Okay, I'm bored, I just beat CoD4, so I think I'm gonna do my second Oneshot of the day!

Holy Oneshots Batman!

Disclaimer: I do not own Pokemon, "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden, and Call of Duty 4 (a line from each will be used).

Oh yes, Giratina and Arceus will NOT die, I bet I got everybody from the title of this, didn't I?

"I'm waiting in my cold cell, when the bell begins to chime. Reflecting on my past life and it doesn't have much time. 'Cause at 5 o'clock they take me to the Gallows pole, The sands of time for me are running low!"

It came from Giratina, who was singing in big city. He sat on the top a huge skyscraper.

He looked down.

Nobody was below him.

He couldn't help but feel pity for the people. They were attacked by Team Galactic recently. Pity, some were tourtured, some were just murdered in their houses...

Why should he care?

"Giratina!" He heard. He turned his head to see a fimiliar face approaching him.

"Arceus, what are you doing?"

"What am I doing? I'm here to look at the damage!" Arceus cried, floating down to the ground.

"Honestly, couldn't you just take my message that I sent you earlier? It would have been much simpler!" Giratina argued, floating down and accidentally crushing a car. Arceus tutted.

"I need to inspect the damage for myself..."

"I sent you pictures!" Giratina countered. Arceus sweated.

"I...I came to... see the Pokemon! Yeah, see how the Pokemon were doing!" She laughed.

"Quit lying, I told you that they were dead too."

"Giratina! I confess, I came to see you!" Arceus said, Giratina backed away a bit.

"Calm it, Arce, come with me, look at the town." Giratina said, floating back up to the skycraper.

"Why should I?" Arceus grunted, floating up as well.

Giratina cleared his throat.

"50,000 people used to live here. Now it's a ghost town. Look at it, death is clinging to life in this town. Mixing..." Giratina said, Arceus stared into nothingness.

"All you care about is death! There is much more to life than death!" Arceus screamed.

"Yes, of course, but you have to remember, I AM the God of Death here," Giratina chuckled, getting near Arceus.

Arceus's eyes sparkled a bit at Giratina's movement, getting close to her.

"Listen, you need to quit about death! What about life?"

"Meh, I'm..."

"What about love?" Arceus's eyes sparkled with tears.

That thought struck his black heart.


Never shown to him in his life. People rejected him. He knew that the only one who would not reject him is his enemy, Arceus

"What are you saying?" Giratina asked gently.

"Nothing..." Arceus said a bit cheerfully.

"Well then... Giratina said, changing into his Origin form.

"Where are you going?" Arceus asked.

"The other world. I'm putting an end to this fight with Dialga and Palkia."

"But... you could die!" Arceus cried.

"As I walk all my life drifts before me, though the end is near I'm not sorry. Catch my soul, it's willing to fly away." Giratina said.


"Mark my words believe my soul lives on. Don't worry now that I have gone. I've gone beyond to see the truth." Giratina said, a serious look on his face. He suddenly transformed into light. It glittered behind him as he went to the next world.

Arceus caught a little bit of the glitter as she heard one last statement from Giratina.

"When you know that your time is close at hand. Maybe then you'll begin to understand, life down here is just a strange illusion" She heard.

She looked at the glitter, now in her paw.

"Goodbye, Giratina..."

Touching, isn't it?

Yes, those lines said by Giratina are from "Hallowed Be Thy Name" From Iron Maiden, the "50,000 people" line was from Call Of Duty 4.

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