notice that there's no baby!"

"What did you expect me to do, Tony. That is what I had to do to live."

"We could fake a miscarriage."

"We would have to go to the hospital for that. The only option is for me to get pregnant."

"No. Absolutely not, Zee-vah. No possible way! And even if you did, they would notice that the due dates were off. They can't be that stupid."

"Tony, we have to. They will kill us if we do not. There is no other option."

"Fine. But when we are out, that brat is yours, not mine."

"Tony, this is a child we are talking about. You can not just abandon it because we did it to keep our cover."