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Months later...


That's how Greed felt at the moment. He felt stuffed...like he'd burst at any moment. His large stomach groaned and churned as it digested the big meal he had. The sin placed his hands on his gut and leaned back into his chair. Martel, Dorchette, and Roah merely stared in shock at how much their boss had eaten.

"Sir, d-did you switch bodies with Gluttony or something?" asked Martel.

"No." the sin frowned, "Gluttony eats like a pig because he can never be full. I eat a lot because I'm trying to become immobile and have servants cater to my every whim."

"But, we already obey and care for you." Dorchette pointed out, "You really didn't need to put on so much weight. I mean, look at you. You're enormous."

The homunculus shrugged, "I know...but there's no going back now."

He then got up, after a bit of struggling to do so, and waddled his way over to the couch...which was now specially designed to support Greed's weight. His legs were now as thick as small tree trunks and his rear had grown larger as well. Greed's eyes seemed like tiny dots on his now round and fleshy face. And, a thick layer of fat had formed on his neck as well.
But, none of it compared to his humongous belly. It had grown so large and round that it looked like Greed had swallowed a flabby sloshing planet that jiggled whenever he moved. Greed could no longer even reach past it anymore. In fact, he couldn't even reach half-way past it. He placed his hand on his massive gut and watched with amusement as his fingertips sank into the blubber.

All in all, he had grown so fat that even Gluttony looked scrawny compared to him.

"It won't be much longer now..." the sin mused with a smirk.

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