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To: 2365 Konoha Rd.

From: 1854 Konoha Dr.

Dear Stranger,

I've decided that I want to grow up. I've made a plan...sort of. I mean, it's not that hard is it? Usually grown ups do alot of...mature stuff. They drink coffee, which I do, and they drive nice pretty shiny cars, which I don't, and they fall in love. Which, naturally, I haven't.

Do you think I'll be able to, Stranger? Fall in love, that is. Heck, I might fall in love with you! How do I know you're not a I-drink-coffee-and-drive-a-pretty-convertible kind of guy? You might be tall, dark and handsome and I'll fall head over heels for you.

Or you could be an old fart full of warts on your nose, and you could smell like 15-day old milk.

But I trust the Fed-Ex guy to send this dear sheet of paper to a charming person, so that I may have a companion to speak to. Atleast, I hope so. Stranger, do you think that you could possibly respond once you got this letter? I mean, I wouldn't like this sent to some abandoned house with no inhabitants and I'll just be making an invisible friend. I don't think losing my sanity would go well with losing my ink and paper.

Anyway, I bought this nice pink paper just for you. Doesn't it smell nice? It's Coco Chanel. Very sweet (and expensive). Well, I hope you think so. Hehe, it wouldn't do good for you to be allergic to perfumes...oh golly. You better not be allergic to all my letters! Anyway, I don't care if you are or not; you're still required to respond, meaning, if you were allergic to my letters after all that you take a nice Benadryl and calmly sit down and write. I might just have to visit you personally if you don't, remember, I have your adress.

Are you young, stranger? Do you work? Do you go to school? If so, which one? Are you tall, or short? Are you thin, a chunky monkey, or athletic? Are you a girl, or boy? (please be a boy) Are you single? If not, and you are male, can you make yourself single? I mean, if were going to eventually fall in love then you should be available, right?

Anyway, what type of music do you listen to? Can you read cursive? If you can't, then how are you going to answer to my letter? Better yet, how are you going to answer all my questions? You better understand cursive! I'm not going to write in my non-cursive-therefore-not-pretty writing.

Do you like jewelery? Diamonds? I absolutely love diamonds. Have you ever seen those commercials? You know, the one's with the pretty music and fake lovers. Those are wonderful. Simply pure joy. I want that necklace. What's it called? Who cares, I want it. I think you'll get it for me stranger. You know, once we fall in love and all. I think it would be very fitting to do so, for security purposes, ofcourse. We wouldn't want to see my letter buddy suddenly have a heart attack, do we?

Well, if you've still stuck around and read my letter until the end I'd like to congratulate you. I don't actually expect you to reply, but it would still be nice of you to.

Sincerely Yours,

Another Stranger.

This WILL be a SasuSaku story. I might mention other characters and or pairings but it will be mainly centered around those two. Anyway, it is a AU teen story, naturally, and it might seem stupid and immature, but I've always wanted to find love in letters. It seems sort of romantic. Anyway, I know Sakura sounded kind of crazy and out of character but this IS an AU story; it's not like she's going to be all Sasuke-angst and all. Oh, and if it wasn't painfully obvious, Sakura has written the first letter.

Anyway, I hope you enjoyed it, and I'd like it if you reviewed. It's a great way to fuel a writer's imagination.

Until Next Time,