My name is Riley, just Riley, and I'm an 83 year old woman trapped inside a 16 year old vampires' body. Some of you may have known me as Isabella Swan, or Bella. But I haven't called myself that since I was changed, no I haven't been called Bella since I met Damon, Adrian, and Sam. The three other people that make up our wonderful coven, which I was the only girl in. Ironic. You see we are all part of a band, many bands; we're always changing our name and look once we think that the band has lived out its life. Damon and I were both singers. Adrian was a guitarist, and Sam was a drummer.

Damon, he was a 209 year old vampire with curly brown hair and beautiful topaz eyes. He looked about 21 rugged, manly, the eldest in age and looks of all of us. Also Damon was my mate, and my newest love. You see Damon changed me while I was out walking in the forest one night. Jake was supposed to meet me, it was after…they….left so there were no more territory lines, but I guess old Billy Black was still bent, and he wouldn't let his son come off the reservation.

I was never relayed any of this till years later, because I wasn't at home to get his calls, and by the time I started to head back and give up…I had been attacked by a vampire. It was only luck that we fell in love, and I got to meet his brothers.

Adrian was a brother of his, only about 64 or so, he looked about 19, and he has bright blonde hair and topaz eyes as well. Though he didn't when we had met, let's just say his eyes were redder than a clowns' nose when we met him, but we had more or less made him change over to the 'good' side, if there was even a good side for us.

Then there was cute little Sam. Sam was the youngest by far, he was the newest to this life but he had the best control, even better than me sometimes. He was only about 20, but he appeared to be no more than 17. He had black hair that fell to his cheeks and the same topaz eyes. That…off the record sometimes turned black. You see he hated the idea of feeding at all, and I was all there with him on that subject, but it was necessary. There was no way that we could get out in front of that many people and hope to perform without a high level of control.

I had been living with them for years…many…since I was changed. All of us had special powers. Damon had the ability to control the weather, which came in handy if we needed cloud cover. Adrian could more or less control the elements, all of them, that made me mad; but you'll figure out why later. Sam, cute little Sam had the most dangerous power of all of us, well for now anyway. He couldn't read people's emotions, as much as he can control them, and sometimes his emotions would take over the people he was near, and Sam had a tendency of having a bad mood now and then, and sparks tend to fly in our hours a lot due to this.

And me, I had, what I thought were the most ridiculous powers of all, I had the ability to use all of my human traits, which I guess could come in handy, well I doubt it. I could change people's appearances, including my own, which I guess is good since we can't stay on the scene for more than a couple years at a time. My final power was my ability to manipulate fire, and even create fire from nothing. It was a vampire's most powerful weapon, to be able to destroy any vampire whenever I wanted. I guess that made me feel good.

Well, in case you were wondering the guys have no idea that I was ever Bella Swan. They wouldn't since I didn't tell them. They know me as Riley, and that was that; Riley their kicking awesome lead singer.

"Rie! Hurry up we have to get to the concert before the fans, that would be the smart thing wouldn't you think?" Adrian called up the stairs. I had been ready for a while now, just lying on my bed. Yes I needed a bed for those human moments when I would fall asleep.

"I am ready!" I yelled back at him running from my room. When I reached the stairs and ran again as fast as possible and slammed into him. "And are you calling me stupid? Because I don't think you want me to go there regarding you." I said pinching his nose and getting up.

"Of course not Rie, we love you too much to make fun of you!" He said.

"It's true!" I heard Sam yell from his room, where he was probably gaming.

"But I love you most of all." I heard Damon whisper in my ear, and then I felt his arms snake around me.

"I love you too." I said reaching my hand back to stroke his face.

"Now that everyone has admitted to loving Riley, can Mythical Mayhem get to its concert now?" Aiden asked using our band name. I mean we were mythical creatures after all.

"Fine, fine." I said waving my hand in front of my face. I wriggled out of Damon's grasp and ran out to the band van. It would be soooo much easier if we could run to our show but we really couldn't leave our equipment behind. Sam slid in beside me in the back, and Aiden and Damon claimed the front; Damon behind the wheel, and we made our way to our show.

The show was just about to begin and I couldn't wait. We had all done our clothing changes, Sam, Aiden, and Damon were all wearing black My Chemical Romance type suits. (I DON'T OWN MCR) I myself was in a plaid purple and black skirt and fish-net stockings and a tight black Mythical Mayhem Shirt with a studded belt and some serious make-up work.

"Wow Riley you look hot!" Aiden screamed over the crowd as we made our way to the stage, and Damon growled grabbing me by the waist, and glaring at Aiden. Who was now backing up slowly to show he meant nothing by it.

"Thank you Aiden." I said curtly. "Are you guys ready for this?" I asked.

They all just smiled at me crookedly and I nodded, took Damon's hand and we both ran out onto the stage; both singers for Mythical Mayhem.

KK. This is just the first Chapter, but in case you were wondering, Yes Riley is Bella, and no she doesn't forget anything that ever happened to her.