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A/N: This story is my take on a little what-if I've seen a few times in various Bulma and Vegeta stories, combined with the ever popular Bulma and Vegeta theme of 'how did they get together during that three year time span between Trunks' arrival and the androids?' that so many people like to write about. Which what-if, you ask? What if Vegeta had decided to have his way with Bulma while on Namek?

The fic in particular that inspired this one is Tina Lang's "Vegeta's Lesson", where, in a nutshell, Bulma 'teaches' Vegeta a thing (or ten) about women rather than simply timidly submitting to his demands- as if she would ever do such a thing! I hope Tina doesn't mind me filching off of her story, which I'd suggest you Google and read, if you haven't already. Yes, it is a lemon, which I don't exactly go scouring the Internet to find, but happened to stumble across when I first started reading DBZ fics. I don't write lemons, but there'll be some mushy/citrusy moments here and there. After all, this is a Bulma and Vegeta get-together fic.

Anyway, this fic is most definitely an A/U, and it has been bouncing around in my head for quite a while now. The first couple of chapters are needed for introduction- give them a chance even if they seem a little slow. Hope you enjoy, and please R&R!

Disclaimer: Dragonball Z was created by Akira Toriyama. It is owned/licensed by Toei, Bird Studios, Shonen Jump, Funimation, and Viz, not me. However, you will see some characters that weren't created by Toriyama-san, and those are my brainchildren. No money was made in the production of this work, more's the pity.

Note: thoughts have been italicized

Twenty-two years in the future...

He squeezed his eyes shut tightly, trying desperately to control his breathing. If he made even the tiniest noise, they'd hear it. I'm not here, you can't see me, you won't find me. I'm not here, you can't see me, you won't find me... he repeated mentally, all the while cursing himself for his fear.

"Monkey boyyyy," the female voice crooned mockingly, interrupting his thoughts. "Come out, come out, wherever you are! I can't promise to make it quick or painless, but at least I promise that you won't survive to suffer this time."

He gritted his teeth, desperately endeavoring to control himself, knowing they were only goading him, willing his mind to banish the painful reminder of what he'd suffered just months earlier. How he'd been forced to watch, utterly helpless- despite his own not insignificant power- to defend the ones he loved most... the sound of their agonized, tortured screams, and how they'd suddenly stopped... their lifeless eyes staring blankly his direction when it was all over... how he'd sobbed uncontrollably like a baby at the loss, lying there broken and bloody in the mud, the rain pelting down on him as the two machines stood over him, laughing cruelly. Why couldn't they have just killed him too? He knew exactly why. He wasn't a threat in their eyes. Death would have been too merciful. Instead, they'd break him little by little before they finally killed him, reveling in the pain they were causing.

"You're a disgrace to your heritage, your so-called warrior race. Your father would turn in his grave and spit on you if he could see you now," the smooth male voice ridiculed.

18 laughed. "Grave? What grave? We just left him in pieces on the ground, remember?"

"My mistake, you're right," 17 conceded, smirking, before turning his attention back to his prey. "You may as well give yourself up, weakling. We'll just find you eventually, and rest assured we won't be as lenient as today."


"Fine, have it your way!" 17 shouted angrily. "Your little contraption won't hide you forever, and when you decide to come out of hiding it will be the last thing you ever do! Come, sister. Let's go destroy that outpost of humans we discovered yesterday."

"Sounds like fun. I'm in," 18 agreed. "We'll come back for the coward later."

He watched them fly away, knowing that they wouldn't spare him much time. He had to wait to make sure they really were gone, then make a run for it. If he could just make it back to Mother's lab and get the appropriate capsule... His stomach let out a loud growl. "Thank Kami," the young man mumbled. If that had happened only ten seconds earlier, he'd have been a goner. Of course, considering he hadn't had anything substantial to eat in almost a month, it was amazing he had even the strength he did now. Adrenaline and whatever consumables he could manage to find were the only things keeping him alive.

After waiting a good ten minutes or so, he poked his head up over the edge of the rubble he'd been hiding behind and did a quick sweep of the area. Not detecting the androids, he got up and stealthily crept the direction of his intended destination, ignoring the sounds of explosions in the distance. Despite the fact that the gear he wore contained a device Bulma had created which cast an energy shield over itself, rendering him virtually invisible, he could count on the androids knowing he'd try to make it back to Capsule Corp.

He'd almost made it there before the accursed machines arrived. Suppressing his ki as much as possible, he made a mad dash for the building and Bulma's hidden underground laboratory. Unfortunately for him, in his haste he tripped, landing on the ground and right atop the power module of his energy shield. No! Of all the times to destroy my only cover! Vegeta, you clumsy idiot! he chastised himself as he flickered back into plain sight.

"17, look!" 18 shouted, pointing. "There's the monkey!"

17 smiled maliciously. "Let's get him, sister."

"Oh, give him a little head start," 18 suggested. "It'll make the chase all the more fun."

The young demi-saiyan picked himself up as quickly as possible and ran for the building. Stupid, stupid idiot! he berated himself. Father really would turn in his grave if he could see what I just did! Reaching the house, he slammed the front door and bolted it, despite the fact he knew perfectly well it would do little good against the androids, and made a mad dash for the lower level of the building. As he descended, an explosion rocked the house as the androids burst in.

"Did you see which direction the little roach scuttled in?" 17 inquired of his sister, his voice sounding bored.

"No," 18 admitted. "You go this way, and I'll go that way," she suggested, grinning ear to ear. "I do love the chase." They flew off their respective directions.

His hands trembling, he entered the security code, still cursing himself for being such a coward as the door opened. He was a Super Saiyan, damn it! He leapt inside as quickly as possible, securing the door behind him.

"18!" He heard 17's shout in the distance. "I found him!"

Groaning, he ransacked the lab, looking for a specific box of capsules. "Kami be praised, here it is!" he exclaimed, pulling out a little box containing the capsule he was looking for. The contents of this capsule were doubly secured because the box was locked with a thumbprint scan, into which Bulma had programmed his thumbprint as one of the acceptable ones, and the capsule itself was protected by four little numbered dials which needed to be set in the proper order. He pressed his left thumb on the box, unlocking it, then turned the dials of the capsule to the correct number. The plunger of the capsule popped out, and he let out a breath he hadn't known he'd been holding in relief. Pressing the plunger, he tossed the capsule on the floor and backed away. The capsule burst open, revealing the machine he needed.

The door exploded inward and the two androids flew in. "Ah, there you are," 18 exclaimed in an almost soothing voice which made his stomach lurch. "What's your little toy there?" She crossed her arms, regarding him amusedly. "Can we play too?"

The young man opened the glass dome of the machine and leapt inside. "Go to hell, you Kami damned androids!" he shouted as the dome closed. He hurriedly began pressing buttons and the machine powered itself to life.

"Now, that was rude," 17 commented dryly. "I don't think he wants to play nice, 18."

"He won't get a second chance to," 18 replied, launching herself at the machine, "because I've grown tired of this little game." Her fist flew toward the glass-

The machine disappeared in a flash of light.

"Damn it!" 18 screamed as her fist plowed into the wall behind her. "He's gone!"

One year in the future...

He was sitting in a storage area beneath the house, his heart beating wildly. He let his head collapse back against the seat, a strangled gasp escaping his lips. His trembling hands reached up and removed the helmet and face shield he wore, tossing it aside, and he cupped them over his face, running them over it and up over his forehead, smoothing back several loose strands of thick, rumpled hair. "Compose yourself, Geta," he growled. "You made it, you're alive. You can fix all of this if you calm down and don't blow it." He took a deep breath. "I just need to concentrate on getting out of here without anyone catching me." He dragged himself out of the uncomfortably small pod and pressed the button on its side to encapsulate it. Leaning down to pick it up, he collapsed, falling deeply into a much needed sleep.

The present...

Bulma wandered across the unfamiliar terrain, looking for any sign of her friends. How could he just leave her and fly off like that? Alien asshole! But such a sexy one... "Cut it out, Bulma," she muttered to herself, feeling her heart race faster and her cheeks grow hot. "It was only sex. It's not like you've never had sex before." However, although the encounter had not quite happened the way she would have planned it, it had definitely turned out to be more exciting than she'd originally anticipated.

A lot more exciting.

Yes, it was only sex. Only the best sex you've ever had, and with a damn hot alien prince who let you do whatever you wanted to him and ended up enjoying it to the point that he was more than happy to reciprocate in your behalf-

"Shut up," she hissed to her nagging mind, hugging her arms around herself and continuing on.

You never even got close to that kind of satisfaction from Yamcha, did you, and how long had you been a couple? Exactly how much did he proclaim to love you? her mind continued. Admit it, you're not just attracted to Vegeta, you've already tumbled head over heels for him, you little hussy!

Bulma sighed in defeat, knowing her subconscious was right. "I've got to find the guys," she muttered. "And I have no idea where to start. This planet's huge!" She let out a whimper. At least if she didn't find them, she could find her way back to her camp.

He barely felt the pain, welcomed it even, because with each swing of Frieza's fist, his humiliation rose another notch, especially with Baldy, the Namek and the half-breed whelp looking on. They had witnessed him defeat Zarbon, only to stand there and watch his most hated adversary, the creature who had made his childhood a living hell with his mental and physical tortures, beating the life out of him. At least he'd left that blue-haired woman behind. Although he told himself that she hadn't meant anything to him, somehow the thought of her seeing Frieza beat him was infinitely worse than the knowledge that the others stood there watching and couldn't be bothered to lift a finger to stop it. Not that he wanted or needed their help. He choked, another rush of blood spurting up from his lungs. He wished that Frieza would just finish him and end his humiliation, his failures. His weakness. The only reason he would regret dying now was his greatest failure- he, the Prince of Saiyans, had been unable to do his duty and avenge the destruction of his race.

Especially if that worthless, third class excuse of a Saiyan Kakarrot did it for him.

At least the revolting lizard would fall at the hands of a Saiyan, which is how it should be.

Hearing activity nearby, Bulma picked up her pace and ran toward the source of the sounds. Was that someone being beaten? Ah well, probably Vegeta kicking the daylights out of another one of Frieza's henchmen. Or maybe even out of Frieza himself! Mentally cheering her prince on, she crept up to the action and hid behind a boulder, not wanting to be seen by him or by Gohan, Piccolo or Krillin, all of whom she'd noticed standing nearby. They look pretty agitated; it must be brutal. She peeked out from between some leaves, and gasped at what she saw.

But, it wasn't Vegeta doing the beating.

It was Frieza. And he was pummeling Vegeta.

Oh, Kami! He's beating Vegeta! He's going to kill him! Bulma's hand flew up to cover her mouth in horror, incapable of tearing her eyes away from the carnage, unaware of the tears trickling down her cheeks. This was happening to the man she'd just made love with no more than a few hours ago! Her stomach lurched as a large amount of blood sprayed out of Vegeta's mouth, splattering the ground nearby. Frieza laughed, his smile growing wider, and punched Vegeta's back even harder. Unable to keep watching, she turned and ran as far as she could before emptying her stomach on the ground. Collapsing to her knees, she passed out into blessed oblivion.