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"Gabrielle." The gentle voice whispered. "Gabrielle…"

Gabrielle turned her head towards the voice and slowly tried to get her body to move. Little by little she began to feel her legs, arms, and then she moved her fingers.

"That's it little one. Open your eyes," the melodious voice whispered to her.

"Mére?" The young girl suddenly felt extremely soft fur nudge her.

"No, little one," the voice replied.

Gabrielle realized that there were two people with her. The caring voice and whomever the soft fur belonged to. She then heard a soft purring sound and felt a set of teeth grip her shirt and pull her up. She turned to see what had grabbed her but all she could see was a set of very large, very long, teeth. Two were longer then the rest, they looked like a little like one of the swords her mami carried with her. Well one was long; the other was broken in half.

"Don't worry she won't hurt you. In fact she is here to help us." The teeth let her go and Gabrielle stood on her own feet, a bit wobbly but at least she was standing. She would have fallen if not for the quick reflexes of the large feline. Steadying herself a bit more she slowly shook her head trying to clear it. Bringing her hand up to it she closed her eyes from the bright light. "Ugh…where am I?"

"A safe dream."

Gabrielle turned slowly around. She wasn't too sure if her legs would hold her up so she kept her grip on the cat. What she saw amazed her. There standing in front of her was the most beautiful woman she had ever seen. The woman's hair was very long and blond, but not a blond like hers. The woman's hair was more of a corn silk blond, while the woman's eyes were a soft grayish blue. The woman stood about the same height as her mami, but had a thinner look to her. Pulling her thoughts back to her, Gabrielle then remembered she had called this place something. "A safe dream?"

"Yes." The woman smiled softly at her

"What is a safe dream?"

"A place where the spirits of old and new may speak to and help each other," spoke the soft voice of the cat she was leaning on.

Gabrielle's eyes grew wide. "You…can speak?"

The cat chuckled "Yes, plus much more." The large cat smiled, and then roared loudly.

"Half-tooth be nice." The woman smiled, "don't go scaring the girl."

"Forgive me Celestia, it has just been so long since someone else could hear it besides you and Fire." Half-tooth smiled apologetically.

"Come let us all go for a walk and we will answer any questions you have." Celestia stretched her hand out. Looking back and forth between her companions Gabrielle slowly took it.

"There is nothing to be afraid of Gabrielle," said Celestia as they began to walk through the field of flowers. "I know you have questions for us. So please feel free to ask them."

Gabrielle wasn't sure what to make of all this. Her mind was filled with so many questions; she didn't know what to ask first. What happened to her? They said it was a safe dream but she was still a little scared. She began to remember…remember what had happen to her. The clouds began to darken, thunder could be heard and the rain began to fall.

Celestia pulled Gabrielle into her arms and cooed into her ear "You're safe here, Gabrielle. You're safe, no harm can come to you here." Celestia held the girl for some time while Half-Tooth looked over them watching the on coming storm.

Little by little Gabrielle relaxed, and she realized that even though she remembered what happened she didn't feel all the pain. She turned to look at Celestia, confusion showing in her eyes.

"You seem to be a little confused." Celestia smiled down at her "Maybe this will help some." Standing up she waved her hand towards a tall set of trees. The three walked through the opening and there in front of their eyes was Gabrielle lying on a pillar of water, with roses surrounding her.

Gabrielle walked towards herself. It was a little eerie looking down at herself, but what she saw was even more disturbing. There were so many cuts, bruises, and scratches all over her body. Her eyes got wide and she quickly turned to back to her escorts "Am I dead?"

Half-Tooth walked to her speaking softly. "No, not yet." She nudged her hand to get her attention looking up at her "But we need you to try and remember something."

Suddenly a unicorn appeared before them. "Forgive me Celestia for disturbing your talk with the little Veela but Fire is here. He wishes to speak with Half-Tooth."

"Its alright Natasha. I believe we should all met with Fire." Turning to Gabrielle she motioned for her to come. The group of four walked back into the field of flowers. "Gabrielle it is very important that you try and remember the incident that happened with Draco."

"More to the point we want you to remember what he put on the blade he used on you."

Gabrielle jumped and turned around quickly. For the first time since she had arrived here she was frightened, truly frightened. There standing in front of her was a huge cat, flames flickering from its nose, ears and eyes. When it walked she could see the flames on its paws as well. Gabrielle was about to say something when Natasha began to scold him.

"FIRE! Do not be frightening the girl! She has been through enough!"

Fire bowed his head "My apologies, but my other halves are extremely upset." Looking up at the girl he moved slowly to her, doing something that he hoped would allow her to remember him. He purred.

She knew that purr, knew it well enough to know the owner of it. "Hermione?"

Fire smiled "No but close. I am one of her halves."

"We haven't explained that yet, Fire." Stated Celestia

"Ah, well then I will let the scholars do their work, but now I must do mine. Please do you remember seeing anything that would allow me to give a clue as to the poison he used?"

Gabrielle once again took herself back to the memory, and as before the clouds darkened, the thunder and lightening fought, and the rain began to pour. Small glimpses ran through her mind. Loud noises, flashes of metal…wait "I remember…I remember him pulling a gold vial out of his robes. It looked very familiar. One mami told me that I should always be very careful with. It has to be kept in a solid gold vial or it will leak through. "

"Thank you, little one…thank you." Fire was posed to leave when he smiled and turned back to her. "Listen to what the scholars have to say to you. Trust in them and in your heart. The rewards will be more then worth it." With that Fire took off to the north and disappeared from sight.

"I should be returning to my half as well. She is a little worried at the moment." Natasha smiled "It has been a great pleasure meeting you Gabrielle. Until we cross paths once more." Natasha began to trot away when Celestia called out

"Natasha!" The unicorn turned its head towards them

"Please tell her I love her" Natasha neighed and slowly disappeared; only her voice was left "I always do."

Gabrielle wanted to know what these halves were, so she asked, "Celestia, what is a half?"

Half-Tooth chuckled, as did Celestia. "You have heard of soul mates?" Gabrielle nodded "Well that is a half, but sometimes a soul is spilt into three like your parents. We still call them halves for the ease of it."

Gabrielle was following but something didn't make sense. Fire and Natasha were halves but they were animals. She heard a low laugh coming from Half-Tooth.

"You are wondering why there are animals as well?"

Gabrielle nodded

"For thousands of years we animals have watched over humans. Watched you grow, evolve so to speak. Some didn't get too far, but others made leaps through evolution and as always we watched and waited. As time went on some of us bonded with humans. Some became werewolves, others veelas, centaurs; I could continue listing but I believe you understand what I am saying."

They had stopped by a large lake. Celestia waved her hand again. Two chairs, a table and some food appeared before them. She waved her hand again and a large fish appeared before Half-Tooth. She grinned at her human. She nibbled it for a moment and smiled "You always knew how I liked my fish." Celestia just smiled and sipped her tea.

Gabrielle watched the two as she took a bit of her bread. It suddenly hit her "You're each others halves." It wasn't a question, it was a statement.

"Yes, we are." Answered Half-tooth as she continued eating her fish, and continued to explain between bits. "You see Gabrielle, as we watched we realized that some of use would be bonded for life and many life times after. And just as humans evolved, we also evolved through our halves."

"But why did Fire say halves, as in plural?"

Celestia put her tea down and leaned back in her chair. "Some halves are like your parents, they are a soul split into three, but on the rare occasion there are souls who are bonded to an animal spirit and have a human spirit as well. Your sister is one of them. Fire and Hermione have been with her since this all began eons ago. In fact they are one of the first to have this happen." Celestia suddenly got very serious. "Listen to what we say here, Gabrielle. The rape was not supposed to happen. Some one knew you were close to your soul mate and wanted nothing but to stop you from finding him. You both are destined for great things, and you will need your sister, Hermione and Fire's help for this to pass." Celestia placed a comforting hand on Gabrielle's arm. "I know we have told you many things that don't seem possible but you must trust us and trust in yourself."

Half-tooth spoke soothingly "Love is the most powerful healer there is. Let it flow over you, from your family, your soul mate and your friends. Trust in them; listen to what they have to say and most importantly, love them in return."

Gabrielle sat there for a moment, wondering who it could be, when she noticed the lake water begin to simmer. She looked to her companions for an explanation, but all they did was smile. "Go have a look." Celestia said to her.

Gabrielle got up from her chair and walked to the edge of the lake. Looking down at the simmer it began to grow and form a pillar. The water flowed, twisted and finally began to take shape of a boy she knew, a boy who was growing into a man, a man who was willing to kill for her to keep her safe…Harry James Potter.

"Soul Mates?" asked Fleur; her hand never stopped caressing Hermione's hair.

Fire grinned at this. His half was always a very caring woman, no matter what lifetime she was in. "Yes. You and Hermione are true mates; true halves always seeking each other through time. And with time, I slowly became a part of her. A third to your halves, watching and waiting for the right time." Fire laughed seeing the faces of the four in front of him. "Please understand, I am no scholar, that is our half's area. I'm your warrior when you both need one and you, Fleur are our healer. "Fire tilted his head. "My time is short. I must return to Hermione. Listen to me; tell them Gabrielle said that the poison was kept in a gold vial."

He then turned his attention to Harry, "She is going to need your understanding and patience. Love her and it will be enough. Remember that." Fire then turned his attentions to Ginny and he smiled widely "Search for she who understands things that other would dismiss."

Fire then jumped up and settled on top of Hermione, looking at Fleur he purred at her "Your sister will be able to explain halves more to you, when she comes back to us. But you must hurry, I fear her time is growing short."

They all watched as Fire slowly disappeared into Hermione.


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