Darker Remedies

Warning- This will eventually be and Itachi/Naruto Fic. There is rape in this fic, and a one-sided dark love. This fic will be insanely dark and not creamy puff love.

Disclaimer- I no own. If I did it'd be NC-17.

Itachi sat high above the Uchiah district in a tree. His obsidian eyes flickered back and forth, raking the vicinity with his gaze, watching, waiting. His raven hair rustled slightly in the wind and he turned his eyes towards the entrance of the district to catch a blonde blur enter, closely followed by his brother.

Naruto ran in earnest to escape Sasuke. Itachi could see that this was fruitless, for Naruto was limping and blood splattered after him, from wounds littered on his body. The younger raven grabbed the blonde's shoulder, roughly turning him towards him. Unexpectedly Sasuke crashed his lips upon the smaller boy's gasping lips. Said blonde tried to push away the raven, pushing and digging his nails in the boy's arms, which were currently on his neck, but both Uchiahs knew he could not resist for long.

Naruto, growing exhausted, let his arms hang uselessly at his sides. Noticing the weakness Sasuke pushed the boy to the ground straddling his hips, causing a pained groan to come from the blonde's mouth. The Raven took this opportunity to plunge his tongue harshly into the blonde's mouth. Naruto tried in vain to push the larger boy off. Sasuke left his mouth in favor for his neck and he gasped for breath to scream but was stopped by Sasuke's tongue and lips returning to his.

Agile and experienced hands stripped the blonde beneath him, revealing a cut and bruised body. The once tan and flawless skin was covered in blood and pain. Sasuke leered with crimson eyes at the handiwork beneath him. Itachi knew from that look that Naruto was in this state because of him. Sasuke then roughly attached his lips to one of the larger cuts on the boy's collar bone, causing said boy to whimper in pain.

He sucked and licked at the cut lightly, a pale hand reaching up to cover the blonde's mouth. Sasuke bit down on the cut hard, causing the blood to resurface, a pain filled scream came through the boys fingers and reached Itachi's ears.

Itachi's now blood red eyes narrowed as he watched his brother torture the blonde. The youngest Uchiah continued down the body, biting cuts, and licking the blood away. Naruto's screams were now free to the air, but no one would respond to the screams of a demon.

Sasuke stripped himself whilst continuing his strange torture. He spread the blonde's legs and put a strong hand at the boy's hip. Naruto's azure eye's widened and he once again tried to struggle out of his best friend's grasp. He made it to a sitting position when Sasuke's fist connected with his stomach, causing him to lose his breathe and fall back harshly to the ground.

One pale hand on the boy's shoulder, the other on his hip, he shoved into the boy's unprepared entrance. Tears surfaced in the boy's eyes and his nails dug into the raven's back. Sasuke grunted and pulled out slowly to the tip, Naruto's breaths came in pain filled gasps. Sasuke then pushed back in forcefully causing to abused blonde to scream. This process was repeated, the screams continuing as well. The tears escaped the dark blue eyes as his nails caused blood to flow on the pale skin.

The raven shoved in deeply and bit down on Naruto's shoulder harshly. Said boy screamed one last time in agony and his hands fell limply to his sides as Sasuke collapsed beside him. His seed in the blonde. His breathing calming the raven stood and looked down at his 'best friend'. Naruto's many cuts bled, his eyes still slightly moist, focusing in and out of reality from the pain.

A satisfied, almost tender smile, came to Sasuke's face. He knelt by the blonde and cupped his cheek, wiping away some fresh tears with his thumb. He leaned and softly kissed the blonde. He then placed his lips next to the blonde's ear and whispered something Itachi could not hear. He saw the blonde's body stiffen and knew it was something he did not like in the least.

Sasuke then grabbed his clothes dressing, then turned and walked away, humming a happy tune. Itachi looked down at the blonde and saw the smaller cuts heal themselves. The cut on his collar bone, now lined with teeth marks, stayed. Naruto stood awkwardly, blood flowing down his thighs. He grabbed his black pants and slowly tugged them on, wincing slightly at the pain.

He left his shirt and jacket behind, seeing it as useless. Naruto then disappeared in a blur, heading towards the forest lining Konoha. Itachi glanced at the direction his brother had left in, then sighing, stood to follow the blonde.

Naruto ran through the trees, his speed reaching unbelievable levels. He felt the wind rush on his body, the sounds of the night flitting through his ears, calming him. Different smells of the forest assaulted him, making him breath in deeply. Tears again came from his eyes as he thought about what had just happened. Sobs soon racked his body and he slowed his running, soon coming to a complete stop.

Naruto knelt on the ground, hands tangled in his blonde locks as the tears continued to flow from his eyes. He felt his body shiver from the cold and from his sobs. He let a rage filled scream escape from him as he knelt in pain. After a few minutes of this the shivering became worse and the tears became thicker.

Someone placed a hand on his bear shoulder, causing him to halt his sobs slightly and turn towards the belonger of the pale hand.

His eyes met obsidian eyes in sorrow. He scanned the face of Uchiah Itachi before the dark sorrow of the night again hit him. He fell into the warm arms of Itachi as sobs made him shake, and tears made him choke. The said Raven tightened his grip on the blonde, feeling the need to protect the blonde, ashamed of what his brother had done, ashamed that he would break such an alive spirit.

The blonde cried for what seemed like hours, and Itachi continued to comfort, rubbing useless soothing circles on his back. Finally the body stilled, the tears stopped, and blue azure eyes looked up to meet the obsidian eyes of Itachi.

"You want to take me don't you?" Naruto's voice was raspy and quiet from his breakdown, and the screams.

Itachi nodded never losing eye contact.

"You wish to take me to the Akatsuki. To have Kyuubi removed from me." It was a statement, not a question.

Itachi shook his head and Naruto gave the older man a confused look.

"I wish to take you to the Akatsuki, yes. But only to save you, not to harm you." Itachi whispered, his eyes staying with the blonde's.

"But...Why?" The blonde was very confused.

"My brother has wronged you, in many ways. I feel I need to make that up to you, as it is partially my fault. My leader has also decided that you are more useful as you are now then if we were to take Kyuubi from you."

Naruto's eyes became jaded and he just nodded in consent and understanding.

"Okay." With that the blonde passed out in the older Uchiah's arms.

Itachi sighed slightly and picked up the blonde. He was shocked at how little the boy weighed and shook his head slightly. He pulled Naruto closer to him and took towards the village, he would get the boy's things, then leave straight for the hideout. He felt the blonde snuggle closer to him and hid a grin.

He would make it up to the boy in is arms for his brother's actions. He would also make sure his brother realized what he had treated wrong, and what he had lost. He looked down at the sleeping blonde, how the long lashes touched the tan scarred cheeks, how those soft pink lips opened slightly as the boy breathed.

Yes, he would show him what he had lost. With a smirk, Itachi took away Naruto from one soon to be very regretful younger brother.


A/N: So. . .yeah. Wont apologize for the rape scene, it's necessary for the plot. But I do apologize if it was insulting to you