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How many had he eaten?

First it was five, then ten, then twenty, then Greed simply lost count as to how many candy bars he had eaten. It was because of one of those contests. The kind where all a person had to do was find the winning candy wrapper and they won a million dollars...or some other prize. And, Greed, being Greed of course, just had to win that contest. So, he went and bought enough candy bars to last for years.

Now, he knew that it would be pointless to just rip open the wrappers and waste all the food. Which meant that he had to eat whatever was inside. At first, he thought he could just get Gluttony to eat the candy bars. But, that only worked for a few seconds until he decided that Greed's hand tasted pretty good as well. This left Greed to have to eat the candy bars himself.

He regretted ever doing so.

The homunculus had gotten nothing but a stomachache from eating all those candy bars and he had gained quite a bit of weight as well. He moaned in pain as he felt a belch escape from deep within his now-large gut. Each movement he made caused his insides to slosh about and his body to be in pain. And, the button on his pants had popped off hours ago to make room for his growing belly.

He was lying on his bed with his plump fingers resting on a soft layer of fat upon his chest. In all, he had become rounder...especially around his belly which seemed to rise above the rest of his body like a small mountain. Sure, it was embarrassing. After all, he now weighed at least 190 pounds...maybe even larger. And, yet, he felt somewhat content with the whole thought.

Greed soon imagined himself growing fatter and fatter until he became an immobile blob that filled the entire room. His massive gut jiggling and wobbling about with each movement he made. And, best of all, thousands of servants waiting on him hand and foot...catering to his every whim and making sure he was comfortable.

Of course, Greed, being the avaricious being he was, just had to have such a fantasy of being in such luxury come true.

And, he would, no matter what the cost.

Author's Notes: Stay tuned for the next part. HUZZAH!