Darker Remedies Ch.6 (The Heart)

Warning: This is not for kids. Slaughter ensues.

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Screams could be heard echoing in the dark corridor, the male voice resonating from the stone walls, inching into every nook and cranny. The screams had been going on for hours that felt like days to everyone in ear shot. Most of the Akatsuki ignored the sporadic cries of pain, but the ones with less experience in torture broke down and either left the base or covered their ears to block the worst of the sounds.

Naruto stood shirtless and blood stained in front of a sobbing Sasuke. The Brunette was naked, spread eagle upon the cold stone wall, handcuffs adorning his wrists to hold him in place, seals across his stomach to block his chakra. He was helpless to the boy behind him. Naruto had thought long and hard on how he wanted to make the brunette hurt, how to make him suffer. He decided on the conventional approach, he was using a large bull whip, the strands separated at the end and spiked with deadly barbs to grab and tear at flesh. Sasuke's back was in ribbons, he had been whipped over a hundred times, each one swung with the full power of Naruto's strength, each one taking flesh and muscle with it, ripping them from their fleshy confines.

Everyone in the base had started in the room at the beginning of the torture, only a few remained. Sakura stood, silent tears going down her face drawing trails through the flecks of blood that had landed there. Itachi stood in the space next to Naruto, an arm around his waist, giving him his strength and support. Sasuke whimpers one last time then succumbed to unconsciousness.

Naruto gazed at the bloody nearly skinless back before him and felt a sadistic smile creep up his facial features, he felt the awful fury just under the surface , Kyuubi was there, whispering, telling him to finish the whelp, just like the villagers, slaughter him. Kyuubi wanted him to destroy Sasuke, just like the villagers who had abused him, raped him and never believed in him. The blonde's hackles rose and a deep growl reverberated through the dungeon and caused Sasuke to whimper in his sleep. Naruto looked at the bloody torture device in his hand and threw it across the room with disgust, it clanged against the wall, this satisfied him and his face became impartial.

Itachi watched with repressed revulsion as the blonde walked towards his younger brother, but his expression changed to one of confusion when said blonde removed the manacles from around the brunette's hands, releasing him from the wall. Without the support the boy slumped limply to the ground, smearing dirt and blood on his chest and face. The impact to the floor caused the boy to awaken slightly, enough to groan and roll over on his back, not realizing until too late his mistake.

A scream of agony echoed on the walls of the dungeon and caused the people in the nearby hallways to flinch in surprise, assuming the boy was already dead. Naruto watched, an expression of intense interest on his face as the boy writhed and groaned on the floor in pain from the wounds he had inflicted upon him. With a movement too quick for Itachi to follow Naruto knelt next to the injured boy and carefully helped him to sit up and get his wounds out of harms way. Gentle fingers wiped the blood trickling from the corner of the boys mouth, he purposefully made eye contact with the boy and licked the blood slowly off of his fingers. Sasuke's eyes filled with hate and a slight spark of fear.

"Why do you not just end it Naruto?" his voice cracked from screaming and he cleared his throat, only to double over and cough up blood on the already crimson stained stone beneath him.

Naruto raised an eyebrow at the question and slowly raised a finger to pick at his sharp teeth in thought. His eyes roamed the broken figure of Sasuke and finally focused on his chest as if seeing through the skin and bone to the throbbing organ beneath.

"You want me to plunge my fingers through your skin here," He drew one long fingernail over the flesh that contained Sasuke's heart. "and pluck your still beating heart from your flesh, so that I may end your suffering? Is that what you are asking of me?" Naruto's fingers traced designs in the blood on Sauke's chest.

Sasuke shivered at the contact and turned his head away from the piercing blue eyes of his torturer.

"I just can't stand the humiliation any longer Naruto, please, just end it. The pain I can handle but the fact that it is being cause by a whelp such as you is unbearable to think of and I'm afraid that the humiliation will kill me slowly before your whip ever will, so why not just end it now in a last act of kindness, eh Baka?" Naruto looked deep into the black eyes before him and a smile slowly creeped onto his face.

"Do you think that I would actually fall for that? I can see the fear in your eyes and the hope in your heart and I know that you have thought many things of me but you have never been humiliated by me. I'm not ending anything Sasuke Teme and you know the best part? There is nothing you can do to stop me. Welcome to Hell Sasuke, I hope with all of my heart that you do not enjoy your stay." Naruto's smile grew even larger and his fangs flashed in the fire light in the room.

"You're just a rotten coward Naruto. Can't finish what you started, you were always like that, a spineless, no account, useless moron." Using the little strength he possessed Sasuke leaned forward and spat blood in Naruto's face.

A growl of anger and revulsion echoed through the cave and a wet slap was heard in the dungeon as Naruto's temper broke and backhanded the beaten boy in front of him. Naruto felt bones break and blood smear his hands as his hand connected with skin.

Groans of pain echoed in the chamber as the obsidian haired boy tried to breath through his mouth.

"I'm going to leave you here and let you wonder when I will be back and let you wonder what I have thought of to make you suffer the next time I see you." With those parting words Naruto walked out of the dungeon, Sakura and Itachi following quickly behind him. The sobbing started when the door closed and all light was lost to the youngest of the Uchiahs.

/-Naruto's Room-/

Naruto sat on his new bed, his face buried in his hands, tears slowly falling through his hands and landing silently on the blood stained pants beneath him. His back rocked with silent sobs and his breathing was ragged.

Itachi walked slowly towards the bed, chastising himself for being scared of the obviously hurting boy before him. Itachi took a deep breath in his nose and sat beside the boy, he awkwardly put a hand on the boys back and patted it in what he hoped was a comforting way. He was surprised when the boy threw himself in the others arms and they fell backwards onto the bed, Naruto clinging to the older boy, his sobs becoming audible in his distress. Itachi felt something pull at his heart and he automatically wrapped his arms around the younger boy and stroked the blonde's hair in soothing circles.

Naruto lay in Itachi's arms crying for what felt like hours. Finally the sobs subsided and he loosened his grip slightly on the older boy sniffling pitifully.

"Does all of this...make me a bad person?" Naruto's voice was muffled in Itachi's shirt and his throat sounded swollen from crying.

Itachi paused in his ministrations looking at the spiky blonde head lying on his chest. A small smile crept up to his face involuntarily.

"Naruto-Chan I don't think you could be a bad person no matter what you did." Naruto lifted his head in surprise, tear filled eyes surrounded by wet lashes looked at the man he was laying on in confusion.

"Why do you say that? I have done such awful things...to so many people..to Sasuke.." His voice choked and he attempted to hide it back in the older boys chest to cover his tears but was stopped by a strong hand on his chin.

Itachi raised Naruto's chin to see his face clearly and see in his eyes. He lifted his other hand and gently wiped the tears away.

"I say that because every time I look into these eyes the only thing I see is kindness, hope and love. You go out of your way to help those you love, you only hurt those people after you had given them multiple chances to prove that they were decent human beings. My brother deserved everything you did to them, everything Naruto, and he will deserve everything you do to him in the future as well as everything I plan to do to him when you can't take it anymore." More tears dripped from Naruto's eyes as he continued to search the crimson eyes of the man who was saying exactly what he needed to hear.

"I can never see you as evil, I can only see you as who you really are, and that is a kind and generous person who was just pushed a little too far." Itachi gave Naruto a hesitant smile surprising both of them.

"Thank you Itachi...that's exactly what I needed to hear." Naruto let out a beaming smile that sped up the Uchiah's heart. Naruto's eyes flashed with an emotion that Itachi could not identify and he leaned slowly towards the older boy.

"Itachi...I really hope that your opinion of me never changes." With that there lips touched and blue eyes closed. Crimson eyes widened at the odd sensation of soft lips upon his own. His eyes slowly closed and he responded experimentally to the kiss.

Naruto's eyes opened to small slits to see the relaxed face of his companion, happiness over came him when he felt the other respond lightly. Naruto once again closed his eyes and focused on the feeling of the others solid lips on his own. Naruto put more pressure on the other and flicked out his tongue experimentally to lick the others lip, he let out a gasp as the back of his head was roughly grabbed and a soft warm tongue was swiftly shoved in his mouth, he couldn't help but let out a small moan at the intrusion.

Itachi had never felt so alive, his skin was warm and his heart was beating erratically in his chest. He continued to deepen the kiss until the other seemed to melt in his arms. He pulled away sadly and gasped in breaths of air, the taste of Naruto still covering his lips and the inside of his mouth.

"I don't think my opinion of you could ever change Naruto-Chan. No matter what you did." Naruto beamed at the older boy once again and cuddled next to him, following instinct Itachi wrapped his arms around the smaller boy and stroked his back.

"Call me Naruto...If were going to get closer you have to at least be comfortable using my name without any honorifics." Itachi could feel Naruto still smiling on the skin of his neck.

"Hai, Naruto." Itachi smiled in the darkness and fell asleep in the warm embrace of his new and extraordinary important person. They both drifted into dreams of one another, forgetting all about the broken boy they had left behind all alone in a dark cell, the same boy who used to fill a portion of each of their hearts. The same boy who had broken them and the same boy who led to the healing.


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