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Chapter 4 – The Punishment (Ze Passion)

"You'll only be forgiven if you play a punishment game with me." Hikaru stated, smiling wildly. Kaoru's mouth opened slightly and his eyes widened a little, but he immediately calmed himself down and gave his own devious glare back at him.

"Depends on what you have in mind." He replied.

"Oh, I think you know. We do think alike after all." Hikaru added.

Kaoru snickered but suddenly stopped as Hikaru took his hand and pulled him up to follow him. His hand was warm and comforting, slightly calming Kaoru's sudden excitement. As they approached the bedroom, Hikaru stopped and turned quickly to Kaoru, still hand in hand. They stood in the bedroom entrance, apparently entranced in each others gaze. Kaoru realized Hikaru was doing this just to test his patience as well as tease him.

Growing slightly impatient, Kaoru went closer to Hikaru, pushing his body up against his twin. "What's the matter Hikaru? Scared?" He asked, showing the rare, merciless side of himself. Hikaru grinned and answered by kissing his lover, making sure to put so much passion into it that it took his partner's breath away.

Hikaru's kiss was successful at taking Kaoru's breath away, making Kaoru even more excited. He closed his eyes and wrapped his arms around Hikaru's neck, pulling him as close as he could get him. He felt his brother begin tugging at his shirt. Soon enough, Kaoru's bare skin felt the freshness of the air as well as Hikaru's hands, which snaked along his torso gently, tickling his sides and tracing his outline.

His body shaking with excitement, Kaoru began to lead his brother into the room. He was unable to make it to the bed but landed on a wall, allowing Hikaru to play with him as he pleased. After all, he was the one to be punished.

Hikaru moved from Kaoru's lips down to his neck, kissing it a few times before licking it and sucking on it gently. His hands moved up Kaoru's torso and tenderly messaged his nipples, making Kaoru whimper slightly and bite down on his bottom lip.

Their whole world shifted into a different gear than what they had ever realized. It had begun to shift into a more pleasurable world, one that ignored the law of humanity and allowed the laws of anything. Right now, being brothers didn't matter to them; being twins didn't change their hearts desires for each other. Their longing for each other would never come to an end; they deserved to have pleasure together, no matter the consequences.

Just as Hikaru did, Kaoru pulled off his brother's shirt, revealing an identical torso to his own. Hikaru's body suddenly pushed up against Kaoru's, pushing their chests together, their hearts beating as one. Kaoru responded by nibbling on Hikaru's ear seductively, wanting him more and more with each passing second.

The whole time, Hikaru had covered Kaoru's neck and collarbone with tender loving kisses that showed his sensitive side. He moved his hands down his brother's chest, to his stomach and then to his pants. He slowly unclasped the belt that supported them and threw it behind him, continuing to rain kisses upon Kaoru's body. His fingers began unfastening the zipper and button that held the front of his lover's pants together, opening them up painfully slow. Once undone, he shoved the material down, crumpling it into a heap over Kaoru's feet, leaving Kaoru in only his boxers.

Every move that Hikaru made allowed Kaoru to feel like he was in heaven. Hikaru's probing hands against his body, his warm touch, his kisses, everything that he did aroused Kaoru to a level he didn't know of. He looked down upon his lover, who was currently covering his stomach with kisses. To Kaoru, it seemed so serene, so much like a dream; he couldn't help but let small whimpers come out every now and then.

His twin finally removed the last of his clothing, leaving his body completely exposed. Hikaru went straight to his idea of punishment, licking at his brother's manhood teasingly. He saw Kaoru's body shiver with the electricity that went up his spine. How he wanted to hear his name called. He decided to not only tease by licking, but he eventually worked up to the point of putting the head into his mouth, pushing his tongue along it comfortingly. He wrapped one arm around Kaoru's legs and moved his other arm up his twin's torso, heading toward his nipple.

Kaoru let out a surprised pant and then whispered Hikaru's name when his hand began rubbing his chest area gently. His brother's mouth was so gentle, so pleasing in the other area of enjoyment. He moaned as his brother caressed him gently, feeling his body shake from excitement. Kaoru put his hand on top of his twin's head, clutching gently at a lock of his hair, hoping to signal that he was doing well.

Hikaru took his hand from Kaoru's chest and grasped the base of Kaoru's penis, feeling the warmth of it as well as the throbbing of excitement. He suddenly bit down lightly on the head, unable to control himself. Kaoru winced and gasped with the sudden pain.

"H-Hikaru!" He cried, his face turning bright red and looking down at his brother and tightening his grip on the clump of hair in his hand. Hearing his name called, Hikaru removed his mouth from Kaoru and looked up with a grin, swallowing the gift from Kaoru's excitement.

"It's all part of the game." He commented slyly, slowly standing up and putting his lips against Kaoru's chest, nibbling at one of the nipples. His hand reached down to caress Kaoru, slightly touching his manhood teasingly. Kaoru let out a moan and bit down on his lip, trying to regain his composure. "It's alright to cry out Kaoru. No one is here but me and I'm the one looking forward to hearing you." Hikaru commented. He went up to his brother's collarbone and began tracing it with his tongue. His hand below had grasped Kaoru and began pumping it slowly, hoping to earn some cries.

"Ahh…" Kaoru whimpered, responding to everything that was happening. With each breath, his whimper got louder and grew into a moan, fueling his brother's lust for his voice. His knees began to shake, making him unsure of how long he would be able to stand against the wall considering that a lot of his energy was being used for this activity. Kaoru put his hands on Hikaru's shoulders, in hopes of keeping him stabilized. Hikaru on the other hand continued to kiss and please him, listening to his cries and being aroused more with each moan.

When he felt Kaoru's hands on his shoulders, he knew he was growing weak kneed, so he stopped and quickly guided his twin to the bed, pushing him down into the soft mattress. From there he kissed Kaoru, slipping his tongue into his mouth and climbed on top of him, letting their worlds mix together so they would be one. He felt Kaoru's hands begin to undue his pants, letting him be free as well. They were slipped off and right after his boxers too were discarded.

A random memory of what they had wanted back then fit right into their love. They had always wanted to be one, but in a sense of being two individuals. This was what they had wanted; they had longed for this moment for so long that they didn't realize what they wanted back then. This love they had since they were little was more than what they saw of it in the past. As twins, they were never complete until they told each other that their 'brotherly love' wasn't enough. In this moment they fulfilled their deepest desires.

They both took a small breather from their kissing, looking into each other's eyes to see if they had pleased each other completely. Kaoru smiled and wrapped his arms around Hikaru, pulling him against his body. He couldn't remember the last time that he had been so happy. He didn't even know why he left Hikaru in the first place, but all of that was in the past and now he was with his love once again. This time not as brothers but as lovers. He felt the heartbeat of his twin against his chest and knew his own heart was beating the same exact rhythm.

Hikaru sighed and smiled, rubbing his cheek against Kaoru's. The warmth that he had missed when his twin was gone had come back ten fold, filling his mind full of warm thoughts. He pushed himself up, his scared up arms on either side of Kaoru's head. Unfortunately, right when Hikaru went to kiss his lover again, he was stopped by Kaoru's concerned gaze, which had been directed to his arms.

"It's a shame that you scared up your beautiful skin like that Hikaru." Kaoru complimented, his voice filled with sorrow. Hikaru narrowed his eyes in shame while Kaoru traced every mark on his arm with his fingers gently.

"Don't worry about that. It'll heal eventually." Hikaru replied, catching his twin off guard and plunging into his neck, sucking at one spot vigorously. Kaoru, startled by the sudden action, gave a small yelp. When he pulled away he snickered a little bit.

"Did you just give me a hickie?! Hikaru!" Kaoru complained, glaring at his amused brother and rubbing his neck slightly.

"I can give you more than that." Hikaru replied, changing the mood from a comedic point back to being serious. Kaoru looked up at him with a wanting in his eyes and smiled.

"I want all that you can give me. Don't hold back." With that being said, their lips meshed together once more, the passion rising to a higher level than earlier. To them, the night sky seemed to glow brightly even without the moon's help.

Kaoru's hands messaged his lover's back as he kissed his neck and collarbone more gently in a teasing fashion. Hikaru's hand went down Kaoru's body, tracing over his belly button and continuing down to caress his lover gently. When his hand made contact, Kaoru jolted a little bit, pushing his hips up slightly in anticipation. Hikaru deepened his kisses and began rubbing his hand back and forth ever so slightly as if to cruelly tease his brother. Kaoru gave out small whimpers and pants of excitement, showing Hikaru he was thrilling him, but for Hikaru the small whimpers and pants weren't enough. He wanted to hear his name being called and wanted to hear deep cries of enjoyment.

In order to fulfill his want, he squeezed Kaoru harshly, earning a cry from his brother's lips. He squeezed again earning his name to be called. He got what he wanted, but he wanted more. Hikaru took his hand back and sat up, leaning back and picking up Kaoru's legs, putting one over each of his shoulders and lifting him up some.

"Hikaru…" Kaoru whispered, knowing what was going to come next. As Hikaru moved his hips forward and entered into his lover, Kaoru cried out in painful glee, arching his back slightly. Hikaru leaned forward, giving him a better position and began rocking back and forth slowly. As he moved in and out, Kaoru cried his name over and over as well as moans in between.

Hikaru began bucking faster as he began to reach his climax. His heart pounded in his head as his breathing picked up the pace. He leaned in even more, causing Kaoru's knees to come up to his torso. He put his arms under Kaoru and held on tightly as he got ever closer to his climax. Kaoru's moans and cries only made him move faster, sweat beading up on his back and rolling down it.

Kaoru himself had begun to sweat with all this action. It was painful, but it was a pleasurable pain the he knew he would never get enough of. Earlier, he had told Hikaru not to go easy on him and that he wanted everything he had and now, his wish was being fulfilled. He could hear his lover calling his name and panting as his climax came. His thoughts were interrupted when Hikaru suddenly stopped and flipped him over, climbing on top of him.

Kaoru could feel Hikaru's chest push up against his back and his arms fold around his sides, securing himself to him like a watch to a wrist. After getting situated, Hikaru entered Kaoru once more, this time starting at a quicker pace. With each rocking movement, Kaoru could hear his brother's breathing in his ears. Soon enough, none of that mattered as both of them found themselves in a climax. Kaoru moaned loudly, calling his lovers name in the process.

Hikaru called out Kaoru's name as he pushed himself into him at full force one last time. Kaoru did the same calling out his lover's name as he felt cum fill him. After it came to an end, he collapsed in exhaustion onto his side, panting and trying to regulate himself. Hikaru had laid himself down next to him on his back staring up at the ceiling. The couple laid there, panting heavily, sucking in the rest of the pleasure that was hanging in the air.

Once the two caught their breath, Kaoru opened his eyes while Hikaru turned his head to the side to gaze into his lover's eyes. They didn't want the pleasure to end, but they had both been so worn out they wouldn't be able to go any further. The sweat that had saturated both of their bodies had begun to cool down, making them both shiver a little. They cowered under the covers facing each other, Hikaru's arm draped over Kaoru's side.

They smiled at each other happily, knowing that they were both pleased with each other. Hikaru pulled Kaoru closer to him, holding him in a tight embrace with his lover's head on his chest. Kaoru listened to his brother's heartbeat, falling into a drowsy state with the repetitive sound.

"Kaoru?" Hikaru whispered, watching as his twin cuddled up closer to his chest, cradling himself in Hikaru's arms. "What'd you think?" He asked, just to make sure he had completed his task of showing his love to his brother.

Kaoru put his hands in front of his face and rested them against Hikaru, putting him into a half balled up position. "What do you mean what do I think? You should know since we think a like." He looked up at Hikaru and smiled, knowing that his brother had been pleased, then rested his head back down and closed his eyes. Before completely diverging himself into a deep sleep, Kaoru weaved his legs together with Hikaru's, making it more comfortable and secure to him.

Hikaru looked at Kaoru with a gaze he never used before, his eyes narrow with an indescribable feeling. To him, Kaoru looked like a small child cuddled in his arms like he was, but it was cute and made him smile. He wanted to stay awake forever and watch Kaoru sleep peacefully, but he was too fatigued to stay awake himself any longer. Eventually, he slowly faded into his own dream world, tangled with Kaoru under the comforting and security of the blankets draped over them.

The next morning, the twins had slept in considering their 'exercise' from the night before. For the first time since they slept in the same bed, Kaoru managed to stay in the bed this time. They had still been in the same position that they had fallen asleep in, sleeping quietly and softly. The sun beat down on their bed lightly, making the white blankets glow abnormally.

They were both awaken to the sound of a certain ring tone.


"What Kaoru?"

"You still didn't change that annoying ringtone?"


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