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Author's Notes: Insanity springs inspiration. Hoping it does anyway. I like doing little shorts.


I don't know how it happened, but it just did. He smelled of a cool, crisp cologne. Long fingers were gently stroking my back, my head against his bare chest. I want to cry. He can tell, but he won't say anything. He doesn't know how we ended up he either.

All we can remember is right now; how my hands against my back feel; how I can hear his nervous heartbeat, despite the collected look on his face.

He pulls me closer, his head buried in my hair, taking in my scent. I've never seen him like this. I can feel how fast his heart's beating and it's so different. Am I the only one he's let this close, the only one who can see past his ice cold sheen?

He lifts my head up and I can see his eyes, even in the darkened room. They're huge and so many words float behind them. If you're this close, it doesn't matter how collected he appears. For once, I can see fear. Fear of the future. Of what this all means.

His mouth is on mine. His kiss is experienced, yet feels tender. I can't hold back anymore and kiss back while a few tears fall.

I don't want to know what the morning will bring. I don't want to know he'll tell me it's just a whim and I was a mistake. I don't want to think about pretending this never happened. All I want is now, in the embrace of the beautiful Ootori boy.