To: 2365 Konoha Rd.

From: 1854 Konoha Dr.

Dear Sasuke,

I know I'm going to see you tomorrow in the morning and I know this is for no reason and I'm just being depressed because I'm your girlfriend and that's what I'm supposed to do…I know it's irrational how I'm sending it to your dorm the day after you get there, and how you probably won't reply at all and will only text me back, but, I just wanted you to know I'm going to miss you.

I'm going to miss the part where it only takes a day for my things to reach your house, even though you still don't like how I spray perfume on it, even though you know I'll never stop. I'm going to miss you being able to walk to my house, and I don't like how a plane is the only way I can reach you now.

I don't care how much a stamp will cost you over there, but I want replies to all of my things, alright? Even if we don't work out, just promise me that you will. I know you're probably shaking your head right now at the last sentence, but promise me that you will.

You know I only want you to be happy, and if going there will make you happy then I'm going to be happy too. I know your brother is trying to act like it doesn't bother him, and Naruto is being all macho right now, but you know they'll miss you too.

Don't you dare text me.





Anyway, why do you have to move so far away? I know it's your dreams, and your dreams make me happy and I want you to fulfill them, but I just wish your dreams involved me somewhere close by. Ouch. That sounded clingy.

Oh well.

I'm going to cling to you tomorrow, you just watch out. You're going to feel pain by how hard I'm going to hug you.

I promise that.

Like a dog in heat.

I'll see you soon, stranger.

Sincerely Yours,


So, this is my final Dear Stranger chapter. Now I'm going to start working on the official sequel, 'Sincerely Yours'. I look forward to hearing what you think. Thanks for reading.

Until Next Time,