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"Life is just one damned thing after another."

-Elbert Hubbard

US author (1856 - 1915)

Six-year-old Harry Potter glared up at number four Privet Drive. He was an adorable little child and the glare looked more like a pout. The boy was short for his age and had a feminine look to him. He had smooth, milky white skin and a heart shaped face with a cute button nose and pouty pink lips. His raven black hair was chin length and layered, his long fringe falling into a pair of large, vibrant, emerald green eyes.

Little Harry was no ordinary boy, no, he was a wizard. Unlike the majority of wizards his age though, he had a good grasp of wandless magic. He couldn't do everything that a fully trained wizard could do with a wand, but he could do enough to survive by himself.

Harry was shivering in the hand-me-downs from Dudley. The clothes were too big and dwarfed him, and since these were the only ones he was allowed, the clothes were little more than rags that had seen better days. The same could be said about his socks and shoes.

A cold gust of wind flew by that sent shivers through Harry's small body. Unable to handle the cold, Harry concentrated on the rags and the though of being warm until his clothes slowly changed into something more comfortable. He now wore a black t-shirt and dark blue overalls on top of that, with snug white socks and sneakers that fit him. A warm black jacket was worn over his clothes with a black and blue scarf wrapped snuggly around his neck, covering a silver necklace, while his glove covered hands held a stuffed animal.

While living with the Dursley's, Harry was able to keep two prized possession with him — an adorable stuffed penguin and a silver necklace with a stage, grim, wolf and lily hanging from it. They were the only possessions he still had from his time with his parents and he would kill himself before he allows the Dursley's to take it away from him.

Harry James Potter was sick of the neglect and abuse from his so called relatives, so he decided to do the only thing he could — run away. The child's magic wrapped around him like a comforting blanket while one thought played through his mind on repeat — I want to be far away from here. Somewhere where I can fit in and be loved.

A soft breeze flew by, tossing falling leaves around before settling down around number four Privet Drive. Harry James Potter had successfully run away.

Two Hours Later…

A Cave In The Middle Of a Beautiful Forest

Paris, France

Harry looked around the cave with a relieved and somewhat shocked expression, and he had every reason to look at it like that.

When Harry had appeared in a thick forest after transporting himself away from Privet Drive, the clouds had started trickling clear water drops upon the earth. He had tilted his head back and allowed the drops to his face, making their journey down the contours of his cheeks and the curve of his lips. His emerald eyes had sparkled with childlike glee as he watched the sparse trickling of rain moisten the flowers and trees surrounding him, giving them a beauty that could only be appreciated by a lover of nature.

But all things had to come to an end, as Harry had found out. The minute darkening of clouds that had been present with the sparse rain had quickly continued darkening; as did the raindrops continue multiplying. It soon got to the point where Harry had to find some form of shelter quickly before he could get caught up in the eminent downpour.

He had been lucky when he had stumbled upon an unoccupied cave, just when the rain was picking up. The six-year-old quickly made his way inside and was immediately taken over by shock and relief.

The inside of the cave was lined with warm animal furs and there was a large supply of fruits and berries in the back of the cave; a warm fire was crackling in the middle of the room-like-caves.

Not thinking anything of it, Harry unwrapped his scarf, laid down his penguin on the spread-out furs, removed his coat and gloves and plopped himself down upon the furs, allowing the warmth of the crackling fire to seep through him and heat up his shivering frame.

Once he was warmed up, he got up on his feet and made his way over to the pile of food and picked out a fresh apple and some clean strawberries. He brought them back to the fire, where he sat down, munching on the fruits and enjoying the warmth.

With a full belly, and the heat of the fire making him drowsy, Harry curled around his penguin, holding it loosely in his arms, and allowed Morpheus to claim him.

Unbeknownst to him, three women were standing just inside the cave, watching him with warm expressions. They were all of a beauty surpassing mortal standards, their eyes holding a dreamy, out-there expression, and their pink lips set into a smile reminiscent of the Mona Lisa; it suggested that they knew something that you didn't, and taunted you with that.

"Oh, look at him, sisters. Isn't he the most precious thing you've ever seen? Even more so than when Aphrodite was but a babe?" the sister in the middle said.

"Amour, you know you shouldn't utter such things as that. We all know how vain Aphrodite can be, and you dare say something like that aloud, when she could hear." Amour looked back at the sister on her left, and just stared at her with a defiant expression.

"Vérité, you should know that Zeus wouldn't allow any harm to come to us, especially from his daughter. We are above the gods in the sense that even they fear and treasure us," the sister to the right of Amour told the other two, trying to keep the peace.

"Paix, you know that it wouldn't keep her from trying. She's as vain and fickle as the rest of them. It's from all the praises on her beauty since birth! Any mortal should know that a god's beauty would always surpass that of a human," Vérité snorted as she talked of the goddess of love.

"Oh, but sisters, you forget that our lovely Céleste is not but a human. On the eve of his maturity, he shall be an immortal as well. One with a beauty that surpasses the vain Aphrodite." Paix and Vérité looked shocked.

"Amour, have you been peeking into his future?" Paix asked suspiciously. They had their answer when Amour blushed, the soft pink staining her alabaster skin.

"What's done is done. Since she already knows the paths of his future, we shall allow Amour to be his guardian. She shall make sure that our Céleste picks the correct paths, so that no harm shall come to our future apprentice." Amour looked up at her older sister with shock and happiness.

"So it's decided. Our younger sister, Amour, shall be our Céleste's guardian." Paix said, as a glow surrounded both Amour and the sleeping child, unaware of the event occuring around him.

"I hope you'll take this seriously, and look out for him." Amour nodded, a happy grin on her face, lighting up her beautiful and perpetually young features.

Harry James Potter had been assigned Amour, the youngest of the three seers, as his guardian. The three sisters had claimed that same young boy as their apprentice come the near future. The gods could not possibly overlook this young boy, and they would come to hear of him sooner or later; when they did, Harry will never become just a normal kid like the others. He'll be something special.


To Be Continued…