Love holds no bounds

Fandom: Harry Potter
Pairing: Hermione/Fleur, Harry/Gabrielle
Rating: NC-17 or M
Disclaimer: J.K. Rowling owns all of these char... i am but a poor woman who just like to play and twist things around :)
Note: This deals with rape and the after math of it. Its not to grapic BUT its just a small warning to let you know. If you are uncomfortable with that then please do not read. Also I want to give a major thanks to my beta readers! They can put up with all my nasty little mistakes. (Laughs) When I got it back it looked like a rainbow! I so should have paid more attention in English class! Well anyway.. here you go.. I hope yous all enjoy it:) Also for all the French speaking people out there. I used Babel fish for the French in the story and didn't realize til much later that the translation are a little off. Sorry about that

Chapter one

They walked through the woods laughing, it was Saturday, and so they had decided to enjoy themselves. Hermione giggled as Harry tried to jump and grab a tree limb, and fell flat on his ass.

"OI! That must've hurt mate!" Ron laughed at his friend, who was now rubbing his butt.

" Yea Yea… Go ahead and make fun of me."

They all started laughing, but Hermione stopped suddenly. She had heard something, something that didn't belong in the woods. Trying to pinpoint what it was, she tuned out her friends for a moment. Once again she heard the sound, but the boys were making too much noise

"Guys! Be quiet!" commanded Hermione.

Ron was about to ask what was going on, when Harry covered his mouth. Harry watched Hermione as she closed her eyes, letting her hearing take over. One of the nice after effects of being turned into a cat was that she had kept the keen hearing from it; that among a few other things that only Harry knew about. She heard it again; muffled screams. She broke into a run towards the sound. Harry grabbed Ron, pulling the redheaded boy with him as he chased after her, trusting Hermione's instincts. She stopped to listen again, feeling Harry and Ron behind her. Harry placed a hand on her shoulder...

"What do you hear?" Harry whispered softly.

"A girl...she's young...something is really wrong...she's screaming... I can't..."

That's when she picked up the scent...blood! She ran again, following both her nose and ears. Suddenly she could see a clearing and a girl fighting someone. She stopped and looked around to assess the situation. What she found made her blood boil! She heard Harry grind his teeth, and Ron gasp.

In front of them was Draco Malfoy raping Gabrielle Delacour. Hermione just reacted. She ran into the clearing, pulled Malfoy off of the girl, and tossed him against the tree as if he weighed nothing more then a piece of paper. Ron already had his wand out, and cast a stunning spell on the boy, while Harry walked towards Gabrielle. She quickly scooted away, frightened. She barely had any clothes left, and what she did have didn't cover her body at all. Her light blue uniform was drenched in blood, bruises covered her face and arms; there was even blood in the girls hair. Harry could see more blood flowing from between her legs. He knelt down and whispered to her.

"I Promise. I won't hurt you."

She didn't believe him and continued trying to get away from him. He sighed... after everything she had been through he wasn't surprised, he turned to see Hermione taking her cloak off and walking towards the girl slowly. She looked over at him and nodded towards Draco. He understood and went to help Ron with hauling that bastard back to the castle. It was one of the few times when he so wanted to use an unforgivable curse on the white-haired boy.

Hermione walked towards Gabrielle, she looked like a deer ready to bolt, for which Hermione couldn't blame her. Speaking in very hushed tones, she tried to calm the girl down.

"I won't hurt you. I just want to help." She crept a little closer and showed her the cloak. "Let me wrap this around you," Hermione asked gently.

Then she heard Harry whisper to her...

"We are going to go ahead of you and take him back. Maybe she will calm down a little once she notices we are gone." She looked over to see Malfoy struggling with his bind, trying to yell, but apparently Ron had placed a silencing charm on him. She just nodded. She had a feeling that the boys were making Gabrielle very nervous. She watched as they disappeared into the woods, then tried again to soothe her.

Gabrielle wanted to run, but she just couldn't, everything hurt and she was so scared. She just wanted to be with her sister, Fleur always made things better. She saw the other boys fighting with the boy who had raped her; she turned her head and threw up. Everything was too much...she felt her hair being pulled back gently and a hand rubbing her back; then felt the ground leave her and a warm blanket-like thing wrap around her. She began to struggle again, but suddenly she heard a small purring sound

" Shh ... it's okay… I promise you that I won't hurt you... relax... I'm going to take you back to the castle, okay?"

For some reason Hermione had started purring, she didn't understand why but she had. Once Gabrielle heard it, the young Beauxbatons girl relaxed, and then promptly passed out in her arms. As she walked she began to think that maybe it wasn't the best thing for them to be seen, but there was no way for them to make it past everyone; well except… She called out for Harry, waited a few seconds and was calling again when he suddenly appeared a little way in front of her.

"She passed out?" Harry asked Hermione.

"Yeah," she whispered, "Look, we are going to need your invisibility cloak. I don't think anyone should see her like this, plus, a lot of people may make her even more scared."

He stood for a moment, thinking." I'll have Ginny get it, and I'll tell her what has happened. Also, I'll have her get Fleur. Stay at the edge of the woods until they get here," he whispered to her, afraid that Gabrielle might wake up.

"No," amended Hermione, "tell Ginny to tell Dumbledore, and only him. He can tell Fleur to meet us in the Hospital wing. Gabrielle is going to go through holy hell, and she doesn't need the whole damn school giving her unwanted attention," she whispered back. She felt the young witch begin to move, and she purred a little louder. She felt the girl relax again, Harry smiled sadly

" Told you that would come in handy."

Hermione just glared at him, and then softened it. He was putting up a good front, but she knew that inside he was slowly falling apart.

"I'm going...I'm going. Just make sure you stop..." began Harry.

Gabrielle let out a scream and began thrashing about. Hermione held her closer, whispering softly, "I've got you...No one is going to hurt you...Its okay"

Hermione watched Harry walk away as quickly as possible. She turned her attention back on the little girl.

" Shhh ... Its alright...its're safe now..."

Gabrielle stopped thrashing, but her tears continued to flow down her alabaster cheeks. She wrapped her arms around Hermione's neck and held on to her for dear life. Hermione just tightened her hold, and let a few tears of her own fall. This hit too close to home.

Harry walked away as quietly as possible. His heart was breaking. He had formed a crush on the young girl. He didn't mean to, but it happened. Her laugh, her smile, and her eyes...he so didn't mean to fall for the girl, he really didn't. Now he was afraid he would never hear her laugh again, or see the smile that lit up his entire day. Hermione knew of his crush way before he did, and he was glad she had allowed him to realize it for himself. He stopped for a moment to compose himself. He was getting angry, to the point where it was scaring him. He saw everything again as he closed his eyes; Draco was going to pay dearly for what he had done.

Coming upon the spot where he had left Ron, he heard his best friend yelling. As he got close he saw Ron punch Draco square in the face. Even though part of him was telling him to let Ron have at it, he knew that it would only cause more problems in the long run.

"Ron! STOP!"

Ron had his fist ready for another hit; he couldn't look at Harry. All he could see was what this bastard had done to the little girl. A little girl who could have been his sister, he was beyond upset... he was furious.

"He didn't stop when she asked him!"

"I know, but we are not him," Harry said in a tone that seemed so wise for his age. It was soft yet demanding. Ron finally looked at Harry, stared into the Boy Who Lived, and what he saw cut him to the core. The pain, anger and heartache were there to see for those who knew how to look. Ron lowered his arm.

"You're a lucky man Malfoy," Ron hissed out. "I should kill you for what you did to her." He let Draco fall to the ground.

Harry lifted his wand and cast levitation spell to carry Malfoy the rest of the way.

"Is she going to be alright?" Ron asked softly.

"Only time will tell..." Harry sighed.

"Are you going to be alright?"

Harry didn't answer; he couldn't let his voice betray him. He had a friend in the muggle world that went through a brutal rape, just as Gabrielle had, but she didn't make it. Gabrielle had, and he swore on everything that was holy that he was going to make sure she had all the help she needed.

They walked until they were almost upon the school. Ginny was walking towards them, but she hadn't seen them yet. Ducking behind the large oak, Harry spoke. "Go get Ginny. Remember, not a word."

Ron nodded, took a step, and then turned back towards Harry. "What about Fleur?"

"Don't, we'll let Dumbledore tell her."

Ron understood and took off.

Harry stared at Draco, who was giving him a nasty look. Harry shook his head.

"Tell me Malfoy... why? Why would you do that to her?"

The silencing charm was still in place, but he knew that he would never get an answer in any case. Hearing a twig break Harry looked up to see Ron followed by Ginny. Ron had told Ginny a little of what had happened, so when she saw Draco she punched him.

"Ginny, don't. I know you want to, and I do too, but he isn't worth it. Right now we need to get Gabrielle to the Hospital wing without anyone noticing. I want you to go in my room and..."

"Harry, I'm not allowed on the boys side of the tower."

"DAMN! Ron..." began Harry.

But Ron was already in the castle, running up the stairs as fast as he could to their dorm.

Ginny spoke, " I'll go tell Dumbledore..." She bit her lip, and then she stopped, thinking that Fleur should know. What about Fleur? She has been looking all over the castle for Gabrielle. She should know."

Harry's voice was so soft that she almost didn't hear him, "No, we are going to let Dumbledore tell her."

"Are you sure that's..."

Harry shot a look at Ginny.

"What would you do if this had happened to one of your brothers? Or if..." He closed his eyes, replaying the whole scene again...when he spoke again his voice cracked. "Or Hermione, or you? What do you think they would do?"

Ginny was silent after that. She knew what she would do. She would kill the bastards who did it. She gave Draco a look, and if looks could kill, he would be nothing but ashes.

Draco had decided that he had had enough. Enough of not getting what he wanted. He wanted Fleur, but she only blew him off. So he figured a little pay back was in order for her embarrassing him in front of the school. Besides if you can't have one sister, always go for the other. Not only that, but he had a feeling that Harry had a crush on the girl, and what better way to get back at his enemy then going after the one they loved the most. Lucky for him, the girl was not that strong, so knocking her out was easy. He was smiling as he remembered her screams. He didn't notice that Ginny was watching him. She had seen him smiling. She got angry and punched him with such strength that he was knocked out. She shook her hand.

"That one hurt."

They laughed grimly

" Harry, where is Hermione?" asked Ginny.

He pointed to the edge of the woods. "Go straight through till you hit the creek. She's there waiting for you to bring her the cloak." Ginny looked up at the woods as if trying to see where the woman was.

Time seemed to stretch; waiting for Ronald was killing both of them. Finally after a good ten minutes he showed up and handed the cloak to Ginny. She took off for the woods without saying another word. Ron bent over, trying to catch his breath. Hands on his knees, he looked up at Harry.

" I… told Dumbledore... he is... on...his... way."

After a few minutes the boys heard rustling of leaves. They looked over to see Dumbledore, Madame Maxime, Professor Snape and Professor McGonagall rapidly approaching them. Three were beyond upset, but one was livid.

Madame Maxime had taken two-steps towards Draco when they saw Dumbledore place a calming hand on the half giant. She turned and looked down at him, her fists clinching.

" It's not your way" he whispered so that only she heard him. She took two steps back, and stared over at the lake, hoping to take the calmness of it into her. She heard Dumbledore's voice. There was a hard edge to it, one you could cut a diamond with.

"Severus, would you please take Mr. Malfoy to my office. Do not unbind him."

Severus nodded his head. Then spoke to the boy "How could you do something so..." Snape just closed his eyes and shook his head, in disappointment, "evil, Draco?"

He didn't want to hear the boy's answer, so he never removed the silencing charm. Taking his wand he lifted the boy up and floated him back to the castle. As the two Slytherins left, McGonagall asked, "Harry, Where is Gabrielle?"

Harry took a deep breath and pointed to the woods. "Hermione has her. I told Ginny to get my cloak so as to not attract attention from others. She should be..."

Suddenly Ginny was running towards them. Grabbing on to Harry to stop herself, she panted out, "Hermione is walking… her back now, but..." She bit her lip to keep from crying. What she had seen had torn her heart out.

"She is in really bad shape. I hope...I..." She couldn't take it and let her tears fall. Madame Maxime wiped the girl's tears away.

"We shall go to zee Hospital wing, oui?" She held out her hand, and Ginny took it, then the half-Giant turned to Ron. "Come Ronald, I zink it would be best if we all wait for 'er zere." All he could do was to nod numbly. It still tore at him seeing what Draco had done. They walked in silence until Ron stopped, and pulled his sister into a deep hug.

His voice betrayed him for a moment, " I don't... know what I would have done if... (his voice cracked) if that was you."

Ginny held on to him tightly.

Madame Maxime smiled hearing Ronald, and then she thought of Fleur and it broke her heart. Fleur was so very close to her sister.

Harry watched them walk away and smiled as he saw Ron. He was glad that his friends would be okay with the tall woman, but what of Fleur? How was she going to react? What of Gabrielle? So many things were running through his mind, he reached up and rubbed his temples.

"Why?" he said softly " Why her? She's thirteen." His voice was getting louder and angrier the more he thought of it.

"FUCKING THIRTEEN!" He hit the tree hard and screamed at the top of his lungs.

"That shouldn't have happened to her!" He feel to his knees...whispering to anyone who would listen.

"Not her..."

McGonagall had been waiting for this. She knew Harry, and had been his confidant on more the one occasion. She also knew how he felt about the girl. She wrapped her arms around him, and Apparated them to Madam Pomfrey's office.

Dumbledore stood there watching the turn of events. He couldn't believe what had just happened as well. He knew that Malfoy was trouble, but he never thought he would sink this far; of course the news of Harry and his love for Gabrielle was nothing new. He had seen that one for a while. Harry was going to have a hell of a time helping the young girl, but Dumbledore knew that it would only be a matter of time and healing. They would have to heal together for they both were going to be in for a very hard life. Together they would be able to have it a little easier.

Now if only the other two would get together then the prophecy would be complete.

(Back in the woods before Ginny arrives with the cloak)

Hermione gently placed Gabrielle on the ground, speaking softly to her. "I'm going to cast a spell for some water and cloth to try and help clean up some of your wounds, okay?"

Taking her wand out she saw the young girl flinch, and begin to back away.

Hmmm maybe that's not a good idea.

Making sure that Gabrielle was watching she slowly put her wand back in her pocket. She needed to get the girl clean without spooking her, and then it hit her, the waterfall nearby. Showing her that she didn't have anything in her hands, she carefully walked over to Gabrielle. Gabrielle immediately started crying, screaming and trying to get away. The girl stood, and then fell. Hermione didn't understand why she was so scared of her suddenly until she heard Ginny gasp. Turning quickly she saw that Ginny was standing a few feet away from them.

"GINNY!" She whispered as loudly as she could without alarming Gabrielle any more then she already was. Hermione held out her hand telling the redhead not to come any closer.

Ginny could not believe what she saw; both of them were covered in blood.

"Jesus, Hermione!"

At the shout the Ginny let loose, Gabrielle mustered all the energy she had and began running towards the river. She couldn't deal with what had happened. Every time she would close her eyes she saw the boy over her, hitting, biting, and pushing into her. The tears fell as she ran.


Hermione grabbed the cloak and took off running after the young witch, with Ginny close behind.

"FUCK, Hermione I'm sorry, I didn't think…"

They both saw the girl fall again,

Hermione grabbed Ginny's arms to stop her.

"Just stay here till I call you okay?"

Ginny nodded, watching Hermione move closer to the girl.

"Gabrielle?" She said softly, reaching out slowly to the witch.

Gabrielle had fallen half in the river, now she was not only covered in blood, she was also covered in mud.

Hermione decided to try something a little different, and speaking in French she called to her again.

"Gabrielle ? Je ne vais pas vous blesser qu'et ni l'un ni l'autre n'est Ginny." (Gabrielle? I'm not going to hurt you and neither is Ginny.) At hearing her Native language, she looked up at Hermione. She watched as Hermione then held out her hand.

Ginny waited with baited breath… hoping that Gabrielle would take it. It looked as if Gabrielle was trying to figure out whether to take it or not, Hermione saw this and pulled out her trump card. The one thing that seemed to always relax the girl, and although she hoped that Ginny wouldn't say anything, Hermione began to purr.

That got Gabrielle's attention; the light noise that Hermione was making was so calming for her. She decided to take Hermione's hand. The older girl pulled her up, and wrapped her arms around her shoulders. Pointing towards Ginny she whispered in French," C'est Ginny, elle ne vous blessera pas... Je vous promets ceci, mais elle a quelque chose que nous devons employer pour vous obtenir de nouveau au château" (This is Ginny, She won't hurt you… I promise you this, but she has something we need to use to get you back to the castle)

Gabrielle stiffened.

" Je promets, Gabrielle que personne ne va vous blesser. Ils ne vous verront pas même. Volonté vous laissez Ginny venir plus étroitement ainsi elle peut vous montrer ce que nous avons?"(I promise, Gabrielle, no one is going to hurt you. They won't even see you. Will you let Ginny come closer so she can show you what we have?)

Gabrielle was so torn. She trusted Hermione, but after everything that had happened she wasn't too thrilled about letting anyone getting closer. That's when Ginny spoke up.

"I give you my word that I won't hurt you." Bending down she picked up the cloak that Hermione dropped. She showed it to the girl. "This will hide you till we can get you to the hospital wing." She looked at Hermione, "should I show her?"


Taking the cloak, she put it over her. She heard a gasp, and Hermione cooing softly in French. "Son bien. C'est un manteau d'invisibilité. Personne ne peuvent vous voir quand vous l'avez dessus. Tellement personne ne va nous voir pendant que nous marchons au château."(It's all right. It's an invisibility cloak. No one can see you when you have it on. So no one is going to see us as we walk to the castle.)

Hermione then spoke a little louder "Alright Gin, take it off. "

Ginny quickly took the cloak off, standing a little closer to the two girls then before. She saw Gabrielle begin to tremble, as she had gotten closer. Ginny cursed herself for coming too close.

"Sorry," she whispered, and then handed the cloak to Hermione. "I'm going to head back," she took a few steps back to give the young girl some breathing room, "to let them know you're coming."

She turned quickly and ran back to Harry and the others. She had kept her tears in check in front of the girl but as she ran she let a few fall. She couldn't believe the shape Gabrielle was in. It made her angrier the more she thought about it. Bruises everywhere, her hair matted, the blood, but worst of all was the fear the girl had in her eyes.

Hermione watched Ginny take off, and then looked down at Gabrielle.

"Avez-vous voulu aller sous la chute d'eau ?" (Did you want to go under the waterfall?)

Gabrielle just gave her a look that basically said, "HUH"?

"Pour essayer et enlever ? Je peux vous orthographier un certain savon et un changement des vêtements." (To try and wash off a little? I can spell you some soap and a change of clothes.)

Even though both girls knew of cleaning spells, Hermione knew that nothing beat soap and water after something like this. She could see the girl wondering if she should… finally for the first time since the incident she spoke

"Svp ne partez pas." (Please don't leave.)

"Je pas" (I won't)

Walking into the river first she held out her hand again, and as Gabrielle took it she lead the French witch to the waterfall. Once they finally got there, she reached for her wand; she saw the fear in the girl's eyes.

"I'm going to cast a spell to give us some privacy, plus a few things for you to change into, and the soap."

The girl nodded and began taking what little clothing she had left off. Hermione turned her body, letting the young witch undress in private. Casting the spells and a charm to keep the towels and clothes dry, she asked, "May I turn around?"

Gabrielle felt very vulnerable, and she didn't want anyone to see her, but Hermione had been so gentle with her.

"Oui," was said in a very soft voice. It broke Hermione's heart hearing it. Turning around she held in the gasp that was threatening to come out. Never had she seen so many cuts and bruises, but what she noticed most was that there was a strange smell. Her eyes grew wide as she realized what it was.

"Gabrielle, tell me. Did Draco use a knife on you?"

The girl visibly began shaking and nodded her head. He had used a knife, but not just to cut her. She began to cry again as she felt arms wrap around her. Hermione had an idea where else he had used that knife. Her anger was getting the better of her, for a low growl was forming in her chest. Shaking her head to clear it, she lifted the girls face to look at her.

"Lets get you cleaned up and then to the wing. "

With that she quickly helped the girl bathe, and get dressed. Picking up the tattered clothes she spelled them into a bag. She knew that they were going to need them to try and find an antidote to the poison that Draco used on her.

Now on the river's bank, she looked over at Gabrielle; the girl could barely stand. Grabbing the cloak, she picked up Gabrielle gently, and placing the cloak over both of them she began to walk back to the castle. Gabrielle passed out for the second time, but from the poison her blood stream.

Holding her close, Hermione was thankful now for some of the feline traits. If she didn't have them she would have never heard Gabrielle or been able to carry her back to the castle. She was lost in thought when she realized she had hit the edge of the woods. Looking, she saw Dumbledore standing next to a tree. Several students were talking to him.


Moving as quietly as possible, she walked closer to the headmaster, hoping that none of the other students would hear her. As if reading her thoughts, Dumbledore shooed them all away. She stopped and waited for a moment, and then he began walking, and she fell in behind him. She felt Gabrielle begin to struggle again. She whispered just loud enough for him to hear her


She readjusted the girl so that Gabrielle's face was in the crook of her neck. When Hermione began purring softly again, the young girl stopped struggling, but whimpered

" Soeur?…" (sister?)

"Vous la verrez bientôt. Je promets."(You will see her soon. I promise)Hermione waited a moment to make sure she was comfortable, and then spoke again, "okay."

It felt like it would take forever to get to Madam Pomfrey, and even though they all knew that Apparating them would have been easier, Gabrielle just didn't have the strength to survive it. After dodging and winding around students and teachers alike, they finally made it to the hospital wing. Dumbledore opened the door, holding it for Hermione and Gabrielle. Hermione saw Professor McGonagall, Madam Maxime, and Harry, who was lying down on one of the beds asleep, but no Fleur. Looking around she finally spotted the older witch; she had tears in those gorgeous eyes and was pacing the room. But she wasn't going to let them scare Gabrielle, so she spoke softly.

"All I ask is that everyone stay a little ways back except for Fleur and Madam Pomfrey."

Everyone looked about for the voice.

"I'm serious when I say that."

With that being said she took the cloak off, and all that was heard throughout the room was gasps, and grinding teeth.

As she walked to the bed she heard Gabrielle whimper again

"Soeur?" (Sister?)

Fleur was next to her in a flash, tears running down her face as she spoke, "Je suis ici, bien ici" (I'm here, right here)

The young girl opened her eyes and began to cry again.

"Je suis désolé, si désolé... c'est tout mon défaut !" (I'm sorry, so sorry... it's all my fault!)

"Non! Vous défi ne pensez pas cela. Son non votre défaut." (No! Don't you dare think that! It's not your fault.) Fleur said, her voice cracking with emotion as Hermione placed the girl in her sister's arms.

Hermione had started to move away when she felt a tiny hand grab her.

"No, please… you… promised you wouldn't leave."

Hermione smiled gently down at the young girl. Lifting her hand she caressed her cheek.

"I'm not, but I need to talk with the headmaster and you need to let Madam Pomfrey take a look at you, okay?" Gabrielle looked as if she didn't believe her. So she through her trump card out again. Purring softly, she waited till the girl was a little calmer before she spoke again. "I promised you that I would bring you to your sister, didn't I?"

A small nod, and the purring continued.

"I won't leave, but I have to talk with them." Seeing Gabrielle relax somewhat she smiled, "I'll be right over there, okay?"

What Hermione didn't realize was the effect that her purr had on the older sister.

Hermione walked towards Dumbledore, although she could Feel Gabrielle looking at her to make sure she didn't leave. She approached the headmaster. This was something she didn't want to have to show anyone, but knew that in order to save the girl's life she had to. She looked over her shoulder again, and she smiled, watching the two sisters hold on to each other for dear life; Fleur speaking to Gabrielle in calming tones. This actually helped Hermione to do what she had to do. She quietly asked McGonagall, Madam Maxime, and Dumbledore to join her on the far side of the room. She didn't want to disturb the girls. She pulled out Gabrielle's torn clothing, and handed it to the headmaster.

"This is all that's left of her clothing."

They all looked at the clothing in shock

"She was poisoned as well," Hermione told them. "I... I tried to get as much of it off of her as I could." She closed her eyes. "I believe he used a knife." When she opened her eyes, they were hard.

"And not just for cutting either." Suddenly Madam Pomfrey was next to them looking at the clothing. "You are right about the poison and the knife. This is the most brutal case of rape I have ever seen, Albus. No one should have to go through what this child did."

Madam Pomfrey sighed.

"But what I want to know is why she is wet, as if she had a fresh shower?"

Hermione looked over at Gabrielle to reassure the girl. It was a good thing she did for Gabrielle was looking for her, so Hermione smiled at her, and then turned her attention back to Madam Pomfrey

"That would be my doing. I took her to the small waterfall and helped her wash up some. It was then that I noticed the poison."

"Well it's a good thing you did, because if you hadn't she would not be with us now," Madam Pomfrey told her. With that she moved and grabbed a few potions, and then went back to tending Gabrielle.

Hermione sighed. She was worn out mentally and physically, but she had made a promise, one she wasn't about to break. Unexpectedly, she felt a large hand on her shoulder, and looking up she saw Madam Maxime.

"Zank you, 'ermione."

Hermione looked up sadly at the half-giant. "I just wish we could have gotten there earlier"

Suddenly they all heard a shout, and turned to see Gabrielle struggling against Madam Pomfrey, yelling at her.


No one seemed to understand what she was yelling about.

Hermione came up behind Fleur, as Fleur tried to reassure her sister that it was only a healing potion.

"Soeur, c'est un breuvage magique curatif, honnête!" (Sister, it is a healing potion, honest!)

Gabrielle once again sobbed and curled up into a ball, holding onto her sister for dear life again. "NON ! Qu'il n'est pas... Svp... pas plus " (NO! That it's not … Please…no more!)

Kneeling next to Fleur, Hermione rubbed the two sister's hands. The purr came on its own, and this time she did hear Fleur gasp, she looked over at her and their eyes met, but it was quickly broken when another sob came from the young girl.

"Gabrielle, ce qui est lui que vous ont si peur de ?" (Gabrielle, what is it that you are so afraid of?)

When the girl didn't answer, but only stared, Hermione followed it. Hermione looked at the potion, and then she saw a glint and realized why she was so frightened. As she walked around the bed, she felt eyes on her and looked over to Gabrielle, who was watching her intently. She looked at the small medical table, and she picked up the knife laying there. She saw the fear in the girl's eyes. She picked it up and walked to the other side of the room and placed it in a drawer. Everyone watched as Gabrielle physically relaxed. She finally allowed them to give her the healing and dreamless potion only because Fleur was giving it to her. Within a few moments the girl was fast asleep.

Hermione watched Fleur's tears fall soundlessly, and it tore her heart out. She had loved the Veela since she had first seen her stepping down from the carriage. The Silvery blond hair blowing in the light breeze, it was as if the wind was mocking her by bringing the Veela's scent to her, telling her that she was the one who held the key to your heart, but that you would never be able to have her. She closed her eyes; she was so tired of fighting it. She was tired period.


She turned and saw Harry looking up at her from the bed. She sat next to him. "Hey."

Harry looked down and over at Gabrielle, but the curtains where closed.

"How is…" began Harry.

Hermione sighed again. "She was poisoned Harry. That bastard used a knife on her."

Harry's eyes got wide. "You mean?"

All she could do was nod. He began to shake….

" Harry??" Her tone was a warning, but it went unheeded.

Harry leapt up shouting, "I'll kill him! I'll Fucking KILL HIM MYSELF!"

Hermione heard Gabrielle begin to whimper, so she shoved him against the wall… HARD. She whispered in a harsh tone "Now you listen to me Harry James Potter. He will get what he deserves, but you have to control yourself or she will never trust you. Do you understand me?"

Harry just stared at the person behind Hermione, but Hermione wasn't finished with him yet. She wanted an answer; a very loud growl came out as she slammed him against the wall again.


Looking down he sagged his head against the wall and nodded, but that wasn't good enough for her.

"Say it," Hermione demanded.

"I understand."

She held him for a moment, and then cupped his face. "I'm sorry."

" For?"

"Slamming you against the wall."

He laughed

"Let's just say you knocked some sense back into me."

He nodded towards someone behind her, she turned and saw Fleur looking at her. Her eyes were red, puffy, and questioning, but Hermione could have sworn she saw something else there too…but couldn't make it out. She felt Harry stand up under his own strength.

"I'm going to go back to my room." He began to move but then stopped. "Are you going to come?"

She shook her head. "No, but could you bring me a change of clothes?" She looked at her clothes. She was still covered in blood and mud.

"Yeah, I'll have Ginny get them and I'll be back down in a few." With that he left the wing.

Hermione knew Fleur was still watching her so she turned back towards the French woman. She was no longer standing behind her but sitting on the bed that was next to her sister's, tears flowing down her face and falling onto the sheets.

"Why did 'e do zis to 'er?"

If it weren't for Hermione's sharp hearing she would have missed what Fleur had asked her. She sat down in front of the woman and took her hand, "I wish I could tell you, I really do."

Fleur began to weep. Hermione did the only thing she knew...pulled the beauty into her arms and held her.