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The end of the school year was creeping its way through the days as Ouran High started preparing for a final festival. The festival was especially for the Host Club, for the rest of the members were all graduating that year. Mori, Hunny, Kyouya and Tamaki had all graduated, but Kyoya and Tamaki still attended regularly in the Host Club. Hunny and Mori had gone their own way. The only three members left that had still attended school were Hikaru, Kaoru and Haruhi. With these three members' graduating, the Host Club would meet its end.

As the many people bustled around the court yard being used for the ceremony, everything was being completely upgraded. Everything seemed to sparkle in the sunlight, making it a perfect display of the final day.

"Haruhi!" Haruhi turned to see the twins coming at her at top speed. "Haruhi, it's going to be different not seeing you anymore!" Kaoru exclaimed, resting his left arm on her right shoulder. Hikaru followed up with the same move, putting his right arm on Haruhi's left shoulder.

Haruhi smiled. "It definitely will be different without you two." Almost two seconds after her reply, Tamaki had rushed up and pushed the twins off of her, his face showing anger.

"Don't you DARE use my daughter as a target for your foolish games!" Tamaki yelled, pointing his finger at the brothers. The twins stood up and turned to each other with a confused glance and shrugged.

Kyouya suddenly appeared by Haruhi's side, check book in hand. "Haruhi, you've successfully paid off your debt." Haruhi glanced up at him and laughed a small, confused laugh.

"Umm…what debt did I have to pay off? I thought it was paid off when Éclair threatened to shut down the Host Club about three years ago…" Haruhi asked confused.

"I'm guessing you don't remember me paying for your school tuition for the passed 3 years." Haruhi blinked and then gave a small nervous laugh. She had forgotten about how Kyouya had offered to pay her school tuition, since her father couldn't afford it.

Hikaru and Kaoru had gotten tired of standing around, so they went for a stroll through the court yards the school had. They eventually stopped to rest at the giant fountain in the middle. For some reason, the twins hadn't talked as much as they normally would have when they wandered. An odd tension between them wouldn't stop contaminating the area.

"Hikaru…" Kaoru started, turning so that his back was to Hikaru. "I have some news for you…that I probably should've told you earlier." His brother blinked and tilted his head to one side.

"Okay then, I'm listening." Hikaru responded lightly, thinking nothing of new news. He never expected was what said.

"I'm leaving…to live in France." Kaoru stated bluntly, tilting his gaze down to the elegant stone beneath his feet. He still had one other secret, but he choose to keep it in, for it was his own dark secret to keep and hold within his consciousness and never let anyone else know of it, but the feeling he kept secret would stay with him forever.

Hikaru's eyes widened as he stood up straight in surprise. "What for!? I thought we had our future planned out! Go to college and be roommates and then make sure…"

"Hikaru…I know…but something unexpected has come up. So I'm leaving…it's the better decision…" Kaoru stated forlornly, clenching his fists together. Hikaru, enraged with this sudden change, walked up and grabbed Kaoru by the shoulders, turning him so he was face to face. He lightened his grip on his brother's shoulders when he saw that Kaoru's face was filled with tears.

"Kaoru…If this whole moving thing is supposed to be a better decision…then why are you crying?" Kaoru had been looking straight into Hikaru's eyes, but he suddenly casted his gaze off to the side, avoiding eye contact. Hikaru tightened his grip, knowing that his twin was trying to avoid his question. "Answer me Kaoru." He stated in a more strict tone.

"No reason…" Kaoru replied softly.

Hikaru sighed, closed his eyes and tried again. "Why are you crying? Is someone forcing you to leave?" Kaoru shook his head lightly, still avoiding eye contact. "You're lying when you don't look a person in the eyes." Hikaru commented, immediately getting Kaoru to look back up into his gaze.

"No one is forcing me…I'm choosing this path for myself." Kaoru explained, his tone a little more stable this time. He was fed up with Hikaru's questioning. He wanted to keep the reason why he was going a secret. No one could know or understand…

"Then tell me why-"

"I can't! Hikaru, stop it!" Kaoru yelled, pushing Hikaru back. Hikaru landed on the side barrier of the fountain, catching himself with his hands and looking back at his brother amazed at his sudden rage. "I can't tell you why I'm leaving or why it's hurting me so much to leave! I have to though, for our sake!" He continued, his voice quivering as his crying began to take over. His fists had been so tightly clenched to ease the crying pain, his arms were shaking.

Hikaru stood up, his mouth open slightly in bewilderment. "Kaoru…Why won't you tell me? I thought we could tell each other things that bothered us. Do you not trust me any more?" Hikaru stated, his voice smooth and calming. Kaoru drew a quick breath and held it, lifting his head up to see his brother's astonished face.

"It's not that Hikaru…of course I trust you…but haven't you ever had a dark secret that was meant to be left in the shadows?" Kaoru contradicted, suddenly calming down a bit. Silence was bestowed upon the two, waiting to be broken.

Suddenly, Tamaki arrived. "Hikaru, Kaoru, are you two ready for the…?" Tamaki halted his question. Seeing the twins on opposite sides was definitely not a good thing and he knew that. Something had happened, he could tell by Kaoru's tear stained face and Hikaru's tightened stance. "Uh…"

Hikaru lightened up and walked toward Tamaki. "We're ready. Let's get this party started!" He said with a grin on his face, as if nothing had happened and walked passed the prince.

Kaoru, being more sensitive, looked away from Tamaki and walked to the edge of the fountain. "I'll be there in a few minutes my lord." He said softly. Tamaki wanted to ask what happened, but the expression on Kaoru's face kept him from asking. He nodded his head and then walked in the same direction as Hikaru.

A few hours passed as the festival had begun. Elegant violin and piano music were played to serve as a nice calming background. All of the guests sat around elegantly designed tables, chatting about their daily lives and some about which host from the Host Club they preferred. Hikaru, on the other hand, stood by himself, wondering why Kaoru hadn't come back yet. With his patience wearing thin, he constantly looked around, hoping to get a glimpse of his brother anywhere.

"Hikaru..." This snapped him out of his thoughts. He jolted up his head up a little and looked to see Haruhi standing in front of him. "Kaoru hasn't arrived yet has he?" Haruhi questioned. Hikaru shook his head forlornly. "Tamaki told me about what he saw. Did something happen?"

"No, nothing's wrong. Don't worry about it." Hikaru replied with a small smile. "We'll work it out. Speaking of Kaoru, I should probably be looking for him." He continued as he walked away. Haruhi's gaze followed him, her own small spark of concern for him. She sighed and decided she'd just let them work it out that way she could enjoy the rest of the night.

Hikaru traveled through all of the courtyards looking for his twin. He arrived at the fountain area he and Kaoru had fought in earlier. The golden sunlight created quite a view with the fountain, but right now he could care less about the beauty. Hikaru's gaze had set upon Kaoru, who had laid down on a bench near by and fell asleep or so it seemed.

As Hikaru edged closer to wake his brother from his peaceful sleep, he was suddenly stopped in his tracks. Kaoru's face really did look peaceful compared to what his expression had been earlier. It made Hikaru decide to walk up and sit down by the bench, staring straight at Kaoru's face. He gave off a smile that was irresistible, but suddenly Kaoru turned over, obscuring the view of his face with the back of his head. Hikaru sighed and stood up, ready to wake up his little brother.

"I'm awake." Kaoru suddenly blurted out, making Hikaru jump a little bit. He could tell that his twin was going to wake him up just by the shadow of his hand reaching across. Hikaru placed his hand back down to his side.

"You're missing the party Kaoru and everyone is worried about you." Hikaru stated plainly, trying to show that he was still mad that Kaoru choose not to tell him what had been bothering him. For the past week, Kaoru had been acting strangely in Hikaru's opinion. He had seemed more closed off than ever before, almost as if he wanted to cut off his relation to Hikaru. It was like he had almost went back to the way they were five years ago.

"I'll go when I feel like it. Right now I have a lot to think about." Kaoru replied. In his mind, he had suddenly wanted to tell Hikaru his dark secret, no matter what happened. His plane ticket to France had already been bought, so if he were to tell Hikaru then he wouldn't have to face him again after he left. He wouldn't have to bare his elder brother's reaction.

"Kaoru, what's up with you lately?" Hikaru asked viciously. He knew another fight would come from it, but it was better if he could work things out even if it meant fighting all the time. "You've been so conservative about your feelings towards things! It's almost like you're trying to cut your ties off with the world! Didn't we say we wouldn't do that a long time ago!?"

"It's for our own good. Trust me…" Kaoru replied. Nothing seemed to bother him right now; it was as if he wasn't listening at all.

"Kaoru! I'm tired of hearing you say it's for our own good! What is this…decision that's supposed to be for our own good huh?! I want to know, that way maybe I can help. I am your brother after all!" Hikaru yelled, hoping to get Kaoru to sit up and look at him. To his surprise, Kaoru did just what he wanted.

"Hikaru…I can't tell you. I realize you want to help…but it's something that you can't help me with." He replied calmly. "By the way, I bet you were wondering when I'm leaving. I'm heading out in two days, which means I won't be here for the last two days of school."

"You can't do that Kaoru…It's as if your not graduating if you skip out on the last two days."

"I know…but it's all been planned and scheduled. I can't change the plane flight time." Kaoru's gaze had been looking down at the stone the whole conversation while Hikaru was looking at him, but soon after the small silence that came after the last comment, Kaoru lifted his head up and looked Hikaru in the eyes. "I'll tell you my secret the day I leave." Hikaru sighed.

"Why can't you tell me now Kaoru?"

"It's too early for you to know." Kaoru stood up suddenly and began walking away. Hikaru watch for a moment before going to catch up with him.

Daylight had begun to fade, signaling the end of the festival. Many tears were shed from the customers, for their beloved Host Club was going to end. The sun casted a red glow that invaded the usually blue sky, coloring the sky in red like a virus. As time went on, the crowd dwindled to just the three of the five hosts of the former Host Club. The three turned to see the twins coming to join them, creating a circle.

"Well, this is it. Four days until graduation and the end of the Host Club." Haruhi said plainly. No one else spoke, for a sudden tension had filled the area. The aura mainly came from the unknown conflicts between the Hitachiin brothers, but also from the fact that they would all be separated within four days. For Hikaru and Kaoru, they would be separated in two days.

"Your club was a success until the end Tamaki. But all beginnings have an end." Kyoya added, closing his black check book and looking at Tamaki. The king nodded and smiled lightly.

"I guess so…" Tamaki stated shortly and almost in a whisper. They all stood in the circle silently, slightly fidgeting around every now and then. After realizing no one would say anything else, they all said their adieu's and went their separate ways, returning to their respectful homes.

Hikaru and Kaoru's ride home was deadly silent. Not only was the ride silent, the next day at school was silent too. Hikaru would only talk to Haruhi when he had classes with her while Kaoru would completely zone out and not pay any attention to Haruhi whatsoever.

The night before Kaoru's flight had been planned, he had started to write a letter to an anonymous receiver. Thinking he was alone, he wrote it openly. To his demise, Hikaru had entered the room.

"Kaoru, what are you writing?" Hikaru asked, his curiosity getting the best of him. It was worth a shot to get Kaoru to talk to him, even if he knew it would be a waste of time.

"A note to you Hikaru." Kaoru stated softly, almost dreamily. Hikaru blinked a couple of times in confusion.

"Kaoru…I'm right here. Why don't you just tell me instead of writing to me?" He asked, bewildered by his brother's strange behavior.

"The reason is because I'm not giving it to you yet. I'll give it to you tomorrow." Kaoru knew he was probably confusing Hikaru, but he was too embarrassed to tell him his secret in person, so doing so by letter would work better. Hikaru sighed and left the room out of boredom.

Kaoru had reached the end of his letter soon after Hikaru left. He had one last sentence to write, but for some reason his hand wouldn't cooperate. It was as if he had lost feeling in his hand or he had forgotten how to write. A sentence so short, he should have been able to finish it in two seconds, but for some strange reason he couldn't. He tightened his grip on his pen and bit his bottom lip, trying to get himself to finish the letter. He finally gained back his writing power and wrote the most powerful sentence in his letter. The main reason he would be leaving in one small sentence.

'What I'm trying to say is…I'm in love with you Hikaru.'

He stared at that last line, thinking about how serious the situation had turned out to be. Four years ago, he had thought the same thing, but found it to be a different style of love. A brotherly love, nothing so serious, but now it had completely transformed. He couldn't even talk to Hikaru anymore, knowing what he felt. He knew that if he were to tell Hikaru that he loved him, his life would probably take a turn for the worst. So, instead of staying here with his brother, he decided to leave that way he couldn't be tempted to say something irrational on accident. He always wondered why good bye could be so hard, but now he knew. It was probably one of the most difficult things he had done in all of his life. He sighed and quickly folded the paper at least five times and set it on the night stand next to him. He knew it'd be safe there, since he and Hikaru had been sleeping in separate rooms now.

As Kaoru laid his head down on his pillow, he stared outside. His gaze seemed to travel light years into space. The full moon casted it's bright light down through Kaoru's window, leaving Kaoru to bathe in the moonlight as he slowly fell asleep. Even if he was afraid of his dreams, he couldn't help but close his eyes, all of his thoughts stopping at once.

Tomorrow was the day he'd give that letter to Hikaru and leave without a response.

Tomorrow had arrived. Kaoru slowly opened his eyes to adjust them to the blinding sunlight that was pouring in through the window. Even if it was just a soft sun glare, his eyes were sensitive to it. The alarm clock was going off, repeating its annoying echo that it gave off every school day. Today was his last day in Ouran High…his last day in Japan.

The first few hours of the day seemed to crawl by as Kaoru watched the clock, waiting for the school day to end. When fourth hour came around, Kaoru knew that Haruhi would be in the same class. He thought about how today was his last day here, so instead of being completely silent he would talk with her a little bit.

"Hey Haruhi." He greeted, surprising his friend. She put her stuff down and sat in her seat smiling at him.

"Kaoru, you're talking again?" She said with a smile. He nodded. "Well, it's great that you've decided to talk again. Hikaru told me what's happening. You're leaving for France today?" Her tone had suddenly changed to a lower feeling.

"Yeah, I have to do it though." Kaoru replied shortly.

"Why?" Haruhi questioned. "It's not normal for you to want to leave Hikaru behind." She continued. Kaoru's eyes widened and then he bowed his head, his hair covering his eyes a bit.

"I can't tell you." He replied after a short hesitation, with a more evil aura. Haruhi felt the tense feeling and knew that she probably should've backed off by now. Before she could ask him more questions, class had started.

For Kaoru, the next two hours went by pretty quickly. He had somehow avoided contact with his twin during the classes they both had together. Now, there would be no getting around Hikaru, for they were both heading home. Kaoru only had about two more hours to spend with his brother, so he decided he would be completely open and talk as much as he had time for. Once the two arrived home, things began.

"Welcome home you two." Their mother, Yuzuha greeted, a grin on her face to see her sons. They both greeted her in the same way with their own smiles. Kaoru headed up to his room to put his stuff away and get everything that he had packed for his trip. Hikaru followed for the same reason, but also to have some private time with his brother.

"Kaoru, does mom know you're leaving?" Hikaru asked while putting his stuff aside and watching Kaoru gather his belongings.

"Yeah, I told her." Kaoru replied softly. The aura in the room was so fragile they both talked in almost a whisper. After getting everything ready, Kaoru looked to the night stand and remembered the letter. He walked over to it, picked it up and put it in his pocket. He would give it to Hikaru when he left.

"I'm going to miss you, you know." Hikaru stated, looking out the window into the clouded sky. By the looks of it, a storm was getting ready to start. "I hope we'll see each other again." He continued, unusually sentimental. Kaoru sat down on the bed, making sure his back was to his twin. "Just don't forget about me when your there."

"I couldn't forget you Hikaru." Kaoru replied immediately. 'I'll never forget you…because I love you too much to do so.' He thought, letting out a sigh. He was startled a little when Hikaru came and sat next to him. A few minutes passed in silence as well as motionless. Hikaru suddenly put his hand on Kaoru's, holding it tightly and letting his gaze go down to the floor.

Kaoru looked over to his brother, curious as to what he was thinking. "Kaoru, I don't want you to leave. I don't want to loose my brother for an unknown reason…" Hikaru said, his voice slightly quivering. Kaoru looked at him with concern, knowing that it was hurting him that he was leaving.

Kaoru sighed and turned to look out the window again, watching as small droplets of rain hit against the window. He could hear Hikaru whisper 'why', but he didn't want to tell him, for his note would explain everything. Just feeling Hikaru's grip on his hand made him regret everything that he was doing, but he couldn't go back now. Their parting was inevitable.

Two hours had passed with little conversation and it was time for Kaoru to head out. He gathered his belongings, walked to the door but stopped suddenly. He had almost forgotten about the letter he had written. Hikaru had followed him to the door to watch him leave.

"Kaoru, Hikaru is going with you to the airport. You two need to be together for as long as you possibly can." Yuzuha informed, pushing Hikaru forward. She smiled and waved. "It's sad to see you go, but it's what you want to do, right Kaoru?" She asked, her smile darkening a little bit in sorrow.

"Yes…it is." Kaoru replied. Yuzuha sighed and walked up to him and hugged him for the last time, getting a hug back from Kaoru. She whispered 'I love you' in his ear and then let him go. As she backed away, tears had fallen down her cheeks but she never stopped smiling. Not even she knew about Kaoru's feelings.

She waved to her boys as they headed out to the airport. The limo used to transport them had a silent aura when it took off. The brothers sat there, staring out the opposite windows, not speaking a word to each other. It was a silent trip up to the airport, but a small conversation began as they proceeded to the ticket desk.

"Hikaru, ever since I wrote this, I've been regretting writing it to you." Kaoru took out the note in his pocket and held it tightly in his hand. "But it's something…I've been wanting to tell you for so long." He grabbed Hikaru's hand and placed the folded paper in it. He hesitated letting it go, but he did so, knowing it was the right thing to do. He turned around to the lady at the desk and received his ticket as well as giving her his luggage.

Hikaru stood there, holding the paper gently. He didn't bother to read it yet, he wanted to save it for after Kaoru left so that way he could spiritually spend a little more time with him. "Kaoru…are you really sure you want to do this?" He asked, giving a serious stare at his brother. Kaoru looked back him, eye to eye and nodded.

"Like I said, it's for our own good." Kaoru replied. "I guess this is good bye." They both stood there, staring at each other, not wanting this parting to happen. After a few seconds of waiting, Kaoru hugged Hikaru firmly, tears coming to his eyes. The letter he wrote the night before held everything he wanted to say…no, everything he needed to say. There were no more words that he needed to say out loud. This was the last few seconds he could be with his brother. With his forbidden love still attached to his heart and soul.

Hikaru hugged back, not letting go. This was the last time he'd see his brother again. The last time he would be able to talk to him. He knew once he let go, Kaoru would be gone forever unless they somehow happened to meet again in the future.

The everlasting hug came to an end when Kaoru let go and immediately turned around to hide his tears. Hikaru watched as he began to walk away, leaving Hikaru standing in the middle of a bustling crowd. In no time, Hikaru felt his own tears fall down his cheeks and fall off his chin. The letter was still in hand, but he hadn't opened it yet. It was used for something to hold onto, something to squeeze tight and get rid of some of the stress...something that was used as a substitute for Kaoru's loving hand. But he planned on opening it before he left the airport.

He began walking to a near by sitting area, making sure he wasn't sitting next to anyone, that way he could read the letter in as much privacy as he could. He slowly unfolded it, watching as the letters began to show through. Written in pen with a neat hand writing style was the document Kaoru had worked on for at least an hour. Even if it wasn't too long, it took a lot of time to conjure it up. Hikaru slowly began reading the most powerful words he would ever read.


I'm sorry for leaving so suddenly, but I have no choice. I realize it'll probably be hard not having your twin brother there for you…but there is a good reason as to why I have to leave. Something that I should've been able to tell you sooner than now, but I couldn't get up the courage to tell you face to face. But it's such a sensitive thing to say…well, to the point. My leaving involves a forbidden feeling I've had for the past two weeks and maybe even longer, I just didn't realize it until two weeks ago. It's something that shouldn't have evolved…but for some reason it did, and if anyone knew, I'd be shunned by the world for even thinking of such a feeling.

I've realized that we're so close to each other as brothers, but for me that relationship changed. You know how we had so many fights a while ago? It was probably because I realized…that I had gotten too close to you and that I began to feel guilty about how I felt towards you… I realize now what has happened to me and know that it's wrong, but it happened so suddenly.

Well… what I'm trying to say is…that I'm in love with you, Hikaru… and that is why I have to leave.

Sayonara Hikaru.


After he had fully understood the last sentence, Hikaru's mind froze and time seemed to have stopped for him. All he could do was sit there motionless, staring, wide-eyed at this sudden confession. Short and simple as it may have sounded, it was so strong and powerful that Hikaru's heart raced. After taking in such a strong emotion and letting it sink in for a few moments, he suddenly stood up and crinkled the letter in his fist.

He suddenly got the idea to run after Kaoru, no matter how late it was. Hikaru had to talk to him and give his response, so he ran with a high hope that he could get to him on time. He ran through the crowds of people, sometimes pushing someone aside. He barged through the crowded lines, swiftly dodged his way through the security guards and passed through the metal detectors, setting every one of them off.

Hikaru heard an announcement come over the intercom in the airport, saying that one of the flights to France was ready to take off. To him, he figured it was probably Kaoru's flight, giving him more incentive to run as fast as his legs could carry him. "Kaoru…" He breathed as he continued running, his heart beating faster and his breathing becoming more heavy. Once he figured out where the plane was taking off from, he headed there hoping to catch Kaoru before he left.

When he arrived at the plane's platform, the plane had started it's engines and began to leave. Hikaru watched from inside the waiting room for just a moment, putting his hands against the window and looking out at the giant machine as it began to move away. He grunted in frustration, but suddenly turned and began running toward the plane, dodging through two more security guards at the doors. As he ran along side the plane, he looked into the windows to see if he could find Kaoru.

He had been faster than the plane at that moment, but it had began to gain speed, leaving him behind. Hikaru began to panic and tried picking up his running speed. As he speed up, he found that Kaoru had taken a window seat where he could see him. "Kaoru!" He yelled, having low hopes of Kaoru hearing him. "Kaoru!!" He repeated, trying to keep up with the plane on the runway, but his repeated calls went unheard. Tears streamed his face as he continued following until the plane took a sudden burst of energy and took off at an amazing speed.

Hikaru suddenly tripped over his own feet and landed face first into the grassy area that had been beside the runway. He lifted his head immediately and watched as the plane took off into the sky, leaving him behind. In exhaustion, he laid his head back down into the muddy area, clenching his fists in anger, grabbing a clump of grass with his open hand and ripping through the letter in his other hand. He was now wet, cold, dirty and exhausted, lying out in the small grass patch of the airport.

He closed his eyes in frustration and sorrow and let his tears leak out with the rain that pattered against the ground. His breathing had been heavy, but it had calmed now as everything went into a serene and quiet environment with only the rain drops audible. Hikaru slowly opened his eyes once more and brought the now ripped and smudged letter to where he could see it. The only readable part left was "I'm in love with you Hikaru." As he stared at that line and whispered "I'm in love with you too, Kaoru." He then closed his eyes once more, wanting nothing more than to sleep. All of the events of today had worn him out, but there was certainly more to come.

Security guards came out to his side and picked him up by the arms and hauled him back into the airport. Obviously angered with the commotion he had caused, they sat him down in one of the offices, ready for him to give answers why he acted so rashly. He never answered a single one of their questions except for giving them his home phone number; for he was too tired and dead inside. He didn't have the strength to talk anymore now that half of him had left. They eventually ended up calling Yuzuha and told her about what had happened. She came to pick him up and apologized for him.

"Hikaru, what were you thinking?!" Yuzuha questioned viciously as they both were driven home by the chauffeur. Even she didn't get an answer from her son, making her even more worried about him. She knew that Kaoru's leaving did some damage to Hikaru's feelings, but she hadn't expected him to be like this. She sighed and shook her head. "I was worried about you when they called me. You're never this reckless." She continued. Hikaru only gazed at the floor of the limo in a daze, completely oblivious as to what was happening. The rest of the ride home was silent.

About two days later, after graduating from Ouran High, Yuzuha had stopped Hikaru from committing suicide from his deep depression state. The last two days at Ouran, Haruhi almost forgot that Hikaru was even there for he had become deadly silent since Kaoru's leaving. Hikaru had considered moving to France to try and relocate his brother and tell him how he felt, but he was stopped by his mother and father, for they didn't want him to leave just yet and felt he was still too immature to live on his own. He promised himself that one day, he would move to France to be with Kaoru, no matter how long he had to wait. For now, they would be separated for a while.

Every night before Hikaru went to sleep, he'd look out the window of his room and whisper I love you Kaoru. In hopes that one day they'd be together.

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